EPISODE 01: New Season

Previously… On the Idol Chasers!

“You are a School Idol and a Supporter!”

Chiharu has finally fulfilled her destiny in becoming a School Idol, at last!

But then, there are some problems that are still unresolved, that are yet to be resolved!

Takayoshi lost his championship battle against Hyoshiro Kiriyama. He has finally trained himself to be the very best, and thanks to Master Kougi who has helped him to pass the hard test and training! But then, the question lies within, and Takayoshi must figure out on who are his real parents, revealing that Saki Kitagawa has just only adopted him when he was still an infant.

There are still many problems unresolved, and yet there are still more mysteries revolving around in the World of School Idols, and in the world where the Idol Chasers are in.

So then, we all know that the Black Lace Ribbons are just preparing for their next offensive against the School Idols, and the Idol Chasers. And finally, Mikako Kira has finally fallen into total darkness, while intensifying her hate against them.

It is a story where dreams aren’t meant to be broken. The dreams are broken because people are already giving up, despite that they had given out their best. And the Idol Chasers are just following these School Idols on where they should go. Could it be that the Idol Chasers are ready to realize their true dreams in life, or will it be just nothing?

Of course, I am talking to you. I am the School Idol Oracle, Lierre. Now, let’s begin the new season.

A year has been passed, and a new semester begins. Chiharu has finally awaken from her sleep, taken bath and eaten breakfast, and Chinatsu and her mother said goodbyes to her as she goes out from the house.

It’s finally a new semester in Shinonome Academy, and Chiharu was finally in her senior year. At the classroom, she finally meets her new classmates, and the teacher who is about to begin her class.

“Good morning everyone! I hope that your had enjoyed your long vacation, a lot! So then, it’s about time to begin a new semester of your journey as students of this school!”

The teacher continued to speak, as she is going to introduce some new students.

“Today, we are going to get to know some new students who were transferred to this school! I hope that you would become friends with these new girls!”

Standing up is a girl student that Chiharu has known before…

“Hello there”, said Lierre in her school uniform while wearing her glasses. “My name is Honma Murasaki. I am pleased to meet you all!”

Chiharu was surprised, and she knows that Lierre is now a new student in Shinonome Academy, under the name Honma Murasaki.

And then, another girl student has stood up and introduced herself.

“Hello! My name is Aika Tenkuji!” said Aika. “I used to be a dropout student before. But then, I am back as a student again because I have a dream! And that is… I want to make people smile because I am a School Idol!”

The other girls were surprised! And the one said, “Hello, Aika! I am your fan! Can I have your autograph, please?”

And the other said, “Yeah! Aika-chan is ruling the floor! Do your best, cutie School Idol!”

And then, everyone clapped their hands, and Chiharu doesn’t have any idea what’s happening, and asked, “Why is Aika here? I never thought that she can even go back in schooling again!?”

Next is a girl that Chiharu didn’t really expect to come. And then, there goes this girl with short-yellow hair.

“Everyone! Pleased-to-meet-you!” (Note: HA-JI-ME-MA-SHI-TE! in Japanese)

And then, the girls finally looked at her.

“My name is Komari Ohara! From being a mercenary girl… I become a cute girl student! I will try my best to graduate, and to fulfill my own dreams! I wanna get along with you all!”

And then, a girl from a distant seat said, “You may be have a short hair, but it doesn’t matter! You are still a girl, and don’t lose confidence! I wanna get along with you, Komari!”

“Oh, thanks! Finally, I have a fan now…”

Those three new students had taken their seats, and the teacher has finally spoken to them.

“The three new girls, Aika, Honma, and Komari, are your new classmates… and friends as well. I hope that you get along with them!”

And then, she finally told them an another statement.

“Okay, not only those three girls. But we got one more transfer student who is about to enter our class! Please, welcome this new girl transfer student, and she is already at her senior class!”

That girl has finally entered the classroom, and she stands up in the front. Chiharu got surprised, and she didn’t really expect it coming.

“Hello! My name is Mami Murahoshi! Nice to meet you!”

She got an excellent purple long hair, with some clip on her left part of her head. And so, Chiharu was looking at her blue eyes, and she is somehow infatuated. Mami finally gave them impression and said to them.

“I want to become something that can make people around happy. Let’s get along, together!”

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LIERRE: Alright, people! As usual, new season means new updates from LoveLive! Series!
AIKA: Yay! What could be the weekly updates this time around?
MAMI: I am getting nervous. But I am able to do this when they are around! And it is just like standing on the stage for the first time!
SAKI: So then, let’s start telling the public that we are starting, shall we?

ALL: This is the Headlines! What are the things spotted for this week on the LoveLive! Series? Find out by reading!

Aqours Updates

Aqours Livestream (April 18, 2023)

As usual, there would be an upcoming livestream from Team Aqours, scheduled on April 18, 2023 (Tue)! It shall be hosted by the Aqours 2nd Years, Anju Inami (Chika), Rikako Aida (Riko), and Shuka Saito (You)! Tune in to get latest info about their merch, upcoming live shows, and many more!

LIERRE: Somehow, looks spine-chilling here, especially with “that Anime”.
SAKI: Are you going to record some new history there from Yohane’s world?
LIERRE: Who knows? I might.

Nijigasaki Updates

Setsuna Yuki Has New Voice and Face!

And as of March 31, 2023, the previous voice actress for Setsuna Yuki (Nana Nakagawa), Tomori Kusunoki, has stepped down from her role. Meanwhile, the new voice actress, Coco Hayashi, is taking over. Coco Hayashi really looked forward in working as a new voice and face for Setsuna Yuki, beginning as of April 1, 2023. And let us give our hands, and love and support for this new voice actress!

AIKA: I am really sad about Tomoriru-san… Well, we really wish for her future endeavors, and for her good health as well!
MAMI: No matter who is this new voice actress for Setsuna Yuki, let us just give our love and support to her! You can do it, Miss Coco Hayashi!

Nijiyon Animation Episode Reviews!

Are you one of the people who watched this TV Anime shorts that run since from the first week of January, until at the end of March 2023? Don’t worry, because I got Episode Reviews written for this one!

Episode Reviews archive here.

AIKA: Cute, funny, but inspirational. They tell School Idol stuff by just jokes and other real-life situational activities!
SAKI: What I had heard is that it ain’t over yet. Had you managed to purchase their Blu-Ray release? I also heard that there are still more Episodes left behind.
AIKA: Really?!? Where could I find that?
SAKI: Who knows? I might go around Akiba and let me buy that one for you.
AIKA: Thank you very much! I need to watch those remaining Episodes!

Happy Birthday, Shizuku Osaka!

Shizuku Osaka is a sweet, soft-spoken girl. She also has a pet dog, named Ophelia. Her birthday is celebrated every 3rd day of April, and she was voiced by Kaori Maeda.

Right now, what can the Idol Chasers say to greet her for her birthday?

AIKA: Happy birthday, Miss Shizuku Osaka!
LIERRE: You are such an elegant, beautiful girl who is loved by everyone else around. Happy birthday, Shizuku!
MAMI: You are really kind with your words that are so warm… Happy birthday, Shizuku Osaka!
SAKI: Keep up your pace, even though that you were bit left behind, when it comes to physical sports! And still… Happy birthday to you, dear Shizuku!

Liella! Updates

Liella! Livestream (April 9, 2023)

This special livestream shall be hosted by some members from the Team Liella! — notably from the lower class! It shall be hosted by Nozomi Suzuhara (Kinako), Akane Yabushima (Mei), Wakana Ookuma (Shiki), and Aya Emori (Natsumi). Notably, speaking of the art, it is some sort of collaboration event with Sanrio this time around. And be sure to tune-in to get latest info about their merch, live shows, and some other contents!

LIERRE: Speaking of Sanrio Characters… They are so cute. But which of them is your favorite?
SAKI: For my personal favorite, that would be Hello Kitty.
LIERRE: But then, who knows that there are some surprises waiting during their livestream?
SAKI: Yep, and we should not judge it by just thumbnail!

Chisato Arashi Gets a Spinoff Manga Adaptation!

Last March 30th, 2023, Dengeki G’s Comic posted that the serialization of the spinoff Manga series, the LoveLive! Superstar!! – Chi-chan the Club President is Versatile!, has started. The preview of the first chapter was posted online via their external links. Yūta Taneda is credited to be the creator and illustrator for this Manga series spinoff.

Chi-chan the Club President is Versatile (ちぃちゃん部長は有能です!)! talks about Chisato Arashi, who is mostly centered in this Manga spinoff. She is training the girls on how to do their School Idol activities and trainings properly in order to become great on the live stage.

AIKA: It seems that Team Liella! are working so hard, and they are releasing more projects and stuffs than any other groups ever!
MAMI: Does the staff already abusing them? Just joking around!
SAKI: Basically, they are doing everything in order to surpass their own seniors. And they overwork because they wanted them to be more happy.
LIERRE: There are many cons on being a School Idol, isn’t it? However, somehow, they should need a momentary break to refresh things up.
AIKA: I see… So this is where our hard-earned money will go!
MAMI: More money, more projects, more support. Repeat the cycle.

Other Updates

The Local LoveLive! Group Cosplay in PH (Photos)

Last April 2, 2023, during the Cosplay Matsuri 2023 Event in Philippines, a group of LoveLive! fans have gathered and they did some sort of celebration here!

It is a matter of fact that they did a thanksgiving to the recent shutdown of the original LLSIF, the graduation of Tomori Kusunoki as Setsuna Yuki and Nana Nakagawa, and some other group photoshoots of some people who are in their LoveLive! costumes!

Swipe either left or right to see the pictures below!

So what do the female Idol Chasers have to say here?

AIKA: So cuteeeee! I wish I was there…
LIERRE: That spectacular group cosplay photoshoot and thanksgiving… That’s kind of memorable.
MAMI: Some people did their effortful “crossplaying” here. But, that’s still good! It’s nice to see them in one picture!
SAKI: I like boys being dressed as their favorite LoveLive! characters. Overall, they are all good, in my part!
LIERRE: Another history has been written in my Digitariel! Let this one marks in every people’s hearts!

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TAKAYOSHI: Hello, everyone! How are you doing?
SHO: We are here to bring you some updates related to the games of LoveLive! Series!
GEN: It seems we are ready to tackle things in our first Episode!
TAKAYOSHI: First and mostly, the original LLSIF has finally shutdown.
SHO: But after the shutdown, a new light has come — SIF2 is releasing soon enough!
GEN: What could be the other things spotted in this Episode?

ALL: This is the Games Updates! Please read more to know what are those!

School Idol Festival

Event Report: Pre-Shutdown Final Trilogy Series

So far, on LLSIF… I had made my final Event Reports on the following Events below via on my Twitter account, showing the results of the Events that I had finished and made ranking results.

  1. <μ’s> Round 34 Medley Festival
  2. <Aqours> Icon Collection
  3. Round 28 Companion Match

Despite with my breakthrough in the top ranks in the Event Points Rankings, I had still failed to reach the Gold Tier Rank (Rank 1-1000 bracket) in the Score Rankings, despite that I had already used the “endgame” URs to score higher. And in the last Event, I had used both of my accounts to reach for the Gold Rank in the Event Points Rankings in the end.

TAKAYOSHI: It’s too bad that this game is already shut down. But I had made my good memories there, and some bad memories at the same time.
SHO: But that does not mean it’s over yet! In fact… the Live Show must go on!
GEN: Basically, our new journey still continues on that “new game”.
TAKAYOSHI: If that’s so, then I won’t back down either!
SHO: As usual… To be continued!
GEN: Everything shall be settled… In SIF2! To be released soon.

LLSIF: The Service Termination and Thanksgiving

We all know that we had witnessed the closure of the one of the longest-running smartphone games around. LoveLive! School Idol Festival (LLSIF) has already closed its doors for players since March 31, 2023, at 4pm JST. So then, thank you everything, LLSIF, for the years that you had given to me to make me stay happy!

Of course, when the door of a game has already closed, a door of an another game finally opens. And did you know what that means?

And also, last April 2, my fellow LL! fans had given their thanks to the game that served them for at least 10 years! It was, as usual, organized by my friend, who is also a player of that game.

TAKAYOSHI: It is really not too late to lose hope!
SHO: Well, SIF2 is just around the corner.
GEN: And also, what else do we have to encounter in the future? We just need to find them out for ourselves!

The Memories of LLSIF (Mini-Episode Series)

So then, this game has really shut down. But did you know that I had made some good and bad memories there? What are those experiences of mine that I would never forget?

Starting in the next Episode, I shall be releasing some “mini-Episode” series, which would talk about the original LoveLive! SIF rhythm game. They shall be released within the SIF, under the Games Updates Corner of every future Episodes!

The first one, titled as “Glitches, Bugs, and Hacks“, shall be released next week — only here on SIF, in the Games Updates Corner! Look forward into it!

TAKAYOSHI: A mini-Episode blog post series, huh?
SHO: Looks interesting. I think we should be checking this one out next Episode!
GEN: Yeah, and we just look back at the things that we had encountered before in this game.
TAKAYOSHI: Otherwise, look forward into this one!

School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE

Releasing Next Week! And Happy 10th Anniversary!

LoveLive! School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE shall be released and launched on April 15th! And Happy 10th Anniversary to the original LLSIF game as well!

Meanwhile, Global (GL, EN) players should wait a bit longer!

Also, there would be a special livestream to be seen also on the same date! Please look forward into it!

TAKAYOSHI: And to end this highlight, let’s have some promo video coming from the LoveLive! Team!
SHO: This is it! Be sure to check it out!
GEN: Can you please check this one out before you jump to the next highlight?

LoveLive! School Idol Festival 2: MIRACLE LIVE (SIF2) Promo Video


Channel Weekly Bulletin

Let us find out on who are the girls who had made it to the top in this week’s Channel Rankings!

JP #105
GL/EN #92

Let us have some comments from the Idol Chasers as well!

SHO: Wow, my Yohane made it to the top ten, on both sides!
TAKAYOSHI: When it comes to numbers, JP Side still wins.
GEN: And did you know that Birthday Girls are always the winners in the rankings?
SHO: Of course, Gen! When the date of their birthdays are near, they are more likely to be in the first rank when the period is on!
TAKAYOSHI: Sometimes, some girls do their top one ranks twice!
GEN: And make sure to be in her channel when her birthday is on, in order to get additional Memory and Memento Pieces!
SHO: That’s one tip!
TAKAYOSHI: And so… This ends our Channel Weekly Bulletin for this Episode!
GEN: Make sure to tune-in next time for the new ranking set!

EXCHANGE: Red Hot Baseball Game!
Duration: 2023.04.07 3:00pm JST ~ 2023.04.14 12:59pm JST
Event Item Exchange: 2023.04.07 3:00pm JST ~ 2023.04.22 2:59pm JST

SAME time and contents as in the JP Side.
Please see your in-game notices on how to play in this Event.

Exchange Event Item Drop Rate Boosts

Use these members, and put them into your team when you play or skip, in order to increase your Exchange Points, in which they can be used to exchange items from the shop!

URRin Hoshizora
Kanan Matsuura
+100% eachScouting
SRShioriko Mifune+50%Scouting
UR (Featured)Mia Taylor+30% (+50% Maximum)Exchange
Ranking Rewards
SRMari Ohara
Nico Yazawa
+15% each (+30% Maximum)Exchange
Ranking Rewards

Voltage Ranking Songs

Place higher in the Voltage Rankings by playing these songs below! Higher Voltage Score means higher rank and better rewards when the Event duration period ends!

HINT: Try harder difficulties to get higher Voltage Score!

  • Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump!
  • Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo
  • Evergreen

Also, a new song from Aqours, Yuki wa Doko ni? Kimi no Mune ni! (2D), shall be also available on the Event! It shall be released as a new song in the future Story Chapter next month!

SHO: And I am up to the challenge, again, as usual.
TAKAYOSHI: But I had been lazy doing that Voltage Score Ranking, due to the fact that I had been missing a lot of URs, lately, especially with the Fest and Party ones.
GEN: If that’s so… If you don’t play hard, you will fall hard to the bottom!
SHO: So then, good luck for people who will grind in this Event!

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That mid-afternoon came, and the class is finally over. Chiharu, Aika, Lierre, and Komari are walking together. They are walking and making their way to the maid cafe in Tokyo.

And then, as the four girls are walking, a mysterious girl from a distance is watching them. Just few seconds later, this girl has disappeared from sight.

Finally, the four girls have made it to the maid cafe. And then, the boys there, Takayoshi, Sho, and Gen are waiting for them.

“It looks like you were up,” said Takayoshi. “Alright, time to head into action!”

“Sure thing!” said Chiharu. “My flames ain’t fading out yet, even with the heavy class earlier!”

And so, the four girls have finally taken their shift and started working.

The maid cafe was busy and was filled with customers the whole day. Meanwhile, Saki is making her financial report of her maid cafe business, while Honoka is looking at her.

“Earnings for this month… Not definitely going good this time.”

“Quite unusual for people to not go visit your maid cafe around. How strange.”

“I know. It is not basically with people who are not visiting regularly our maid cafe. Something is indeed missing in which it has declined the numbers…”

“Hmm… What makes them decline, I wonder?”

“But then, if that’s the case, then I am going to use this plan that I wanted to do since I had done it last time!”

“What’s that could be?”

“Don’t worry, Honoka. I already know on what to do!”

Chiharu is done serving foods and drinks to her customers. And then, when she saw that girl, she knows her a while ago. And so, she went near to that girl, asking for some order.

“Eh?” said the girl named Mami Murahoshi. “So, you used to work here after class?”

“Oh, so you had figured it out!” said Chiharu in reply. “I think it is now the time.”

“The time? What did you mean?”

“I guess it’s time for you to see… Our School Idol live show!”


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The Bonus Stage
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky Promo Video

This Episode OVA shall follow the events right after the SEASON TWO of the Anime. What else does the School Idol Club has to encounter, right after Ayumu’s arrival from London?

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode OVA: Next Sky

Premiering on June 23, 2023 in Japan! Blu-Ray release announced!

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