EPISODE 29: Saki and Mikako (Part 1)

Friends and rivals may work and win together. But sometimes, they clash at each other to see who’s the best.

The Idol Chasers are currently facing this new enemy in the darkness. This rival in the darkness is hopping from timeline to timeline, and their disturbance is the reason on why did they want to stop them.

This known enemy group, or likewise, the enemy in the darkness, who shows hatred towards School Idols, are called as… the Black Lace Ribbons.


Saki has stepped in, and she finally talks to Gen.

“It is quite certain that you can still backstab us though. But then, we are giving you a chance to speak up on what you know.”

“I will. I just finally realized and understood what my shadow has taught to me ever since.”

“Are you referring to Riko, whom you once had become with?”

“It is. But then, I just accepted her and move on. That’s why I have this.”

“A Charm item? Did Riko actually give that to you?”

“She promised me to change, and I must never use any violence to resort myself to nothing. Yes, she gave it to me when she is talking to my feelings.”

“Gen, you must know why you are here now, and Lierre has revived you.”

“It is because you need my aid, and the Black Lace Ribbons are now putting chaos and showing hatred towards School Idols!”

“That’s right. And you must never forget what Riko, no your shadow, has told you before she has left you.”

“To believe what my dreams are, and the purpose why I wanted to reach for that dream… This is what my shadow has told me!”

“Yeah, maybe one of those quotes used by some famous School Idols, isn’t it? Whatever, but worth it.”

“I may be having a lot more things to do… But then, let me join your team, Idol Chasers.”

Chiharu was happy and excited, and she said, “Alright! Gen Sakurauchi is now a part of our team! Welcome, Gen!”

“Joining a group of School Idol geeks can be fun!” said Aika.

“Well, I guess that’s it. But, welcome to the team, Riko’s Shadow!” said Takayoshi.

“Welcome, Mr. Gen!” said Sho, “Just don’t annoy Taka-Bro that much with your actions, or you are out, hehe!”

“Okay,” said Komari. “A former runaway target, now my ally…”

A few minutes later, Saki and the Idol Chasers are having a briefing inside the Idol Chasers HQ within the maid cafe.

“Okay,” said Saki to them. “We are going to enumerate the things that recently happened, in which it leads us in finding this evil group hiding in the darkness.”

Lierre then talks and said, “The first incident is how some School Idols got transported from their own parallel world into our own world that we are currently in. Such as that School Idol, whom I am with when I was a School Idol Oracle, Honoka, got captured and thrown inside a hidden dungeon.”

Sho then also gave briefing and said, “Second. Let’s add up the case where Gen Sakurauchi is actually Riko Sakurauchi, who turned from being a girl into a guy by a certain enemy!”

“Count me also in,” said Komari. “Actually, I am totally regretting of what I had did. But then, I totally believe that I am a daughter of my mother, who is Mari Ohara. She may be gone forever in this world, but then, I can still see her in the other parallel world. Don’t worry, and I did already my part in saving one of the Legendary School Idols, by kidnapping Lierre, and then putting her in the deep dungeon where Honoka was.”

“Another,” said Chiharu, “Some people went missing, and they were transported in the other world, called the Parody Universe!”

“And finally,” said Lierre. “My own inverted self has appeared, and she was named as Inverse Lierre, my other mirrored-self.”

Saki has finally connected those dots and she said to them, “Indeed, these shall only lead into one path. And that is none other than the Black Lace Ribbons, an evil group of Idols and Fans which were led by Mikako Kira, my former fellow School Idol.”

And then, Saki continues to talk to the Idol Chasers.

“For now, before we go on about the Black Lace Ribbons, let me tell you some long story about me and Mikako. Actually, we are close friends, as School Idols in the past. But then, it’s quite a shock when a twist of events has happened.”

This is where the past time of Saki and Mikako has started, as explained by Saki herself.

In the time when Saki Kitagawa is still on her sophomore years in high school, she was doing jogging exercise with her friend, Mikako Kira. Yes, and they were both School Idols. And they were a group where they are consisting of only two people — a duo rather.

“Whew, this is tiring, yet enjoyable!” said Saki.

“Yeah, and I can’t even move further!” said Mikako.

“We just need to run and do stretches to maintain our good shape!”

“And also, we need to maintain our voices and our stamina, too!”

Almost everyday, even after their school, Saki and Mikako are training hard together.

And then, the day of the LoveLive! Finals Qualifiers has come. Saki and Mikako are well prepared and they said these.

“We are going to achieve it, because we have a reason!”

“Let’s make our dreams come true together, Saki!”


Another week has passed! And so, another week has been arrived with some new surprises. At the time that we are resting, so does to the LoveLive! Series who keep bombarding us with some exciting events and other stuff around!

Speaking of the Headlines… What are some of the key points to look upon? Find out by further reading this Headlines part until the end!

Aqours Updates

TODAY: Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri (L&FM)

Today is the Day 1 of the Live and Fan Meeting Event in Kiramesse Numazu. This is for the Numazu Jimo-Ai Matsuri Event! And take note that you can watch for the paid live streaming version of it, if you are outside of Japan!

Each day shall be having at least two sessions, with hosts being different on each days! And take note that all Aqours members, except Anju Inami (Chika), shall be present on that Event.

And as noted per team, overseas paid live streaming basic rules shall be strictly followed, as there are some reports that the stream links are being shared online by one user. So then, you can read some other advisories regarding this (Japanese language).

REMINDER: And also, there are reports from the team that some Aqours members might not be present in the “live activity” part of the event. Therefore, they shall be only appearing at the “talk” part of this Event. For my case, Aina Suzuki (Mari) is one of them.

Otherwise, enjoy watching this Event along with Aqours this weekend! Have a happy summer!

Aqours & Hatsune Miku Collab Single

If you haven’t heard about with the collaboration announcement with Hatsune Miku since at the end of the Aqours DREAMY CONCERT 2021 last December 2021, then you were probably missing it out!

This coming August 24, 2022 (Wed) is the release of Aqours new collaboration single with Hatsune Miku, called the BANZAI! digital trippers. It shall be including with an animation PV disc, which showcases the MV of Aqours, along with the Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku. And did they mention it that the tracks were already previewed on YouTube, along with the B-Side coupling song?

The songs were produced and composed by the popular Vocaloid song artists, namely KIRA and Mitchie M. Make sure to check ’em out once this album single is already released!

Look forward in this collab single. It shall be available on Japanese music stores, and on some music streaming websites, worldwide!

Aqours Extra Live (Subtitle TBR)

Also, as part of their ongoing MUGENDAI WORLD 7th Anniversary Project, they had their partial page up in their website.

The title is just Extra Live, and the subtitle of it is yet to be announced, or to be revealed. Somehow, look forward into this, since they might be announcing them in their future Aqours Livestreams. So, stay tuned!

There would be at least two parts of their so-called Extra Live Series. Look at this tabulated list for details on when this shall be held!

1February 11-12 JSTMusashino Forest Sports Plaza
2March 11-12 JSTMakuhari Messe Event Hall

Idol Chasers, Aqours is ready for an another live show, again. Are you ready, don’t you?

Nijigasaki Updates

Happy Birthday, Setsuna Yuki!

Happy Birthday, Setsuna Yuki!

Happy birthday to this girl! Alright, let’s read a birthday message for her!

Dear Setsuna,

You are a School Idol who could do a lot of things. Otherwise, I call you as a multi-talented girl! Why? It is because you are a student council president, a School Idol, and even a girl who is avid on both Anime and Tokusatsu world!

Setsuna, you are a nice girl to play along with, especially with your fans. Right now, your VA is suffering some physical damage, because she is always working so hard, for you. Remember to give your VA some love and support, so that she would perform again on the live stage, along with you! Just keep your fires burning, and never back down!

Happy birthday, dear Setsuna Yuki… Nope… Nana Nakagawa. We fans love you so much!

Nijigasaki Livestream (September 23, 2022)

The next Nijigasaki Livestream shall be hosted by Aguri Onishi (Ayumu), Moeka Koizumi (Shioriko), Shu Uchida (Mia), Akina Homoto (Lanzhu), and Hinaki Yano (Yu). It shall be streamed on LoveLive! Series YouTube Channel and on its related streaming networks on September 23, 2022 (Fri), at 8:00 pm JST.

They shall be talking about the highlights of their recent Nijigasaki 5th Live! Series (To be highlighted next within Nijigasaki Updates). Also, tune-in to their upcoming livestream to get some merch and other stuff news and updates, as well as some other content updates in the respective LoveLive! games!

Nijigasaki 5th Live! Series – Where the Rainbow Blooms

And to recap it previously, it shall be happening on at least two venues around Tokyo, Japan, in a series.

Part 1 (Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles) shall be held at Tokyo Garden Theater, on September 10-11, 2022 JST, while the Part 2 (Next TOKIMEKI) shall be happening on the next weekend, following the Part 1, at Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Main Arena.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about this. In some time, overseas paid live streaming of this event might be announced soon in the future!

Official Page:

DiverDiva 3rd Single: Shadow Effect

As announced and seen from their last Nijigasaki Livestream (August 10, 2022 JST), they had announced the upcoming new 3rd Single of the Nijigasaki Duo-Unit, DiverDiva.

The title of their new upcoming single is Shadow Effect. It was scheduled to be released on October 5, 2022.

This new upcoming single of theirs shall be serving as a lottery ticket for their upcoming Unit Live and Fan Meeting Series, which was scheduled around on January to March 2023 JST (To be Headlined next Episode).

And so, their single has been announced, following with R3BIRTH’s Vroom Vroom single last time. Expect for the other Nijigasaki Units, like A・ZU・NA and QU4RTZ to follow after.

Liella! Updates

Liella! 3rd LoveLive! Tour Series – WE WILL!!

This Event is happening around December 2022, in series, which is fairly far from this Episode. While this shall be happening in just four months away, let me give you some small (long) details about it, aside from the fact that the key visual isn’t revealed yet!

This Event shall be happening on at least seven (7) venues across Japan, as mentioned in the previous Episode in the Headlines! You can look upon this tabulated list for details!

MiyagiDecember 3-4, 2022 JSTXebio Arena Sendai
AichiDecember 10-11, 2022 JSTAichi Sky Expo (Hall A)
ChibaJanuary 7-8, 2023 JSTMakuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-3
HokkaidoJanuary 13-14, 2023 JSTHokkai Kitayell
OsakaJanuary 21-22, 2023 JSTOsaka-Jo Hall
TokyoJanuary 28-29, 2023 JSTMusashino Forest Sports Plaza
SaitamaMarch 4-5, 2023 JSTSaitama Belluna Dome

You have noticed that their 3rd Live Tour is quite long, just as same as in their First Live Starlines Tour as School Idol Group. But then, it shall be happening in a series — 2 are from December, and 4 are from the month of January. Meanwhile, the 7th and the last one shall be held on the first week of March, which is fairly far from the other six. So then, are you going to attend them all?

Basically, I would suggest you to take on the seventh and their last live leg tour, which is in Saitama (Belluna Dome). You could watch both days, but for me, I would take on the Day 2 part instead. Since the Day 2 would contain some major news, and some other “Oshirase” contents, in which they might be announcing something big right after their live performance! In other words, stay tuned on their feed when after you had watched their live performance.

And finally, the schedules above are subjected to change, since due to the fact that the COVID-19 surge is not over. And some girls recently are being caught by that disease again, in which it can disrupt, or otherwise it may cancel further their scheduled live performance.

Overseas paid live streaming shall be announced in the near future, so keep your fingers crossed for that announcement. And also, there would be commemorative in-game campaigns in the respective LoveLive! games, so stay tuned (like those commemorative Titles in LLSIF)!

Anime SEASON TWO Episode 4 Review!
“You and I were just the same.”

Did you know that the Episode 4 original airing schedule has been delayed due to an unprecedented overtime of a baseball game?

Take me out to the ball game…

And speaking of the Episode… Who is Mei Yoneme?

Review | Series Info


SIF Series Thanksgiving 2022

And also, to end the Headlines, let me give you some heads up on this upcoming event, which shall take place next month!

The SIF Series Thanksgiving 2022 shall be taking place on September 24-25 JST, on weekends! The program schedule was already given on their official page, so you might be going on that page instead for more info (in Japanese)!

Otherwise, this shall be tackled next Episode for the program schedule! Stay tuned if there are changes!

Official Page:


And that’s it for the Headlines for this Episode! Be sure to read this Episode until the very end! We shall be continuing to read further on the LLSIF Highlights, next!

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The fight is still on! I am now struggling to defend my reigning rank until the Event finishes its period! And on the other hand, they keep surprising us with some more of their colorful limited URs! From now on, starting in this Episode, I shall be calling those limited URs that appear as, “Limiteds“, whether it is classfied as a G2-Tier Score Up URs, or some sort of equivalent.

Speaking of the updates and progress report of mine, what are some of the things which we encountered during this week on LLSIF? Stage start!

Icon Collection: Wonderful Tea Time (Highlights)

And basically, to continue the details from the previous Episode, the Event Song to be played is KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller!, and it is available on all difficulties! So far, it has first appeared as a Setlist Event song.

For my progress report in this Event, I am really struggling to defend my Event Points Rank, since missing for at least one day of my grind can eventually place me in a lower rank, as well as some other of my rivals who are placing higher than me, when it comes to Event Score Rank!

In order for me to get more Tokens very quick and sound, I should only take on one EXPERT difficulty song, wherein it is finishing very quickly than in any of the other songs existed in LLSIF. So then, I must use that advantage in order to get more Tokens quickly and easily, without getting lazy.

As of now, this Event shall be continuing for two more days from this Episode. Will I able to snatch my Gold Tier victory here? Basically, I have to wait for an another month for the next Event, due to the Event schedule changes last July.

Final results and Event Report summary shall be included next Episode. Look forward into it!

Autographed UR Scouting: SIF 2022 Summer Festival

And then, an another occasional Pick-Up Boost Stamp Scouting has appeared along with the other Limiteds Scouting! If you really wanted to scout, and to get and hunt those “autographed” versions of those Standard URs and other Limiteds, you may do so!

Each Scout 11 (50 Love Gems) shall grant you with a UR Exchange Ticket, where you could exchange it with some previous Limiteds that appeared previously in the past Events, as well as some other URs that you had never acquired before! So, use this opportunity, if in case you wanna form a strong team which only consists of something — like some Honoka or Yohane-only teams!

In other words, scout whenever necessary, especially if you need some more LA SIS items in order to win in the Live Arena.

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So, it seems that I must need to adjust with my schedules in order to play, or otherwise, to grind harder in this game! But then, ever since the Nijigasaki Anime SEASON TWO has ended, nothing new is added in this game. But then, we are nearing to the doors leading to the “Season 4” of the Main Story of this game, or in other words, the 3rd Anniversary of this game in September 2022!

Speaking of the highlights and updates, what were the things which were encountered in this week’s Episode on LLAS? S.I.F. !!

EXCHANGE: Sunset Summer Challenge (Highlights)

So far, I ain’t really moving in this Event, or in the sense that I got no progress at all! Especially on my JP Side, I almost forgot to login on a certain day due to my other priorities, like some emergency evening errands, and some other activities like sewing! Yeah, it’s been always my excuse, then.

And then, what could be the ending of my progress in this Event? I haven’t touched the Event Voltage Score Rank Songs, nor reading the featured Event Stories. Could it be a sign that I am slowly declining in playing this game? But no matter what, I have to get those featured Event SRs and a UR on time, before this Event ends!

My final results and Event Report shall be posted next Episode! Look forward into it!

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?
Honoka Kosaka got her victory! We fans love her! And did you know that Setsuna Yuki is the next in line to win in the next weekly bulletin issue?

Speaking of the rankings, if you are currently not in Honoka’s channel, but in a channel of your girl (School Idol), did she make it to the top ten? Find out below in this tabulated rankings per server side!

JP Side – #71
Global Side – #58

Fans thought that it was Setsuna who would win against Honoka. But then, I had predicted them right since after Nico Yazawa’s win.

Just remember that in order to find out on who is going to win next, make sure that her birthday is just nearby. And if you think that their birthdays are well-conflicted on one another (i.e. Chika’s and Honoka’s birthday are just a day in gap), the nearest School Idol to celebrate shall be the one who would take her top one spot first.

In my case, Setsuna didn’t get her win, and her birthday was celebrated at the day of her birthday (also the end day of the ranking period). But then, since there is no nearby School Idol who could celebrate her birthday, of course, the next top one ranker would be always the one who has failed to take the top one spot, who is Setsuna Yuki.

Just remember that there are perks when you are in a channel of the girl who is celebrating her birthday, such as getting more bonus items, like those High Mementos!

And that’s it for the week’s School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin!

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The duo group of Saki and Mikako have totally dominated above the rankings in the national qualifiers. Now, they must take their last step in the LoveLive! Finals in order to become victorious.

“This is it, Mikako. We are now at the top because we have finally realized our dreams!”

“Saki, this is our last battle to victory! Let’s do our best!”

And then, they headed to the live show stage. They did their last, best live performance there.

They already did what they have in the live stage. And then finally, in the end…

At the backstage, Saki and Mikako talk to each other. It seems that the outcome of their live performance isn’t good enough to win in the LoveLive! Finals.

“It seems that we had given everything what we got here. But then, this is just the beginning.”

“Yeah… And it is really frustrating because we had already done our best.”

“That means, we can go beyond that, right Mikako?”

Mikako didn’t reply. It seems that her frustration has already conquered her mind, and she begins to clench her fists. Something really has entered Mikako’s mind, and suddenly Saki asked her.

“Mikako? What’s wrong?”

“Don’t ask me why. Starting tomorrow, we are no longer a duo group! We are now rivals!”

“Eh?? Mikako?”

“In the next LoveLive! Event, I am going to create my own group. I am going to be victorious next time!”

“Are you planning to leave me alone, after we have lost in the Finals?”

“We have lost, and that means our bonds have been broken!”

“Wait, we can still fix this! We just need to try harder!”

“Goodbye, Saki… Thank you for everything.”


Mikako finally runs away from Saki with tears in her eyes. Something has driven her, in which Mikako has finally broken her bonds with Saki, as a School Idol.

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The Bonus Stage
TV Anime “LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO” Trailer Video (Long Ver.)

“Here we go, the new us!”

Will they able to find out their reason why they wanted to achieve their dreams, and win? Along with those four new girls, they are fated to perform together in one big stage.

And so, their stories still continue… In the other side of the countless stars.

LoveLive! Superstar!! SEASON TWO!

Every Sunday at 7:00 pm JST, on NHK E-TV Network in Japan!

Check your local Anime licensors per country or region for the time and availability!

LLSIF TV Anime in-game campaigns now going on!

Official Website:


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