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Chasing Traces

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Overview (Story)

“You have to prepare yourself for the consequences.”

Ryo and Ren’s search and rescue for Yuanda Zhu has been intercepted by the henchmen from Yellow Heads, led by Dou Niu. Xiuying intervenes and beats up Dou Niu and his men, making them escape instead. But then, Ryo and Ren had lost Yuanda Zhu in consequence when the Yellow Heads henchmen had taken him somewhere within their den or building.

In order for them to find and take Yuanda Zhu again from the Yellow Heads’ den, they must find a person, named Yuandao Huo. He can only appear when Ryo can able to impress him and to win an underground street fight hosted by the Yellow Heads within their den area. Yuandao Huo is the only person who can lead Ryo to the Yellow Heads’ den.

As Ryo and Ren are doing that mission, they were already being under surveillance by Dou Niu’s henchmen in the Yellow Heads. Will their next move shall be an another trap?

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Are we really heading into the Anime series’ end? I ain’t even really feeling that this Anime series is about to end soon on its 13th Episode. But then, whatever the story that from its original video game counterpart has, I will still continue to watch it, even if it ends in a cliffhanger!

On the other matters, let’s read this Episode Review!

Basically, whenever you, or if you are within a group or team, are in trouble, who’s around to save your bucket from being kicked? Of course, your only hope to get yourself be saved is some people whom you had ignored, or likewise the people whom you had helped out from their troubles. But then, this paragraph doesn’t seem to match with the current Episode right now, and there’s something else!

For the characters, notably Ryo and Ren, they were seemingly forming bonds at each other, since they were always together, especially if they were heading towards the dangerous and dark areas, where their enemies are usually there. I can hear a lot more swearing from Ren, especially when there is something wrong when Ryo is acting up again. And Ryo is just thinking straight, until he finally reaches his path or goal in finding the cause of his father’s death (Where Lan Di had told him in the first place that Ryo’s father is the cause why one of his men got killed). Though Ryo had learned the Four Ways of the Wude, still he can’t succeed in his revenge — not until Xiuying tries to teach him about an another martial arts technique that can eventually match some of the greatest martial arts techniques in the world.

It seems I can get to know what’s happening around, especially when these two are attempting to do their failed mission for an another time around. So then, when you fail, there is always a chance to try again. And when trying again, there is always patience present.

So then, I can see some other characters who were being foreshadowed at the opening animation credits of this Anime series, as well as seeing them temporarily on that scene. Maybe just around 1 minute of their screentime, and poof… You won’t be seeing them again until the next or in the other succeeding Episodes! Basically, I am just really waiting for those “extra” characters to appear alongside with Ryo and others soon — Maybe at the time when this Anime series’ seasonal run has ended, perhaps?

And to end this Episode Review, I had learned that whenever you failed for the very first time, there is always an option to try for another around, or otherwise you can “try again”. It is just like getting a GAME OVER, and then you respawn to your last Save Point in order to try again and CONTINUE, and to undo or change any actions that you had made or done at the time before you had failed that mission for the first time.

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Series Info
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