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Idol Gamer Ren

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Overview (Story)
“Just one more hour, please!”

The Team Liella! are now planning for their next move or schedule, as the another LoveLive! Event has been announced. Ren was tasked to do some musical composing for their new song.

It seems that Ren was unable to think properly, and she was always staying up late at night. As a student council president herself, something is bothering her. And now, Ren has developed her own new addiction — She became addicted in playing video games!

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You can be a video game addict. But, would you care to have yourself a bit of time reading this review and impression of mine? It will not take more than 10 minutes!

Yeah, basically, Keke Tang’s fault, and that’s why Ren is already foreshadowed in some previous Episode where she started playing some video games.

Ren Hazuki is just a simple, pure girl, that is neither skillful nor dumb. But when you just supply her something that is interesting for her, then she can be fascinated and she will become curious. Sometimes, our own addiction can start with just a simple curiosity. At this point, Ren Hazuki can be an all-arounder, and she is like Setsuna Yuki, who can do some student council stuff, and those School Idol activities!

For the other characters, notably Mei, and Keke and Sumire, it is quite noticeable that their characters have either changed or swapped again. For Mei, I can see some “Yuri” factor here, where she is holding hands with Ren, in which it has also made me laughed a lot (Where girl-to-girl is actually a thing here). And finally Keke and Sumire have switched their own places here, while Keke becomes at fault here again while being scolded and making fun by Sumire. And not to mention… Shiki did her “cute appeal” here by touching her hair while touching her face again (As seen from Episode 4).

The story itself is about games and other fun activities, while controlling your schedule with them. It really shows about on how Ren got addicted when she played some video games, and she already forgot her duties in being a student council president herself. It is basically when you jump into the rabbit hole, there is no going out, and you will never stop playing it until you can’t move anymore. That’s what happened to Ren, as a result of being an addict, wherein she stayed up late at night trying to beat some baddies in a video game.

And then, I have noticed something at almost at the end of this Episode, where I had seen and heard some “innuendo” references here. Such as that, some characters’ faces are looking strange and funny here, as almost they are matching some ahegao faces here (Lol I like Natsumi’s funny face here). As if, they are like unleashing their stored urines out!

In this Episode, I have learned that it is really important to control our own addiction, especially in video games. There are always times that we can’t be able to control it, especially when we are already losing our track of time. But then, try setting up schedules or timeframes for yourself, such as that, on that time, you should do cleaning on your room for an hour, then cooking or reheating food, or even setting your schedule or timeframe in an orderly manner. So that, when it comes to video games, you can be able to control it. Remember, just set your own schedule or timeframe to do that activity or priority, so that you won’t lose your track of time at anything else. Or, for your additional hint or tips… Set an Alarm!

Something like, for example:

  • Cooking/reheating food: 30 min.
  • Playing video games: 80 min.
  • Cleaning: 60-100 min.

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Liella! School Idol Files

Time for Liella! School Idol Files!

Yuuna Hijirisawa! An islander School Idol who loves to pump herself with fruits and passion!

Yuuna Hijirisawa is an islander girl who also enrolled as a student in Kozushima High School. She is the other half of the School Idol duo-unit group, called the Sunny Passion.

Her specialty in staying as an island girl is because of nature, as well as her favorite food being anything fruity (like mixed fruit salad, or even halo-halo). She become a School Idol because she does have a dream in making some people to visit more in their island on where her and Mao have lived.

Yuuna Hijirisawa, as seen in the Anime, from the previous season.

Now, you might have known that Yuuna have finally realized her dreams, and that’s why she wanted to win the LoveLive! Finals, along with Mao.

Next Episode, also in this extra segment, shall be with the other half of the Sunny Passion. Look forward into it!

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Series Info
©2022 プロジェクトラブライブ!スーパースター!!

This second season of LoveLive! Superstar!! has been aired on NHK E-TV since July 17, 2022, which continues directly from the last Episode from the previous season last July 2021.

For more info, see this page.

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