EPISODE 06: Fan Thanksgiving Festival -Rematch-

In my Digitariel, it contains the adventures of the Idol Chasers, and a School Idol who is in her way to stardom, named as Chiharu Umiboshi.

In the previous SIF National Tournament Finals last season, in the Fan Thanksgiving Festival Event for School Idols, Takayoshi Kitagawa lost against Hyoshiro Kiriyama. So, in order for Takayoshi to master the art of steady rhythm gaming, he was trained under Kougi Haneda, who was formerly a top player in the SIF rhythm game, who was also now a martial artist in the present.

And now, an another national tournament finals has been announced. Will Takayoshi finally be able to score back against his rival and win? Or will history just be repeating itself?

Not only we just be witnessing a championship match here soon, but… Something even more surprising would be actually appearing at us sooner!

And this is Lierre, the School Idol Oracle, speaking at you, reader.

“Okay,” said Lierre. “That next Fan Thanksgiving Festival Event… It shall be held in the grounds of Nijigasaki High School this time.”

“Also,” said Takayoshi. “The SIF National Tournament Finals shall be held there, right? Only the top players were able to qualify and play for the finals.”

“And the top players who were able to qualify for the finals are…”

“At least six players. As usual, Hyoshiro is included.”

Sho adds in and said, “Include me as well! Well, I had been also playing that game for just at least three years, you know?”

“And I am just a newbie,” said Gen. “I had started playing since a year, yet I had been landing Full Combo finishes on some harder songs.”

Sho got surprised about Gen’s rhythm gaming skills being too new, yet professional.

“At this rate,” said Saki to them. “This shall be our next mission!”

Suddenly, Lierre saw an another part of the announcement. And she said, “They have also announced the Exhibition Live Show here, wherein School Idol groups will get their shot in performing on the stage there!”

“And what else does the rest of that announcement say?” asked and said Chiharu. “Does it mean…?”

“That’s right. We girls can get an opportunity to qualify for the regional finals in the LoveLive! contest.”

“LoveLive?! That’s interesting!” asked and surprised Komari. “But then, expect things to not go easy as it seems.”

“And it is a struggling battlefield where lots of School Idol groups will compete for stardom!” said the surprised Aika. “Yep, and it is just like Senpai has said that winning is just like drawing an Ultra-Rare character from a Gacha Game!”

“For the meantime, think of it as a prologue, girls,” said Saki. “Due to the fact that the Exhibition Live Show is just a tryout, there’s no need to be stressed. Whether failing or succeeding doesn’t matter, unless if you are serious enough, then that shall be determined if you are well-deserving to win the LoveLive! contest.”

Mami is then looking curious, and she said, “School Idols… Live performance… If I am a fan and supporter before, then let me try it out! I am gonna train hard to be the best!”

Everybody is well acknowledged with Mami’s interest with live performances of School Idols. Then, Chiharu said to her, “Now, Mami, let’s make our dreams come true together!”

“And not only that,” Takayoshi interrupts them and said, “Let’s chase our own dreams, and aim for victory!”

Saki then confirms the mission, and she said, “Idol Chasers, let’s participate in the Fan Thanksgiving Festival event in Nijigasaki High School! Stage Start!!”

“S.I.F. !!” replied everyone else.

And the week has finally passed. At the night before the day of the Fan Thanksgiving Festival in Nijigasaki, Chiharu was eating dinner with her mother and her little sister, Chinatsu.

“Tomorrow is the day! I am so excited! And nervous at the same time…”

“I heard that you will be performing on the stage with your group members, right?”

“Finally, my big sis is now performing as a School Idol!”

“Yeah, and it is all thanks to my friends who made it possible for me to achieve that purpose.”

“Just always remember. Just being yourself is the best! Because if you keep comparing yourself to others, then you are a nobody after all.”

“Just keep cool, big sis! You know, winning that School Idol thing is really random, and you just have to depend on your luck.”

“My luck… Oh, thank you, Mom! And thank you too, Nacchan!”

And finally, they have finished eating dinner, and have everything wrapped before they go to sleep.

And so, Chiharu was lying down on her bed, while browsing some information on her smartphone.

“This School Idol group… They had finally achieved their first victory in the LoveLive! Finals since the past couple of years. I had been following them secretly through the years. I wondered what has happened to them since then?”

And Chiharu has browsed another recent information.

“And this School Idol group… They were banned in entering future idol competitions due to their misconduct, and they had finally quitted and dissolved.”

And finally, she has browsed the latest news that just posted in.

“Marina Kobayashi, a School Idol who left her group for an overseas trip, has failed to pass the audition for the musical group in London. Okay, it is now a sense that not all dreams are fulfilled, after all.”

Chiharu was about to go to sleep. But suddenly, her phone rang.

“Haruka is calling me. I wondered what is this about?”

She then tried answering her call, and she starts talking to Haruka.

And the morning has come. The Idol Chasers were assembled outside of the maid cafe. They were ready to ride out.

“Huh?” asked Saki. “Where is Chiharu?”

“Don’t worry, Saki,” replied Lierre. “She went to the venue herself ahead of us.”

“What??” asked the surprised Aika. “She left us behind, and that’s sad…”

“No time to whine!” said Komari. “At least we are all here!”

“Everyone, let’s now go to the Nijigasaki High School open campus!” said Saki, and they are now moving out.

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AIKA: It seems that we are getting a lot more live events from them lately…
MAMI: And that is… It is because the ongoing global pandemic has been slowly fading away today.
SAKI: As a result, more and exciting on-the-stage live events have been announced recently in the past days!
LIERRE: What could be those that were announced by the LoveLive! Team? Let’s do check them out!

ALL: This is the Headlines! What are the things encountered in this week on the LoveLive! Series?

Nijigasaki Updates

TODAY: NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series – AICHI

So then, an another fan meet event in a series has started! This time, it shall be on Aichi Prefectural Art Theater today at 6:00pm JST, and in tomorrow at 1:00pm and 5:00pm JST. The hosts and performers shall be Aguri Onishi (Ayumu), Natsumi Murakami (Ai), Coco Hayashi (Setsuna), and Shu Uchida (Mia).

Are you ready for the next Event? There is also a paid live streaming version available for fans who are outside of Japan!

AIKA: Mamihoshi! Want to watch along with me tomorrow on the Day 2?
MAMI: Sure! What can you share about that Event?
AIKA: Um… I am really sure you could enjoy watching them! This time, the Aichi part has a different cast around.
MAMI: So, it is really a sense that you should watch all of the NIJITABI! fan meet tours in a series. It is because, you have to hear all of their songs!
AIKA: Let’s tell everyone about this! We just need to gather up everybody to watch it!

The next one shall be at Fukuoka, on June 17-18, 2023 JST! Look forward into it!

Nijigasaki 6th Live! Event Announced

Somewhere in the middle, during their last NIJITABI! Fanmeet Tour Series in Tokyo, the upcoming 6th Live! Event has been announced. It shall be occurring on at least two (2) venues across Japan, around mid-December 2023 up to mid-January 2024.

Subtitle of their upcoming 6th Live! Event shall be announced soon on a later date — most probably at their future Nijigasaki Livestreams!

SAKI: And now, time for a real-deal live show event!
LIERRE: And the thing is… It shall be occurring on when Christmas holidays are happening!
SAKI: And also, it shall be occurring in just few weeks after New Year’s Eve on January 2024.
LIERRE: Part 1 shall be on Aichi, at Aichi Sky Expo Hall A, on December 23-24, 2023 JST!
SAKI: And Part 2 shall be on Kanagawa, at K-Arena Yokohama, on January 13-14, 2024 JST!
LIERRE: I guess I can’t say anything more.
SAKI: Just wait for their upcoming announcements regarding to this! They shall be detailed sooner in their future livestreams, if there’s any!

Liella! Updates

Liella! Three Unit Names

At last, what is a School Idol Group that has many members, but they don’t split themselves into groups or units? Most likely, this would be just the same format as in the other groups, namely µ’s, Aqours, Nijigasaki, and Hasunosora.

Since from April 28, 2023 until May 7, 2023 JST, the sub-group (unit) names were submitted through with an online submission form by Dengeki G’s Magazine. I think, for me, that was just the “first part” of the voting and selection process.

And at the second part of the unit name decision, they shall be announcing them soon on a later date. Just stay tuned at their feeds for some updates about this! It is either they announce it through livestreams, or even at the magazine scans!

LIERRE: The first Unit shall be composing of Kanon Shibuya, Sumire Heanna, and Mei Yoneme.
SAKI: The second unit will have Keke Tang, Ren Hazuki, and Wien Margarete as a lineup!
AIKA: The third unit is ehem…. It looked so unbalanced, and they are almost forming an another School Idol Group! Anyway, they are composed of Chisato Arashi Senpai, Kinako Sakurakoji Senpai, Shiki Wakana Senpai, and the Onitsuka Sisters, Natsumi Senpai and Tomari Senpai!
MAMI: I hope that Chisato could be able to discipline these girls very well, and she is indeed the older one to stand out from the four.
SAKI: All we just need is to wait for the group names that were submitted by our fans online!
LIERRE: What could be your reaction when you see your favorite group name that appeared, in which it was finally picked by the team?

ALL: Stay tuned, everyone!

Other Updates

The SIF Series Thanksgiving 2023
Key visual poster for SIF Series Thanksgiving 2023. (Photo via @lovelive_sif Twitter)

Just about a month ago, after the awaited release of the LoveLive! SIF2: MIRACLE LIVE! in Japan app stores in April 15th, 2023, there goes with the announcement of the upcoming SIF Series Thanksgiving 2023! And this Event is commencing soon!

And what’s more of a news? This annual festival Event is commencing earlier than usual, on June 24-25, 2023 JST, at Bellesalle Akihabara! Also, related online exclusive merchandise are up for preorders!

Home page ga kensaku shiyo! (Search for the home page!)


LIERRE: This headline part is actually the featured one in this Episode today, titled as “Fan Thanksgiving Festival -Rematch-“!
SAKI: Okay, another yearly expo and convention event from LoveLive! Series, as usual.
AIKA: Can’t wait to attend!
MAMI: Giving me goosebumps on what’s on that event. And they might announce something big there, aside from the fact that they were celebrating LLSIF’s 10th Anniversary here!
LIERRE: Remember that this Event is just a month away. Better strap your seatbelts for an another roller coaster ride! And if there is a related livestream from any School Idol Groups talking about this, then better check them out for additional details!

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SHO: And the shutdown of LLAS is just a month away…
GEN: We just need to enjoy playing with its endgame Events before its shutdown date on June 30th!
TAKAYOSHI: We got no other choice after all. But not to mention that the LLAS team has announced something.
SHO: What a player like me can do in order to carry my own hard-worked game progress?
GEN: We just find them out later in this part!
TAKAYOSHI: This is the Games Updates! What could be the things to expect to encounter soon on SIF2 and LLAS games? Stage Start!

ALL: S.I.F. !!

School Idol Festival

The Memories of LLSIF – Mini-Episode 5

Previously, we have talked about the difference between with a normal UR, and a powerful UR, which I called it as the “Limiteds”. You must indeed know their difference, when it comes to scoring power and Appeal Stats! In fact, normal URs are also efficient, when used in a right way!

Mini-Episode 5: MASTER Songs Full Combo Finish

So, how many songs out there that has MASTER difficulty? In fact, this might be just relative to the number of songs that the LLSIF has right now. Almost all songs from the μ’s side (only the older ones that existed) do have MASTER difficulty. And then, some newer songs (like those from the Nijigasaki Side) don’t have a MASTER difficulty yet.

MASTER difficulty is the hardest of them all, and the toughest one to navigate in the game, because it really tests your agility and tenacity when you hit and attack the fast rhythm notes. Also, you just need to clear that song in order to pass it!

But then, your patience is really required in order to land some Full Combo Finishes on these songs of that such difficulty. Yep, and mastering these MASTER songs do really takes a lot of time, so… Just be patient!

So then, almost all people can play MASTER difficulty now, since it was always used in some succeeding Events, like Icon Collection, or even the brutal Medley Festival.

So what’s the catch when you could able to land a Full Combo Finish on a harder MASTER difficulty song? You land an FC finish because you want honor and recognition… and better rewards. Of course, you might become a champion when you just simply finish at least three MASTER difficulty songs in a series without any mistakes, if you are hoping to win by many Perfect counts!

And when you could able to land an ALL PERFECT finish on a harder MASTER difficulty song without using Perfect Lock Skills (other from this pic shown), call yourself a god.

TAKAYOSHI: Hyoshiro Kiriyama is incredibly strong. He can really land an ALL PERFECT finish in some harder MASTER songs, that I myself can’t!
SHO: Taka-Bro, we believe in your strength! You had made it this far!
GEN: Remember of what Master Kougi has taught to you!
TAKAYOSHI: That’s right. I must not use my anger to resort to vengeance!
SHO: No matter how many times you concentrate yourself to beat that MASTER difficulty song, when you can get a repeated combo break, then your temper will just prevent you from achieving it!
GEN: In other words, be patient and meditate, Takayoshi.
TAKAYOSHI: Thanks guys.

In the next Episode, titled as “Login Streak“, what are some perks when you could able to login to the game everyday without missing a day? See you next time!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE!

Pre-Event: Free Tour

So then, we got some so-called “Pre-Event”, before an another Event starts! The male Idol Chasers will give you some details about this!

TAKAYOSHI: Free Tour is just basically a “Pre-Event”, where you will have to practice with your Event Grinding, before an actual Event starts!
SHO: Good thing that it has Event Item rewards! Will it contain some LP Recovery items, too?
GEN: Well, that could be the time for the players to recharge their items.
TAKAYOSHI: You can either play or skip in some songs that you had managed to clear. And there are Event-related Goals that you can take over in order to get additional rewards!
SHO: What I had noticed is that there are no rankings this time!
GEN: All you have to do is to play and get all of the item rewards from this Pre-Event!
TAKAYOSHI: Ain’t wasting my time, and I am going to get as many items in order to recharge myself!

Special Songs

Heard of the other “special songs” that were released previously on LLSIF as B-Side songs? Think of it. Some songs, which also include from the “School Idol Musical” play, are now playable indeed! Make sure to try them out, irregardless of difficulty. You could probably share it with your friends playing with that song!

GEN: The Mikansei Dream! song… Yep, that’s a song where an another School Idol Group is debuting.
SHO: So, do you think that they got potential to be School Idols, just like Chiharu and the others do?
TAKAYOSHI: Who knows? If that happens, then there’s a possibility that it could become a live action drama.
GEN & SHO: Live action drama!?


The “Thanks-A-Plenty” Endgame Campaign

As this game is reaching its end-of-service date at the end of June 2023, the game itself is offering some endgame events and campaigns for the people to enjoy. Therefore, there would be lots of Star Gems, UR Scouting Tickets, and some of its training and upgrade items to get during this period!

For the set of Login Bonus Items to get during the period, there would be at least seven (7) parts! Each parts would have different item sets to get during the Login Bonus period. Refer to your in-game notices about some additional info about them!

And make sure to login daily in order to receive all of these items! As usual, you won’t be able to get the last item in the Login Bonus set, if in case you miss a day, so be careful!

And as mentioned, there would be at least seven parts. While the six parts can have at least 10 days of Login Bonus items, the seventh part can give you 500 Star Gems!

So what are you waiting for? This is your final venture in LLAS.

TAKAYOSHI: Alright, time to blast away my Star Gems! I think almost all of the Scouting Banners here can give you at least 1 UR.
SHO: With the exception to the newer Fest UR…
GEN: But then, this is just the same vibe as in LLSIF, where you could able to grab as many URs as you can!
TAKAYOSHI: While it still lasts, I could able to score a Chika Fest UR, whenever my Star Gems can able to get her in one shot!
SHO: Why am I getting a Setsuna, instead of my Yohane!?
GEN: This is it. Remember to play until this game has closed its doors!

Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?
JP #110
GL/EN #97

Okay, let’s have some comments from the male Idol Chasers!

TAKAYOSHI: Back to five digits… Seemingly, they are doing the “Last Run”.
SHO: As usual, the ongoing campaign that increased the drop rates of the training items have influenced it.
GEN: The Top One in the EN Side is basically the tail-end from the JP Side Rankings.
TAKAYOSHI: At least, my Chika has made it to the Top One Rankings in the JP Side.
SHO: Making your best girl proud, by making it on a Gold Rank within her Channel, is the best thing to do! Even though that she didn’t make it to the Top Ten spots!
GEN: Just make use of the last moments, since this game is fated to shutdown next month.
TAKAYOSHI: What’s gonna happen next time is really unexpecting…

ALL: Make sure to play this game until the very end!

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Just few minutes later, they have finally arrived at the Nijigasaki High School open grounds, at the entrance part.

The open campus is just almost the same vibe as in last year in Shinonome Academy. School Idol exhibits, booths, and as well as some other merch sales, are still there.

As the Idol Chasers are walking in the hallway, they had finally encountered a group that was never seen for a long time. It is none other than…

“Hyoshiro Kiriyama!” said Takayoshi as he encountered him.

“At last, we have finally met again, Takayoshi Kitagawa!” said Hyoshiro to him, along with his allies, Mitsu and Seiba.

And from a far distance, Hyoshiro’s older sister, Jun, is watching them. And she said, “The time of revenge has come. Takayoshi, don’t use your anger to resort to vengeance of your loss.”

And at the higher floor of the campus, Chiharu meets face to face with Haruka. And then, Haruka talks to Chiharu.

“Let’s have a friendly live show together soon, Chiharu!”

“Of course! Because, this one is worth even trying, Haruka!”

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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan theaters! Blu-Ray release announced!

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