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Today’s featured character is… X!

Character Info
NameX (Rockman X)
SeriesVideo Game
Rockman X / Mega Man X Series / ロックマンエックス
Hair ColorN/A
VoiceTakahiro Sakurai, Showtaro Morikubo
Full Info (My Anime List)

X is created by Dr. Thomas Light, which is believed to be the Next-Generation robot that can save the human race from further annihilation.

X then joins a group of special force, called Irregular Hunters (Maverick Hunters) that can investigate and eliminate any entity that poses a threat — any mysterious robot enemies, called as Irregulars (Mavericks). He struggles himself and strives to fight for peace and save both Humans and Reploids!

X uses his arm weapon, called the X-Buster, in which he can charge it up and fires it directly to his enemy!

Inori Donz

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