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A Purpose to Learn Martial Arts

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“To act without hesitation for what is right” — The Way of the Wude, Yi

After learning about Gon and Jie, two out of the four ways of the Wude, Ryo is in search for some great masters of martial arts. He is needing two more answers in order for him to learn about the Four Ways of the Wude, in which it could lead him to the path of the true martial arts, namely for Kung Fu. And at the same time, Ryo can have an idea on where he could find Yuanda Zhu, the person he is looking for, in which he can eventually lead him up to Lan Di.

A certain landmark or building is in risk of closing down, and thugs there are attacking defenseless tenants who lived there. One is an old woman tenant, who lives there, is under attack by the thugs nearby. Ryo steps in, and defends the old woman by beating up the thugs. What Ryo doesn’t know about that old woman he has encountered before is actually…

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It’s the eighth Episode! Let’s head on to the Episode Review proper! So far, what are my impressions with it this time around?

Previously, we got Gon and Jie as two of the Four Ways of the Wude. So far, we could get to know the third one here! (HINT: Read the quote above, which can be found on the Overview part)

It really shows that appearance of yourself does not really define on how stronger or weaker you are. It is basically referencing from the popular quote, “Do not judge the book by its cover”. Some examples, such as bigger and fat people who are stronger in physical but weaker in mental, and elder people are older in appearance but stronger in physical and mental strength, are examples!

And also, humble people can disguise themselves as somebody who can be strange and mysterious. But in reality, they can be stronger and popular.

I can see Ryo very well in handling his patience — in order to learn the Wude with patience, and to recall and remember everything that he has learned from his previous encounters, especially with the martial arts masters that he has previously met.

In the teachings of martial arts, do not judge any people by its appearance. Yep, it is true that you cannot hit somebody who is an elderly, or even a woman who appeared to be weak in hand-to-hand combat. But then, do not be intimidated because they are just beings whom you can’t even lay a hit, because they are “special” and “pure”. Everybody has a right to learn martial arts, from younger people up to the people who are considered as old or in the elder years (Aged 60 years old and above). Remember that you must know well your opponent, and you should not belittle them by just with their appearances. And to summarize, those are the explanations from the Yi, one of the Four Ways of the Wude.

And to learn finally from this Episode, I know that your strength is not determined by just of your appearance. Generally, the secret is just only you. There is no such secret where you could easily become stronger by just learning and adapting. But then, with patience, you can eventually become stronger, if you know your own limitations, such as accepting the fact that they are stronger than you. There is always a time that you can overcome it — Just be patient and don’t rush yourself.

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