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Today’s featured character is… Yufa!

Character Info
SeriesVideo Game / Anime
Ragnarok The Animation
Hair ColorDark Purple
VoiceNana Mizuki
Full Info

Yufa becomes an acolyte in order to help out some people who are in need, especially for Roan who needed her support very much.

She has an older brother, named as Keough, who is a Knight of the Rune Midgard Kingdom. She lost him when he headed to his last mission in the Glast Heim Ruins.

Yufa believes that she got potential in protecting someone or everybody she loves. There would be always times that she is strolling along with Roan and his friends in their adventures around the Rune Midgard land mass. She is an acolyte who could even use her powers — by casting the famous Heal ability to heal up some characters. And don’t forget that she could able to job change into a Priestess later on in this Anime series!

Inori Donz

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