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This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“You are lacking. Keep that in mind.”

A man, named Ryo Hazuki, is training to master the martial art style by his father in the Dojo. One day, this mysterious man, named Lan Di, has murdered his father, and he takes the mirror that his father was protecting ever since. Finding out the truth about his father’s death, Ryo is determined to train more, and he tries to seek revenge — only to be ended in a war between the underground organizations!

Episode 1 Overview is simply just the synopsis of the Anime series itself.

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For the first-time ever (Not really the first time), I am going to review this Anime series, which is actually based from an old video game series! And did you know that I got easily interested in this Anime because of the story?

First and mostly, Shenmue is an old video game series, which came out in year 1999 for the SEGA Dreamcast (a video game console that is aligned along with the PlayStation One and Nintendo 64). And then, assuming that the genre of that game is also of martial arts (as in the Anime counterpart), the game also possesses the real-life simulation adventure, where the actions of the player made within the game can affect also the storyline and the ending.

Going back to the Episode Review proper, what were my thoughts about this Episode?

So far, the first Episode is more of character introductions, wherein we get to know the characters being foreshadowed — They can be appearing later when the story progresses (In the later Episodes)!

Ryo Hazuki is a type of a male character, for me, who is just brave and humble. In the part where he shows some martial arts moves (Including karate and other self-defense tactics), I have observed and learned something. Through with his father who was killed by one of the series’ villains, I have learned that being just a strong man with brute strength and agility are still not enough. That’s why his father said, “You are lacking. Keep in mind”, as seen from the quote above in the overview.

I have learned from this Episode that “self-control” is needed in order to keep your mind straight. Otherwise, if you are not focused very well, you cannot win no matter how hard you try. Basically, what I had seen in the battle scene that aggressive attacks to knock down your opponent aren’t just a way to get a victory. Sometimes, just defending yourself is the only way to observe your enemy’s attacks and to calculate and understand them. I have also learned the fundamentals of counterattacking your enemy or opponent, if he or she is continuously attacking you with brute force or strength. So then, you just let your enemy attack you with full power, while defending yourself and dodging it. Once you have drained out your enemy’s power, you can have the opportunity to strike back! Sometimes, you have to save your other attacks for a powerful finishing move later!

And to finish this review, self-control is the only way to survive and to win — in a world filled with idiocy and toxicity. Sometimes, you have to control yourself in all things. When you lose it, then what would you notice as you try to seek revenge on a last PVP match that you have lost, as an example?

This Anime series got potential. In fact, its story was totally based from the video game series counterpart itself! I had never played that game. But then, I shall be watching this because I want to know the story —- just like playing its video game counterpart!

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Series Info

Shenmue the Animation is an Anime series based from the video game title of the same name by SEGA and Yu Suzuki (YS NET). This Anime series was produced exclusively by Crunchyroll and Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. Its First Episode was premiered since February 6, 2022.

For more info, see this page.

©SEGA / Shenmue Project

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