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Every School Idol For Herself

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Overview (Story)
“I am going to grab on my dreams!”

Lanzhu Zhong is going to quit being a School Idol? That message was sent to Mia Taylor after Lanzhu saw the spectacular live performance of the Nijigasaki Girls in the School Idol Club at the end of their School Idol Festival Event. Mia was displeased on what Lanzhu said on the message. She then tries to talk to her and convinced her to not quit being a School Idol yet, and she gives her an another song piece for her to sing. Despite Mia’s burn-the-midnight-oil works on the song piece, Lanzhu was never impressed. And Mia ended up leaving each other in the dust.

After the hatred and disappointment, Rina Tennoji jumps in and she nicely talks to Mia. What could be her thoughts that she could share, so that in order for Mia to get some motivation to reach for the sky of dreams one more time?

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Hello there! Let’s read the review and impression in this Episode!

For the character who is featured in this Episode, Mia Taylor, she can be your typical “New York” girl who is sometimes irritable when displeased. But in the end, she can be a spunky girl who always puts her passion in making songs for Lanzhu and… to herself. Now the fact that her expression is always serious and angry because every of her hardwork is always put into Lanzhu Zhong who always sing and dance with her songs. And then, what’s the point for Mia in working so hard in making that song for somebody, where it is actually her song in the end? Mia Taylor, for me, is just like acting as a slave for Lanzhu who was doing nothing but to rely on Mia’s abilities in making songs for her.

And then, Rina Tennoji is just acting cool here, though Mia is now acting mad at her, telling her not to interfere. And in the end, it seems that Mia and Rina can be a good tandem here since they were both literate in computers and technology.

The story theme here can be into two things. One is that when we become a slave, and we can’t take the toxicity of that person, sometimes we decide to quit or break ties with that person. Two is that when we give everything what we got — just doing our own best alone is still not enough.

And yeah, the infamous “I quit being a School Idol” has been used again in this Episode. Can you imagine making a meme out of this scene and others, where the beloved “Umi Sonoda” can slap these idiotic girls who said that line?

Mia Taylor’s song and MV is just simple and minimalistic here. In fact, hearing a School Idol singing in an English language is so sweet. Overall, though simple and minimalistic, it was Mia’s ALL of herself. You can imagine that being a song writer and a singer/dancer can be considered as “multi-talented”, and that’s an achievement! And going back, what I think of Mia’s MV is so dramatic and sweet — I like it so much!

And at the end of this review and impression, there are at least two things to learn from here:

  1. One does not simply become a “slave” for that person. Sometimes, you can make your work for that person, and that person who used your work didn’t give you a credit or acknowledgement. Does it make you angry when somebody used your work, yet they don’t even credit you or mention you by name? So then, sometimes we need to break ties with that person who can now be a “toxic” person. Toxicity, in the sense that we could break up from that person because we can’t take his or her “annoying” actions anymore.
  2. You can learn many things, especially if you lost your own battle. Sometimes, just doing your own best is still NOT enough to achieve victory, and you must remember that. Irregardless whether you are superior and strong, that doesn’t mean that you could achieve victory 100 percent. You are strong, but if your “pride” is still reigning over yourself, you may be always victorious, but you can be always “sad and lonely”. And that’s the price of being victorious only for yourself. How does it feel when you win without everybody else around?

And that’s why every School Idols (girls or everybody else) should not become a School Idol for themselves. They do really have a purpose in becoming School Idols in the present. And that is because they have their own mission or goals in achieving their own dreams above the skies.

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Nijigaku Throwback!

For our Nijigaku Throwback this time, please look at this screenshot below!

“We can be solo idols, but you are not alone.”
Episode 9 (Season 1): A Fellow Rival

In every single group or team, one does not be a man or woman for themselves. Generally speaking, not all of the times we can handle situations, in which it only requires us to do it alone. And then, if we have problems where it is really impossible to do it alone, irregardless if we are stronger, the best way is to seek help and advice from our family and friends. They may not be physically present, but they are just spiritually around you to help you traverse the hard paths along the way. That’s why you are at the top right now — You can’t do the impossible without them around.

So then, you must ask yourself, “Why are you at the top right now?”. It is indeed a question that the likes of Lanzhu Zhong can’t able to answer properly, and that’s why she is always sad and lonely!

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