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Entrance to Darkness

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

The investigation continues as Ryo visits a pottery shop, in which a person can read all types and kinds of Chinese character lettering, whether simplified or traditional. His purpose was to find out and decode the message that the mysterious sender has sent to his father, after his father died. Knowing about on where he must go next, Ryo finds out the mysteries behind with the two legendary mirrors that can open the gates of heaven and earth, in which it can also annihilate and eliminate the human race.

While the question why Lan Di wanted to retrieve all of the two legendary mirrors, Ryo swears to become stronger, and to avenge the death of his father.

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Let’s head on into the Episode Review!

So then, this Episode deals with topics about criminal organizations — how they work and do their criminal activities inside and out. Speaking about criminal organizations… They are usually doing their operations hidden from the outside world. This can be referred to as “Underground” Organizations, where they do lots of secret activities, that not many people know about it. Some examples might include secret passwords via phone calls, smuggling ancient relics and other replica, and other criminal activities, such as bypassing the immigration borders by means of via third-party underground organizations that has ties with the government of a state or nation. Very tricky and cunning, right? That’s how some typical underground organizations do work, especially if they involve dangerous and illegal drugs here!

Just as in my previous Episode Reviews of this series before, Ryo is a character who is always serious-minded, and he thinks everything in order to get revenge. But he is not definitely the character who is acting aggressive when it comes to fighting with on-hand combat, or the melee term. He is just always using hands, fists, and legs to fight, in which most are martial arts techniques. And also, he said before that in order to equalize and beat your opponent, you must accept that fact they they are a lot more stronger than you.

For the other details of this Episode, I am not going to reveal them all, since some parts, such as the story and mysteries of the two legendary mirrors, the Phoenix and Dragon Mirrors, are somehow a major spoiler plot, in which they can be found also from the story of the original Sega Dreamcast video game.

To end this Episode Review, I have learned that being a part of this “underground” organization does ignore the principle of “family relationships”, as seen in this Episode that father-and-son relationships are not allowed. So then, I can also assume that on a corporate world workplace, same family members and siblings are not allowed to work together, unless if they are owning that big company or business. There are also factors that family members sometime work on a certain corporate business. But then, when it comes to employees, this rule shall be applied — no addressing of family relationships allowed.

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Series Info
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