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Humanoid Typhoon

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)
“Are you a gunman?”

A group of journalists are travelling across the badlands and deserts of Noman’s Land. Until, they had found a mysterious man, who is believed to be a dangerous being, and is a target by many police and authorities. That man is known as the “Humanoid Typhoon”, who was named as Vash the Stampede.

Vash got a six-million bounty on his head, and he is a wanted target by the authorities. When he is already found and caught, the journalists promised to surrender Vash to the police. But then, they got one condition to fulfill it — They must settle it on a guns duel!

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First Episode Review of this series, at last! Though I had never get a glimpse of watching the original “Trigun” Anime, then this one shall be my first experience! Alright, let’s give it a review!

What I had noticed very well is the sudden change of my animation-viewing experience. The animation frames are different from the usual animation frames that I had seen from the previous Anime shows that I had watched. And guess what? This one uses the expensive CG model format, in which it was well used in some known Anime films! Also, at the time when do Anime characters in this series do talk or conversations, they are bit moving. Even just a movement of their arms while talking is what I had liked most here in this CG Anime format. Somehow, it is just like watching an another Anime show, wherein mecha or robots are fighting. Also, the CG animation effects, while Vash is doing action moves (like bullet reloading) is looking better here. Yep, and I think of it as a CG effect mecha, only humanoids like Vash are involved here. Impressive, I like it.

Next, for the characters. Meryl Stryfe and Roberto de Niro can be opposites there. Wherein, Meryl is a hot-blooded girl who isn’t thinking before acting. And Roberto is just acting cool, while talking and calling her a rookie, in which it was well suited enough because she can be loudy and reckless. Vash the Stampede can be insane and crazy. But then, it has reminded me of an another Anime character (who is also an agent and gunman), who could be funny and humorous, and then he can turn into a darker and serious face when some conflict comes. That character is basically Vash. And then, I do really understand that why Vash’s brother is named as Nai. It is because the name is basically Millions Knives, and the Nai nickname does sound the same, right? Definitely, I could see something more from Vash and Millions Knives soon, as this series progresses (Also, don’t spoil me with the original Manga source story).

Story is basically about a gunman who is stuck on a deserted badlands looking for something. Does it mean it has a treatment of a traditional Robin Hood story, where it steals the rich then giving them to the poor? Something like that, almost. But then, Vash is being aftered by the police and authorities, and has some million bounties on his head. Basically, what can I know is that life is always a priority here, than anything else in this world. It is because, as that old quote said, we have only one life to live, and we must need to value it more than anything else. And also, how did Vash only use one bullet to blast away those barrage of missiles? Something that I could learn that any impossible things can be achieved by means of doing only one trick. And that “trick” is the only way to turn the tables around.

Yep, the last sentence in the previous paragraph is something that I had learned from this Episode. Good enough for a CG-focused Anime show. It is just like watching a usual Anime film, where CG models are really used here, instead of the traditional frame-by-frame 2D Anime models. Yeah, and there are still more for me to look forward into, such as this series’ storyline. Again, don’t spoil me with the original Manga source storyline.

Overall, almost good for me to give it a higher rating. But then, this is just a first Episode. How much more if I could see something better, or even worst? Will it be better going up, or going down? Yep, and I am much looking forward to the next one!

My Rating: GOOD (4.1/5)

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Series Info
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