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Dangers Ahead

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“Time for a real fight!”

Goro has found out the hideout on where the Mad Angels are hiding, also holding Nozomi as hostage. That time, Goro seeks help from other people — notably Ryo’s friends. They had broken through the gates in the harbor, infiltrating the Mad Angels’ hideout, also rescuing Nozomi in process.

On the other hand, Ryo and Guizhang have bought up some time to distract the Mad Angels, while sparring at each other and pretending that they were both knocked down in the end. This is where Goro and others have arrived in the scene, where they all saw Ryo and Guizhang surrounded by the henchmen! This is where the two had made their counter-offensive against the Mad Angels!

The leader of the Mad Angels has already warned Ryo on his mission going to Hong Kong, in order to find Lan Di — about on not getting out there alive.

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Let’s review this Episode! I am quite impressed with their “pretend” strategy in order to fool their opponents!

Basically, this Episode Review today is just a continuation. But then, it has added with some more views of mine, as well as my impressions with it!

The fight scene can be a highlight here, since I had been seeing that scene a lot of times in some of the previous TV shows (not just Anime), wherein two characters are being forced to fight at each other, though that they were allies.

It usually happens when that enemy is commanding you to do this thing, or this person or thing shall never be seen again — some schemes like that! Well, when they had dealt with that situation, they had thought of an idea. Actually, Ryo is the one who had thought of an idea, just in order to fool their enemies!

Generally, when dealing with that kind of situation, where the enemies command you to do something that you can’t do with your ally, what will you do? I have now learned that if an enemy did that to you, here are some ways to deal with it!

  1. When the enemy commands you to kill or do whatever what you can do to destroy your ally, do it.
  2. Tell your ally secretly (by whispering) to pretend that you and him/her must pretend that you were arguing at each other.
  3. Beat up each other. Either you or him/her, or both of you must be knocked down. But then, do not really show that you were totally dead. Just pretend that you are dead.
  4. Do your counter-offensive attacks to the one (the enemy) who commanded you!

So then, I had now totally understand this simple, yet complex plot, where you must use this technique in order to beat a powerful group of enemies! But then, somehow this plot or technique is kind of risky, since it can sometimes break your friendship between you and your friend! In other words, just use this in a cautious manner, if there are no other options left!

And in this Episode Review, to end it, I have learned that in order to beat your powerful group of enemies, and they were all in a stronghold or den, you must find a way in order to infiltrate inside! Just remember that the weakness of every giants is by targetting their insides! So basically, this is where some plots like “betrayals” and “traitors” might enter here, and they have to pretend to play as the traitor character, in order to gain his enemies’ trust with him or her, and finally betrays him/her at the end, when they were about to succeed with their evil plans.

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Series Info
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