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Idol × Children × Lies

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“Even it’s a lie, was it still okay to say “I love you”?”

Goro is just a doctor who takes care of his patients when they are sick. Also, being known as an idol fan of the “B Komachi” group, he is watching some previous live performances of the popular idol, named as Ai Hoshino.

The story will be later focused on Aquamarine Hoshino and Ruby Hoshino, who were reincarnated from their dead selves, Goro and Sarina, respectively.

At the time when Aqua and Ruby were finally grown up as kids, Ai was murdered by a stalker at her home, who believed that he is also the same man who killed Goro at first. This is where the story begins, where Goro, who was reincarnated as Aqua, will find the true culprit person, or rather as the “idol killer”, who is really behind with the plot for the death of his mother, Ai Hoshino.

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Alright, so much for the overview, which in fact the true synopsis of this Anime series!

As much as I can do, I must avoid seeing or reading the original Manga source to prevent spilling out everything!

Let’s go with the characters. Firstly, let’t talk about Goro, who becomes the Hoshino twin, Aquamarine or Aqua as nick. His obsession with idols has brought his dreams into reality. Sometimes, there are times that idol fans can’t really control their desires, so they just fantasize. But then, he is a good male character, who was one of the idol fans that can nearly control his own desires in meeting with an idol, or even an idol group. Yep, he is a genius. And he is being praised by that director, you say?

Secondly, Ruby Hoshino was his twin, who was previously as Sarina, the dying girl patient who is also an Ai fan. Ruby is more likely of a “tsun” character, where she is sometimes talking like a barbarian when she was embarrassed. But talks in a cool manner when things are serious. Her inability in dancing has left her stuck in a room while being depressed, but thanks to Ai Hoshino who really help her, and told her to not give up. Eventually, Ruby was able to dance, thanks to her mother in giving her that kind of encouragement.

Before I mention the rest of the characters, they are all doing great here! Especially with that director who has picked on Aqua, he was really impressed on him. And also, some characters do really represent the roles of the usual entertainment industry — to be talked later in the later paragraphs!

For the last character that I can discuss with, it shall be with Ai Hoshino, the center idol of the B Komachi idol group, from the Ichigo Productions. Ai Hoshino is pretty, cute, and having some bit “sex appeal” on her smile and body (Yep, and some official character photo scans do really explain it lol). So then, Ai Hoshino is really an idol who is really cute and bubbly on stage, but lacks appeal and projection. That’s why it is noted by some characters, like the director, that Ai is lacking something — That’s right, and it’s appeal! It doesn’t matter when an idol is wearing cute and frilly stage costume, elegant makeups, or something like voice quality. If they lack something like on what I call an “appeal”, then an idol is no above-average for me. Also, I had noticed her change at the time from when she gave birth to the twins, and that appeal of hers is no longer with her. That appeal on every idols I see? Yep, I can really tell them by just looking at their eyes for at least five seconds. And finally, Ai Hoshino is lovable, but really a prank master when it comes to romantic things. Yep, and she is an example of an idol who is really giving “fake love” to her fans. Something like, for example, an idol loves you, but she did really not at all. For overall of hers, Ai Hoshino, again, is an example of a typical Japanese idol who really likes her fans, but is not truly loving them. And that’s it for Ai Hoshino, who is acting as an “intro” main character.

Animation is quite very good, for me. The Hoshino eyes are really fantastic, but they are really fictitious on their form. I hope that the people who try to do cosplay as either of these characters won’t hurt nor destroy their eyes! So far, nothing lewd is seen here, except on that part where Ai accidentally got a stripdown here. And Aqua did save the day, yay!

Story is basically an “introductory story”, where it actually shows what has happened at those times until Ai Hoshino’s death. Quite amusing to see some things that happened around at the middle of this 1 hour and 22 minute First Episode. First, it talks about the things and elements that surround in the idol and entertainment industry. Second, it talks about the conflicts of every production and other entertainment agencies that they face, such as death threats via social media, or even giving some either good or bad impressions to that group or artist who performed. Third, it shows some good amount of scenes behind with the selection of actors, who are picked and chosen by directors. So then, it is really reasonable that some screentimes of some characters are really cut because their acting is horrible or such — something like those stock characters. Of course, the fourth one shall be with the idol industry. In the sense that idols are really the “foundation” of every entertainment industry, they are the stepping stone to being a full-pledged artist. Sometimes, idols and artists don’t want to get themselves into such romantic relationships — in which the reason why they don’t want it because their agency told them so. It is really a fact that the face of every idols in Japan are like that — They don’t want themselves to be in a relationship with men. Otherwise, they shall be aftered by some fans and stalkers. So then, it is not only the fault of an idol that’s why her privacy is invaded, but her entertainment agency is the responsible for all of this happening.

And the fact that Ai Hoshino did become pregnant, as a 16-year old idol, in a blue, who is this “man” who had Ai impregnated? Quite questionable, and he might be a key answer to the connections behind with Ai’s death. Those such sentences can be the conflict of this Manga and Anime series.

And in this entire Episode duration, this is something that most viewers must need to know. Being an artist, or whatsoever an idol, is difficult. Though that I am not trying it out yet, this is my own vision based from other’s feelings and experiences via social media. You can have many followers and fans. But not as always, all of these fans are 100% supporting you. What if there is some such follower of yours, who is already stalking to your private life? Those are the things to watch out when you become an idol, celebrity, or something. Also, I totally understand what are idols do really mean. They are really singing and dancing for us, just in order to make us happy. Yes, and they do really work hard overtime — sometimes they are even working harder than a typical employee in a work or business! And that’s why, idols can be loved by fans, but an idol can never love a person that she loves most. And that’s why Ai Hoshino always saying that “lies are love”, isn’t it? Yep, and there are so much more to learn from this Manga and Anime series.

Overall, this 1 hour and 22 minute First Episode is giving me a good impression already — with the story! Due to the fact that it is really sad in the end, this has make me to watch more… and to follow it more! What an impressive tale of a female Japanese idol who is within an idol and entertainment industry, surrounded by dark, mysterious, and other dramatic plots with a twist! So then, I want to know more… I wanna more because the story is interesting, for me!

My Rating: BEST (4.8/5)

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Series Info

This Anime series was aired and streamed since April 12, 2023 with its first Episode. The first Episode was aired and streamed as a one-hour Episode premiere.

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