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Today’s featured character is… Frieren!

Character Info
SeriesFrieren: Beyond Journey’s End
TypeElf, Mage
Hair ColorWhite
VoiceAtsumi Tanezaki
Full Info

Frieren is a elf mage who is a part of the Legendary Heroes party, alongside Himmel, Eisen, and Heiter. She is believed to be living and existing a thousand years old already, and was travelling across the lands in order to learn more about magic.

After the hero Himmel has died, Frieren is travelling with a set of new party members, Fern and Stark, and she embarks on a quest to the very far north.

Frieren has learned on how to control and suppress her powerful mana in order to not be detected by her enemies. She can cast some powerful spells that can’t be matched by anyone. Frieren is also a mentor to her party member, Fern, who is also learning magic, and to be a powerful mage.

Frieren is a powerful elf mage that can be feared with. Her matchless spells can easily make her enemies be challenged, resorting them to use their full strength to defeat her. She is also susceptible to distraction when she attempts to detect the mana levels of her enemies.

Frieren is then easily fooled, and always being caught by living treasure chests, knowingly Mimics!

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