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The Meaning Behind the Truth

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“If you go down by this road, you will get more than what you wish for.”

Ryo has received a letter coming from an unfamiliar sender, who believes to be one of his father’s friends. The letter was written in an encrypted Chinese language, and not even the people who can understand Chinese can able to read it. Ryo believes that the letter has something to do with his father’s past. He consulted with an old man, Mr. Yamagishi, about the letter and his father’s past. He already warned Ryo about the consequences when he continues to solve and unravel the past of his father.

Ryo continues to find ways on how to decipher the message from the letter, only to be ended up in an unknown Chinese underground organization, surrounded by the gangsters!

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Let’s go into the review! In fact, it usually takes me time to analyze everything in this Episode!

Basically, it is just like watching a live-action TV Series from Netflix, or any TV shows which feature genres like crime, or any related. Right now, I am trying out something new, so that I could explore more the world of animation (Anime)!

Going to the review proper, now.

It seems that Ryo is a character who’s definitely one of the male characters who tries to think about revenge. Something that I could really compare with some movie characters, like Frank Castle (The Punisher, Marvel Comics) or even John Wick. But then, instead of the usual guns-and-knives character, he is more of a martial arts-type character — basically from its original video game counterpart.

Since SEGA is really the creator and publisher of the video game, as well as being adapted into an Anime, I can see a lot of video game characters and references, which were also owned by the creator and publisher itself. Such as Ryo’s display mascot character, Tails, from the SONIC video game series, there are other ones that appeared. Another one is when Ryo was investigating inside an arcade gaming center, where the familiar video games, like Virtua Fighter, are there.

And then, I am going to finish this review as early as possible, with my impressions and thoughts.

I have really learned that there are things that most young people should understand about their older people’s own privacy and security. Even kids should learn on how to understand about privacy about their parents — their mothers and fathers. Talking about adult-related stuff (Definitely NOT the Triple EX stuff!), you must indeed stay out from it. Basically, it’s every adult’s problem on how to solve things by himself or herself. And it is just them who must need to solve their problems themselves — What mess that they had done should be mend or be cleaned up. But then, not all of the problems of these adults are easily solved. Sometimes, they are hiding from their young people or children some secrets that they should never know in existence. Or otherwise, if their kids find out the truth behind their parents’ secrets, then what is going to happen? It is just simply destroying the image of their own family.

Whew, this review and impression of mine is really hard to explain — The theme of the Anime series is really difficult to study and understand. Actually, this is my first time in reviewing some Anime series like this, in which it is marketed to older audience (Don’t worry, I am already at my “thirties”!). So then, expect something like these in the future, as Shenmue Anime and video game have themes and plots in which have deeper meanings, that not many of the Anime fans like me can understand. I will try my best in understanding very well the series’ plot and characters — their revelations and development!

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Series Info
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