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Today’s featured character is… Zero from Mega Man X Series!

Character Info
SeriesVideo Game
Rockman X / Mega Man X
Hair ColorGold
VoiceRyotaro Okiayu
Full Info

Zero is an elite SA Rank Maverick Hunter whose origin is believed to be from a mad scientist who created him. Zero has no whatsoever memories that he has, in which he didn’t know on where did he actually came from, just at the days before he become a Maverick Hunter in order to save humanity. As time passes, he can recall some portion of his own “dark” memories, wherein some villains, like Sigma, are telling him about his own past, in which Zero doesn’t really know or has no idea at all.

Zero’s main weapon is the Z Saber (sub weapon is the Z Buster), where he can attack aggressively any enemies, irregardless of size.

A Hero? Or a Zero? He must fight for the peace of the Humans and Reploids!

Inori Donz

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