EPISODE 32: Secret Talent

Friends and rivals may work and win together. But sometimes, they clash at each other to see who’s the best.

The Idol Chasers are currently facing this new enemy in the darkness. This rival in the darkness is hopping from timeline to timeline, and their disturbance is the reason on why did they want to stop them.

This known enemy group, or likewise, the enemy in the darkness, who shows hatred towards School Idols, are called as… the Black Lace Ribbons.


Inside the auditorium, the four finalists have been finally revealed on the stage. And then, the announcer (MC) makes her opening sentences!

“Today, these four finalists shall be competing for the championship! Who could be this year’s champion this time around? Will Hyoshiro, a.k.a. Hyogane, be able to snatch another championship title? Who knows that this new player might be dethroning this reigning champion this time? We shall be finding out, soon!”

And so, the MC announced the players, and they all positioned to their seats.

“Welcome the 4th Finalist… His player name is Crossaber!”

The audiences just clapped their hands.

“Our third finalist is… His player name is Mi-Kun!”

Some audiences clapped their hands, while others gave their loud cheers!

“And then, this year, he shall be competing for the first time in the finals! His player name, please welcome! Takamin!”

And then, this is where the audiences intensely clapped, and they cheered greatly for this person! And the Idol Chasers are there cheering for him, who is actually Takayoshi Kitagawa!

“And finally, the unstoppable champion! Will he able to snatch another championship title? Give your cheers to this player, Hyogane!”

However, the audiences gave him a “boo” cheers to him instead, and Hyoshiro doesn’t mind about it, though.

And so, the players are now set for their final championship showdown! The MC told them about the mechanics of their championship.

“This championship shall be divided into three rounds! On each round, there would be at least three songs to play. And all of these songs are of their MASTER difficulty! The players should clear all of the three songs in order to advance to the next part or round! And each round, only one player shall be eliminated! And that happens when that player got the least number of Perfects accumulated on all three songs per round! So then, you are automatically be qualified if it happens that you landed a Full Combo Finish. However, still, if you got the lowest number of Perfects accumulated at the end of the rounds, you will be eliminated! And so, the final third round shall be consisting of only two players! Are you ready? Good luck to all of you!”

The audiences are cheering out loud, especially when the Idol Chasers are also cheering for Takayoshi.

“Go, Taka-Bro! You can win this!” said Sho.

“You can do it, Takayoshi!” said Chiharu. “Do your best!”

“Senpai! Fight!” said and cheered Aika.

Gen is just silent, as he is observing Hyoshiro’s aura. And he said, “His aura is different. I can feel that Takayoshi can’t able to win against him! But then, I don’t know about the uncertainty that Takayoshi is going to win, also.”

“Man, don’t ever lose to those two punks!” said Komari. “Just remember to be cool at all times!”

Takayoshi can feel the cheers of his friends from the distance. And then, he said, “Thank you for the cheers, guys! Right now, I have to win this!”

And then, he looks at the Charm item that Chika has given to him. Finally, her words have finally reached his feelings and he said, “Chika, is this the path of your dreams that you have been talking about? Well, let’s make our dreams come true together!”

Finally, Hyoshiro is looking at Takayoshi. And he said, “This opponent of mine isn’t to be underestimated though. In fact, I must need to be just careful. I must fight to defend my honor!”

And from the far distance, not far from the crowd, a girl is standing watching their tournament finals which is about to start. She has the same color of eyes as Hyoshiro. Who could be this girl?

Outside of the Shinonome Academy campus, Lierre finally saw the entire school being enclosed with a transparent, purple barrier. And then, she received call.

“Lierre,” said Saki. “It is really pointless to stay up there waiting for nothing. Return back to the HQ. We are going to do our Operation Surprise to the Black Lace Ribbons!”

“I understand. I guess it is the time!” said Lierre and she heads back to the HQ.

At the Idol Chasers HQ, they are talking about their so-called surprise operation against the Black Lace Ribbons.

“So then, how are we going to get inside the school with that purple barrier surrounding the campus?” said and asked Saki.

“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Kitagawa,” said Rika Kamiya. “In fact, I and Lierre have created a remote Warp Portal, in which it is actually linked from the school’s laboratory up to your HQ.”

“I see! So then, we can actually get there without having to break through to the barrier!”

Finally, Lierre said, “It seems we need to get there now. Let’s go now, before it’s too late!”

And back at the Shinonome Academy auditorium, the four finalists are ready, and the announcer has announced the three MASTER songs.

“The first round songs are… NO EXIT ORION, Angelic Angel, and After School Navigators! Good luck!”

The first round is now underway, and the players started playing! Crossaber (Seiba) is doing well in the first two songs, but not until the third song, which is difficult to his fingers. Mi-Kun (Mitsu) is just playing cool, and he doesn’t mind about getting a miss nor breaking his combo chain. Meanwhile, Takamin (Takayoshi) is just falling somewhere in the middle, while breaking his combo chain in between before the chorus part. But then, he ain’t letting his guard down, and he tries his best to get as many Perfects as possible! And finally, Hyogane (Hyoshiro) got three straight Full Combo Finishes on all songs!

The first round has been finished, and the player who got the least number of Perfects is…

“Crossaber! He got the 4th place, so he is eliminated from the championship!” said the MC. “Takamin got 3rd place, Mi-Kun got 2nd, and still our reigning champion, Hyogane, got the first place!”

When Seiba got eliminated, he talks to Takayoshi and said, “Good luck in winning. But then, watch out for the Black Lace Ribbons to appear later!”

“Thanks. And we are really expecting them to come here already!”

“Don’t go easy on the second round, especially on Mitsu, who is on his serious mode.”

And so, Seiba walks out from the stage.

And then, it’s the second round of the championship. The MC has announced the three MASTER songs to be used!


It’s the month of September, and the heated summer is almost ending! Although that their summer is ending, there are lots of announcements coming from them to be headlined in this part later!

Find out by reading the Headlines per School Idol Group!

Aqours Updates

Aqours 6th Live! WINDY STAGE (with Audio Commentary)

If in case you want to reminisce the chain of events and happenings during the Aqours 6th Live WINDY STAGE, then this is your last chance to see it in yourself! This time, this recorded archive live stream shall be released with audio commentary!

Availability period: September 2, 2022, 8:00 pm JST until September 8, 2022, 11:59 pm JST

The casts in the audio commentary are:

  • Nanaka Suwa (Kanan)
  • Shuka Saito (You)
  • Aina Suzuki (Mari)

The paid live stream with audio commentary shall be using the “Day 2” of the said live performance.

For more info and details, please visit this link below:

Third Solo Concert Album Series Featured Song Titles Confirmed

The featured song titles for the upcoming Third Solo Concert Album Series for Riko and Ruby have been confirmed by the team. The titles were confirmed, and they are, respectively:

  • Minamo ni Piano
  • Ai Kotoba

These songs shall appear as featured songs for their upcoming CD release. And they shall be released at their respective character birthdays!

Now that they were revealed and confirmed, all we need now is the preview of each!

Aqours Livestream (September 12, 2022)

On this next Aqours Livestream, which shall be streamed on YouTube and other related streaming networks on September 12, 2022, at 8:00 pm JST, what could be their thoughts on their recent “summer vacation” activities in the past couple of weeks?

This livestream shall be hosted by Rikako Aida (Riko), Shuka Saito (You), and Aina Suzuki (Mari). Be sure to tune-in to get latest info about their upcoming merch, entertainment live events, and some content updates in the respective LoveLive! games! And they might preview here the featured songs of Riko and Ruby here, as highlighted from the previous headline above!

Who knows that there might be other surprises? Aqours is ready, don’t you?

Nijigasaki Updates

Nijigasaki 5th Live Series Overseas Paid Live Stream Now Up

And to give you some heads up, the first part of the Nijigasaki 5th Live Series (Where the Rainbow Blooms) shall be commencing next weekend, so get ready!

The first part of the 5th Live Series, Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!, shall be commencing on September 10-11, 2022 JST, which is next weekend! And did they already tell you that the overseas paid live streaming of this live event is already available?

As the first part does have a paid live streaming announced already, expect that they would announce the paid live streaming for the second part (Next TOKIMEKI) on the succeeding days, so stay tuned!

In some time, or at the end of the Day 2 of their live performance, watch out for some big announcements there! Or the best part, watch the Next TOKIMEKI part, Day 2!

If you had bought your tickets, otherwise, enjoy the weekend with the Nijigasaki girls next week!

Liella! Updates

Anime SEASON TWO Episode 7 Review
“Just one more hour, please!”

Review | Series Info

And take note that there would be NO new Episodes to be released tomorrow, since the original Japanese broadcaster has issued an advisory about the delay of the eighth Episode (Chance Way). Therefore, the next Episode shall be aired on September 11. Likewise, no Episode Reviews of mine to be released also!

Other Updates

“School Idol Musical” Project Announced

The tagline is, “A world that can be fulfilled by everyone”.

LoveLive! Series has announced a new project, as seen from the Vol. 31 issue of the LoveLive! Days Magazine.

The title of their new project, which can be a musical stage play event, is called, School Idol Musical. This musical play event shall be played by at least two new school groups.

This Event shall be occurring on at least two venues, or parts, within Japan. The dates are December 10-15, 2022 JST, and January 25-29, 2023 JST.

Stay tuned at their feeds for more info and updates about this!

SIF Series Thanksgiving 2022 Schedule Details (Part 2 of 4)

Every Episode, in the Other Updates Headlines, I shall be detailing the schedules for the upcoming SIF Series Thanksgiving 2022 Event! There would be at least five (5) livestreams in a series, so you just read this one for the details!

The first part (Part 1) was already given in the previous Episode, detailing previously the Parts 1 and 2 of the livestreams within this Event. Now, we shall be detailing the third one, in the Part 2!

Day 2 – Livestream No. 3 of 5LLAS (スクスタ) Stage
Date and TimeSeptember 25, 2022 (Sun), 1:00 pm JST
HostsAguri Onishi (Ayumu)
Mayu Sagara (Kasumi)
Kaori Maeda (Shizuku)
Miyu Kubota (Karin)
Natsumi Murakami (Ai)
Maria Sashide (Emma)
Moeka Koizumi (Shioriko)
Shu Uchida (Mia)
It’s the third anniversary of the game, and the game was released previously since September 26, 2019! The representatives from the Team Nijigasaki shall be talking about their thoughts about the game’s 3rd Anniversary, as well as some highlights from it!
So then, what else to be watched out from there, aside from the new upcoming game contents to be released soon? And also, here we go, Season 4 of the game’s Main Story!
Notes: There might be English interpreters for this livestream, due to the fact that Shu Uchida (Mia) is present there!

Be sure to tune-in next Episode for the Part 3 of this! Or you can visit the website for more info!


And that’s it for the Headlines in this Episode!

Don’t close your web browser yet, since the LLSIF and LLAS Highlights are next!

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A new month has been started! Which means, new Live Arena, and an incoming μ’s Event which shall take place on the 5th of September!

So far, what are some important, key highlights to spot here in the LLSIF rhythm game? Stage Start!

Round 23 (Season 4) Live Arena

Another monthly Live Arena has begun. This time, can you finally beat all of the 100 Session Floors, given that you have formed and devised a new meta team?

Guide here.

And be sure to reach at least EXPERT or ROYAL EXPERT Category in order to win UR Shizuku Osaka! It seems that the reward UR is kind of powerful than before.

New Limited B-Side Songs!

Since after the end of the month of August 2022 (after patch update), at least three (3) new playable songs have been added to your B-Sides for a limited duration! They are available in all difficulties except MASTER.

Song Title / Group SideYume to Mirai de MUGENDAI / Aqours
Combo Ranks (EXPERT)130 (Rank C)
216 (Rank B)
303 (Rank A)
432 (Rank S)
Availability (B-Side)August 31, 4:00 pm until September 30, 2022, 11:59 pm JST
Song Title / Group Side1.2.3! / Liella!
Combo Ranks (EXPERT)124 (Rank C)
207 (Rank B)
290 (Rank A)
413 (Rank S)
Availability (B-Side)August 31, 4:00 pm until September 30, 2022, 11:59 pm JST
Song Title / Group SideVitamin SUMMER! / Liella!
Combo Ranks (EXPERT)140 (Rank C)
233 (Rank B)
327 (Rank A)
466 (Rank S)
Availability (B-Side)August 31, 4:00 pm until November 15, 2022, 11:59 pm JST

Try challenging these new songs!

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LLAS is basically changing my regular routine. So, in order to adjust for my current tasks, my JP Side needs to appear less frequently from my progress and Event Reports! And that was announced previously from my last Event Report Tweet, in the results of my last Story Event grind!

Other than that, what are the other highlights spotted here? S.I.F. !!

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?

Alright! In this recent weekly bulletin issue, I had tried grinding up for higher ranks for real! This time, did I secure my top spot within the channel of the girl that I had joined?

Otherwise, did your best girl make it to the top ten spots overall?

JP Side – #74
My Channel Ranking with Chika is 20, with an in-channel ranking of 693.
Global Side – #61
Channel Ranking with Chika is 17, while the in-channel ranking for her is 1.

At least, in the Global Side, I had made Chika happy. Thus, I have landed a Rank 1 finish on her in-channel rankings!

How did I manage to do this such trick in order to score a Rank 1 position in her channel? Definitely, this tip of mine can really help you in achieving this!

So then, all you have to do is that you can pick any School Idol Channel that you like to join. If you think that School Idol can’t even reach the top 10 spots overall, then it’s your chance to grind up for some Rally items (by Training). Then, gather them up as many as you can. Once you have gathered enough of them, then you can use them all for the final blow finish!

But then, in order to do this trick, make sure that you have enough AP Recovery Tickets, and you should need at least 300 of them in order to stay at the top!

Also, you must do the daily 100 Rally Points bonus when you do live shows (e.g. Kanan is your channel partner, then you must have a party or team which consists of Kanan only, then play or skip). That 100 Rally Points bonus, when you play or skip live shows, can be done every cooldown reset, at 12:00 pm JST, during the ranking period only.

And finally, landing a very high Voltage Score on a featured Channel song can likely increase more of your Rally Points, and you must remember that!

And going back to the weekly bulletin result, Eli and Mari got their first and second places respectively on both server sides. Kotori and Setsuna duo still remained in the overall top ten, so no questions asked.

And definitely, next week, Kotori shall be the first in line to dominate here, since her birthday is coming near! Refer to this tabulated list for more info! Change to these School Idol Channels, when their birthdays are near!

Kotori MinamiSeptember 12September 5-6, 2022 JST
Riko SakurauchiSeptember 19September 12-13, 2022 JST
Ruby KurosawaSeptember 21September 19-20, 2022 JST
Mark the Schedules! They are the next in line to dominate the top spot!

And also, I had received some reports that the featured songs for the School Idol Channel Rankings have been updated and changed with some new set of songs! So far, the JP Side has begun with this change, since Round 75 onwards! And these shall be coming soon to Global Side!

And this ends the highlights and reports in the School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin!

STORY: A Midsummer Night’s Hopes (Final)

It looks like I have given it all. But then, my adventures in the LLAS world is not yet over! And the Event has been ended, placing me with a Bronze Tier finish in the JP Side, while Silver Tier in my Global Side.

And that time when the Event is running, I was busy grinding for Rally items by going into Training Mode a lot of times. That was in line with my recent finish with the School Idol Channel Rankings.

And then, as I had said previously in the previous Episode, my grinding routine for Events in LLAS shall be changed from now on. If you had read the replies within that embedded Tweet above, then you shall find out!

To summarize the replies, my JP Side is out from my regular Event Report calculations, when every time an Event is finally finished. But then, my JP Side is still active, due to the fact that I must also record and tally everything what was happening in the rankings of the School Idol Channels there.

And so, starting on September 2022, JP Side is no longer included in my Event Report Tweets. Only my Global (EN) Side shall be the active one to be recorded in some future Event Reports.

And this ends my highlights with this Event!

Round 27 SBL

This Pre-Event is now on-going! Do you have what it takes to snatch any SBL Awards?

Refer to this list below for the songs to challenge!

  • μ’s / Dancing Stars on Me!
  • Aqours / KOKORO Magic “A to Z”
  • Nijigasaki / Eternal Light

Please refer to your in-game rules on how to play in SBL.

So then, as stated and noted from the previous highlight above, only my Global (EN) Side shall be participating. If ever my JP Side is participating, then my results shall be excluded from my next Event Report Tweet.

And as usual, my final results shall be posted on the next Episode!

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“The songs are… Braveheart Coaster, Amazing Travel DNA, and New Romantic Sailors! Let the second round of the competition begin!”

The second round is underway! And as usual, Hyoshiro is seemingly getting more Perfects than any of his two opponents who are playing.

And so, before the third MASTER song went into play, Takayoshi remembers the conversation before with his mother, Saki.

“I am going now, Mom,” said Takayoshi.

“Just have fun and be cool at all times,” said Saki. “Just remember that you shouldn’t pressure yourself in a time like this.”

“I am just still not enough, do I? I can’t even still land a Full Combo Finish on any harder MASTER songs.”

“Oh… And then, I know about it. Just always remember that there is no Secret Talent to achieve victory. Winning in a championship finals is just like winning in a typical LoveLive! Event competition.”

“Secret Talent… There is no secret talent to achieve it. But then, what else can I do?”

“There is no such secret talent in order to win things. Remember, the only secret is in you… Yourself.”

“Me… Myself?”

“That’s right, my dear Takayoshi! And that is why I had successfully won the LoveLive! Finals at the time when I was a School Idol. It is because I had found my answer to why I wanted to win.”

“Your answer to the question on why you wanted to win?”

“It is because… I wanted to help the weak people, and to help them in order to make their dreams come true! And that is my answer to that question!”

“I see… Now, what I must find out is the reason why I wanted to win.”

“My dear Takayoshi… Whatever the result is, whether you win or lose the championships, just always don’t lose the fun factor in you! Losing doesn’t necessarily mean it is the end of yourself. Just have fun and give them all you got!”

“Thanks, Mom.”

And then, the two hugged each other.

And back to the reality, the third MASTER song has started. Takayoshi has given everything he got, and he successfully landed a Full Combo Finish to that song.

The second round has been ended. And the last player who is going to be eliminated is…

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The Bonus Stage
TV Anime “LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO” Trailer Video (Long Ver.)

“Here we go, the new us!”

Will they able to find out their reason why they wanted to achieve their dreams, and win? Along with those four new girls, they are fated to perform together in one big stage.

And so, their stories still continue… In the other side of the countless stars.

LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO!

Every Sunday at 7:00 pm JST, on NHK E-TV Network in Japan!

Check your local Anime licensors per country or region for the time and availability!

LLSIF TV Anime in-game campaigns now going on!

Official Website:


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