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Today’s featured character is… Ashley Winchester!

Character Info
NameAshley Winchester
SeriesVideo Game
Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
TypeGun Warrior
Hair ColorCobalt Blue
VoiceUnknown (Stage Play / Drama CDs)
Full Info

Ashley is a gun warrior who serves formerly in the kingdom of Meria, a major town in Filgaia. His dismissal from the squad team in Meria has resulted due to his reckless actions, saying that he can’t let anyone be sacrificed to anything that will only be ended up in vain.

Upon his dismissal, he then joined a group of squad force, called the ARMS (Agile Remote Mission Squad) that will suppress any threat which is beyond the scope of any task force teams that exist.

Ashley, later in the chapters in the game, has acquired the powers of Lord Blazer, who is believed to be the evil spirit who was banished and sealed by the Argetlahm Sword Magess many years ago. With those powers, Ashley can yell, “Access”, and he transforms into a powerful warrior, named as Knight Blazer.

Ashley believes that he has some powers in order to save someone, as a “hero”. He knows that it is neither good nor evil, and he also believes that it shall always depend on the user who wields that power.

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