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Actor × Idol × Destiny

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Overview (Story)
“Every person has the right to dream.”

About 10 years later, after Ai’s death, Aqua and Ruby had taken their different paths as twins of their deceased mother. Ruby tries to become an idol and she tried undergoing an audition, while Aqua is working on a film studio with his director.

Aqua has doubts in letting her sister Ruby to become an idol, and he doesn’t want her to suffer the same fate as Ai.

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Not all the times we pass the auditions one hundred percent.

Let’s review the second Episode! But then, this time, you can learn something from it, while not having to enjoy some scenes there.

Let’s have to review Aquamarine (Aqua) Hoshino’s character. Unlike the previous Episode, wherein he is shy when he was a kid, he went dark and serious this time. Yep, and he is something like a “kuudere” character, wherein he is always having a depressed face, and showing no signs of weird expressions after all. Yep, and that’s Aqua, from being previously as Goro the doctor, to being a “Bishonen” type of character.

Next is Ruby Hoshino, the other twin. Ruby is definitely the opposite polarity from Aqua, wherein she is bubbly and energetic — just like a typical idol. She can be a happy kid when she wins, but a crybaby when she loses or fails! Yep, and unlike Aqua, she can be courageous and hard-nosed, but she can be sometimes reckless, in the sense that she isn’t thinking very well of the consequences when she did those actions in trying to become an idol. Of course, we can say that she is Sarina, from her previous life, who is weak and sick. Until, she becomes Ruby Hoshino in the present, carrying her previous life’s memories.

So then, it really shows that they are twins, but they have different visions in life. And age really matters when you deal with these topics, which involve situations where you must think before you act. Also, age matters when dealing with these psychological topics and situations.

For the story, I do really like the representation of the scenes there, in which it would involve actors and idols, and the entertainment industry. Such as that, every individuals are born with different, unique qualities. And just like that one character said, we can’t be like that person, nor that person that we like can’t be the same as you. And those catchy words and quotes do really captured me, a lot!

Of course, no one can really stop us from becoming on who we are. Such as that, Ruby wanted to be an idol. But then, we should not be fazed by the words of some people around us, saying that “blah blah” thing is very bad, and you can’t have a future for that. Don’t believe in them. But then, Aqua is really not stopping, for me, Ruby from pursuing her dreams in becoming an idol. He is really just protecting her from any possible dangers, and he doesn’t want to let her to suffer the same fate as Ai.

But you know, we can’t just follow the footsteps of someone that we are following, just in order to become like him or her. Sometimes, he or she got her own path of dreams to become great and a legend. When we follow those footsteps, we are encountering the obstacles or any conflicts that they had traversed before. And so, encountering them can lead us into a “different path”. And that different path leads into an another dream or future — that’s the definition of you… Yourself! And that different path is something that your person that you have been following has never traversed before — something that only you can do it and to try! And those are the things that I have learned from this Episode!

We can always dream to make them a reality. But then, will destiny come and may it lead us into a different path, where unknown future awaits? Yep, this is really exciting! And overall, this Episode is great, and it is showing the true characters of Aqua and Ruby as the time progresses. And then, this Episode is also great, but not as great as in the previous Episode.

My Rating: GOOD (4.2/5)

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Series Info

This Anime series was aired and streamed since April 12, 2023 with its first Episode. The first Episode was aired and streamed as a one-hour Episode premiere.

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