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The Friendly Rivals: DiverDiva

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

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Overview (Story)

“We are DiverDiva!”

Ai Miyashita and Karin Asaka are planning to have their separate “online live show”, for the sole purpose of people who can’t be able to attend their live concert on the onsite venue itself.

Ai’s older sister, Misato Kawamoto, is suffering a sickness where she is getting tired easily and getting sick. Ai invited her to watch her upcoming online live show, and she is performing along with Karin. But then, there is a hidden feeling, in which Misato can’t even tell to Ai for a long time. Ai and Karin can be both rivals and friends — Would they able to unite for a live show in order to make Misato happy?

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Alright, let’s go with our review and impression! This time, it shall focus on the duo unit, called the DiverDiva!

Actually, Ai’s character shall be the main focus here. Misato Kawamoto was actually her sister, though that her last name is different. Maybe, perhaps, can you check out Ai’s Bond Story Episode from the ALL STARS game counterpart for more details? Overall, Ai can be bubbly and cute, but there are times that she can give up when she knows that the outcome might be bad (That infamous “I quit being a School Idol” sentence). At the scene where she talks with Misato, she can tell that she can actually do things which is good for the eyes of everybody, but at the same time she is giving them hard feelings. That’s why, instead of getting too close in just being a School Idol, her gap between Ai and her is just widening.

It seems that the story arc is bit rushed, for me, while focusing on one character only instead of the other. It is much like of its parallel Episode 4, from the First Season (Ai is also the featured character there on that Episode). Karin did absolutely act only as a “support” character for Ai (Only, her own character has been given emphasis from the First Season). And Karin’s colors do even represent the “negative side”, where Ai does represent the “positive side”. Maybe, it is just similar to a magnet, perhaps?

For their new song and PV, it seems that they are doing it, as similar to an opening theme song of an Anime show, or equivalent. And yes, some of the frames there are referenced from their UR Rarity counterparts, from the ALL STARS game. It makes sense now that they are like polarity magnets, in terms of their colors of their costumes. And again, Ai’s costume design is somehow more upgraded than Karin’s — Maybe is it intentional of having them unequal or uneven, in terms of design?

Overall, this Episode arc can be average, if only Karin was able to have more character emphasis, same as with Ai. But then, for LoveLive! fans, especially if they play ALL STARS, then it is just like a pizza slice for them. Otherwise, this can be a boring Episode.

At the end, I have learned that what basically we do can really tell if we are doing it in a wrong way, or a right way. Sometimes, everything that we can do can impress others, and then it can also make people be envious or be at guilt. Something like every step you do is a mistake to everyone else, and that statement, for me, is not true. Maybe a bit true, but not all of the people who follow you can have a good impression at you. Sometimes, you must know on what your actions can do, whether it can impress everybody or it can only make them be envious or have harder and sad feelings for you.

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Nijigaku Throwback!

Our today’s throwback photo is this below!

Kanata and Rina are knocked out after Karin and Emma attempted to sit-bend their bodies.

From First Season – Episode 4: The Uncharted Path

Sometimes, some idols don’t even rest. It is because not only they overwork themselves because of their tight schedules. But then, they don’t even rest because they just wanted to make their fans and followers be happy. In the sense that they do not want to make them sad and disappointed.

Like in this screenshot, Kanata loves sleeping. Rina can be a girl who is not sporty and athletic. But then, they are doing what they can to make us fans happy.

Sometimes, School Idols (idols) need some breaks or day-offs, so that in order to clear up their minds — In which they can able to think clearly about their next project or song to make for their use to blast their fans with! And like that one School Idol has said, “Whenever you can’t think of an answer to your problems, it is best to clear up your mind and go to bed.”

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