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To Dominate or To Be Annihilated — In Score?

In this guides and tips post, it shows about on how to deal with this type of Event in LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game. The difficulty in grinding is just average, depending on your teams’ scoring capabilities. And it is not just you land a Full Combo Finish to assure total domination! Right now, let us talk about this type of Event in LLSIF, the Score Matches!

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Score Match Event in LLSIF is a feature where you could play with the other three players elsewhere around online, and you shall have to compete with them in order to gain more Event Points depending on your position. In fact, this is one of the simplest type of Event, where you shall play with all of your teams’ scoring strength!

The objective of this Event is to achieve higher score than any of your three opponents to win, and gain more Event Points! While its main objective is to get higher scores, landing a Full Combo Finish does not matter, and it shall not be a bonus to your Event Points gain, whether you win or lose!

The first-ever Score Match Event was made previously on October 5, 2013 JST, also with the first SR Maki Nishikino (Maid) as the featured Event Reward. This type of Event shall last on at least 8 to 11 days, which shall be either occurring on the first-half of the months (Every 5th until 15th of the months), or even at the second-half of every months (Every 20th day of the months). It can last up to 11 days, which is longer when it is on the second-half of the month, and if it is landing on the months that has 31 days!

By playing in this Event, you can receive as many rewards, such as UR members, Seals (Stickers), Scouting Tickets, and more!

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In the Score Match Event, when you try to begin playing, a difficulty selection screen shall pop out. You shall be given an option to choose one difficulty to play. You can play from at least six (6) different difficulties.

Available difficulties are from EASY, NORMAL, HARD, EXPERT, TECHNICAL, AND MASTER.

TECHNICAL difficulty was introduced since Round 16, in February 20-28, 2015. TECHNICAL difficulty contains songs in EXPERT difficulty, where the versions of the songs are having their rhythm icons formation being “randomized”. And it also includes some very hard EXPERT difficulty songs at Level 11 (Mostly Daily Expert Songs on your B-Sides).

And the MASTER difficulty was finally added since Round 43, in May 20-31, 2020. It contains all MASTER difficulty songs in Levels 11 to 12 (the hardest). This also includes the featured “5-Icon” songs that shall appear only in the Event, and yet to be appearing soon on your MASTER Sides.

Each difficulty can consume some certain amount of LP. Only the EXPERT up to MASTER difficulties can consume the same amount of LP (25 LP).

However, playing on different difficulties can give you different amount of Event Points, when you successfully completed the live show, or the Score Match play rather. While the EXPERT and TECHNICAL difficulties are giving the same Event Points when completed, playing on MASTER difficulty can give you more Event Points than in the previous two difficulties mentioned.

The LP consumption on each difficulty can be changed when you use the LP consumption multiplier. Basically, you can consume more LP. But the benefits in using it can allow you to gain more Event Points, especially when playing on higher and harder difficulties. With this, you can grind and progress easily within this Event.

When you have selected a difficulty, and once you are ready, you can tap the OK button to proceed. Remember to read the warning message before playing. And to summarize the warning, you can’t continue the current live show play when your Stamina goes to 0. And you shall be given a very little Event Points when you fail it, so be careful! Basically, your expended LP shall be useless and pointless when you fail, especially if you are attempting to play a song on a higher and harder difficulty!

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When you have chosen your difficulty level, and after choosing your current team to use, you are pitted on against other three players who were randomly appearing in your current room (Sometimes, you can appear as a guest to other players as well). And then, the players that shall appear would really depend on the Score Match Points (or SMP) that you currently have. Basically, having a higher or lower SMP can eventually match you to an opponent that has almost the same amount of SMP as yours (Or even having a difference of 100 or so). But then, occasionally, these players having a tremendous SMP can appear sometimes, so beware when that happens!

If in case that there are no players found, they are replaced with computer-controlled (CPU/COM) players. When they appear, they really throw some Stamp Messages at you, and that’s fun and interesting. But don’t mind that anyway. Basically, even you see them as easy, they are literally having almost the same amount of SMP as yours. And did you know already what does that mean, right? Basically, they have the same difficulty and skill as yours.

Just remember to be cool at all times, and just play responsibly, whenever you can.

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The Score Match Points, or SMP in acronym, is a feature in Score Match Event, where it is determined depending on your difficulty skills and your teams’ overall scoring power. Score Match Points are used to matchmake you into random players who were also having almost the same SMP as yours.

Your current Score Match Points can be either gained or be lost once you have completed your Live Show with your three players around you. And playing on higher difficulties can allow you to gain it even more — or even losing them more!

Score Match Points are used to determine your rankings in SMP. In the past versions or rounds of Score Match Events, your rank is determined on your current song score in the Score Rankings. Right now, in the succeeding versions or rounds of this Event, your rank is determined, instead of your current total score, based on your current SMP!

So basically, it is really pointless to do a powerful meta score here in this Event because it is really not counted towards your current rank in the SMP Rankings! But then, landing a very powerful score in every single Score Match plays can help you to achieve higher SMP, and to be placed higher in the SMP Rankings!

Finally, having a higher SMP and landing a very powerful score to beat your friends and rivals doesn’t really mean that you could totally dominate in this Event. There are tips that could explain that later when you continue reading this guides and tips post!

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Besides grinding for higher SMP to sustain higher ranks in the SMP Rankings, you must indeed play in order to stay at the top of the Event Points Rankings in this Score Match Event! And at the same time, you could gain some Event Points Rewards, such as the featured Event UR and a Secret SSR!

Event Points are gained once you have completed a Score Match play. Basically, your Event Points are calculated based on your current difficulty level (EASY up to MASTER difficulty), Score Rank Position (1st to 4th position), Score Rank Bonus (i.e. Score Rank S), and the Cheer/Yell Units used in the Event. Meanwhile, failing a Score Match play doesn’t really allow you to continue when your Stamina Gauge reaches 0, and you can only gain a very little Event Points upon your failure. And consequently, your SMP may be also affected. It may be just a 0 gain or loss, or you could lose it even more when you have faced a very powerful, non-CPU/COM opponent or rival.

Again, there are tips on how to grind properly in this Event. And you should continue reading this until the very end in order to find out!

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Basically, Score Match is a simplest Event, where you shall need to dominate the rankings, and to outbest any of your rivals by total score! While grinding in this Event is just simple, aside from defending your SMP from dropping, here are some guides and tips on how to progress properly in this Event!

1. Always use the highest LP consumption multiplier before playing!

Remember to set your LP consumption multiplier to the highest multiplier (x4) all the time whenever you can. And of course, in order to stand out in the Event Points Rankings, you must always play on either EXPERT or MASTER difficulties! The benefit of this is not only you could get more Event Points upon completion of your Score Match play, but you could get more EXP to increase your Base Player Rank, in which it can allow you to increase your maximum LP limit, in order to play more in the Event! You could consume at least 100 LP when playing on higher difficulties, especially on TECHNICAL and MASTER difficulties.

2. SMP: Go for Lower Difficulties!

If you are aftering and aiming higher for your Score Match Points Ranking, there are some tricks and advices on how you could do that! If you could continue reading this, then you could have some idea.

As you can observe, most of the powerful players are playing in upper or higher difficulties. But then, how about some other players who were playing on the other lower difficulties? Basically, this could be a strategy or tip in order to grind your SMP very well, and in a careful manner. In the sense that you shall be gaining more SMP than losing them, it is a way by grinding in lower difficulties.

And to know the reason why, your current scoring output of your current strong team is not counted towards the rankings in SMP. And take note that in every Score Match Events, only your SMP shall be counted towards the rankings for Score Match Points.

Generally, higher SMP gain or loss means that you could play on higher and harder difficulties.

And going back to my tip! If you really want to grind more SMP, as well as defending and maintaining it from dropping or losing, you should try to play in either EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties as possible as you can! Most of the powerful and aggressive players could choose to play on MASTER difficulty to show and prove how stronger they are. Though that they are gaining more Event Points than in EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties, they are somehow in a risk of losing more SMP if they are always losing on a same rival who is somehow having a strong scoring output!

So then, my advice is that you must play on either EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties only. Given if your teams aren’t powerful or versatile enough to produce a higher scoring output, you should play on these two difficulties, for the meantime! At the same time, you could sometimes play on a group of CPU/COM players only, in which there is only a very little chance in losing some SMP, should you land on either 3rd or 4th places in the ranking result.

3. Guide: Dealing with CPU/COM Players and Other Strong Rivals

Basically, even when playing on any other upper difficulties, your rivals shall be always there. And even playing on EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties can also allow you to encounter at least one strong rival!

So then, how to deal with these situations?

The first situational scenario is that when you play a Score Match, but you only encounter and play 3 CPU/COM-controlled rivals. When you encounter them, just play natural and chill. Basically, their scoring output is ALWAYS dependent on your current score output. So no matter how lower or higher your score is, the outcome or result shall be always the same. Like that one from the embedded Tweet above!

And the second situational one is that: What if you encountered a very strong player with very high scoring output, and you encountered at least two CPU/COM rivals? There are just only two things shall happen if you encounter someone with two CPU/COM players at his or her side! If you first enter randomly on his or her public room, and no other two real players have entered, the two CPU/COM rivals shall eventually appear. And if that occurs, expect a 50-50 chance that you shall be always on the third or last position in the ranking results! And if you manage somehow to get in a public room first before your rival, and two CPU/COM players have entered, expect something that you could only get to second position in the ranking result, given if your rival is having a very high scoring output.

These situational scenarios could only occur on lower difficulties sometimes, but not usually on the MASTER difficulty. In fact, you can take it as an advantage to somehow increasing your SMP, a little, when won!

But then, playing on either EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties could give you the same Event Points, EXP, and Gs! However, playing on MASTER difficulty can give you Event Points a lot more than in EXPERT or TECHNICAL difficulties. You can always choose to play on MASTER difficulty in order to maintain your Event Points Rank, but watch out also for your SMP Ranking, if it is dropping drastically due to landing in either 3rd or 4th positions in the ranking result! So then, you have to balance both, and it is up to you on what could be your own strategy based from this tip!

4. Do not fail a Score Match play!

Generally, this guide and tip is very simple to understand. Failing a live show in a Score Match can put you into frustration! You can also fail a Score Match play especially if you are still inexperienced in playing songs on MASTER difficulty. But then, failing it can consequently give you a very low Event Points, and you could receive no items at all, and is it frustrating? And you had just wasted your precious 100 LP for nothing!

And also, getting disconnected from your current Score Match play can always place you in the last position in the ranking results!

In other words, don’t fail a live show in a Score Match.

5. Always use your stock LP Recovery Items to Recover your LP!

LP recovery items, such as Sugar Pots and Sugar Cubes, can be a great aid in your grinding progress within this Score Match Event! And of course, you can always use your Love Gems, if it happens that your LP recovery items have run out empty.

For my tips, always use your stock LP recovery items everytime when you try to recover your LP! You can able to maximize the recovery, by just simply making your current LP be at almost full (i.e. LP 180/200). And then, try to make it full again by using an LP recovery item in order to make it overflow (Use a 100% LP recovery item to make it overflow)! With this technique or method, you can well maximize your LP usage, and you can play continuously for at least five (5) times!

Whenever you have run out of LP recovery items, you can always get them via Rhythmic Carnival Point Shop, or even buying them via Live Arena Shop! Also, you can get them by viewing ads (Can be found in your Present Box from time to time)! And finally, use Love Gems just only for emergency purposes to recovery your LP, and don’t use them too much especially if you are saving them for future box scouting to get a new UR that you love!

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And this wraps up the guides and tips for today! At least, you know how to grind in the Score Match Event now in LLSIF. Hopefully, you could use this guide and tips just in order for you to play and grind properly. But then, don’t necessarily follow everything what is written there above! It is just basically giving you a guide or a tip on how to do it, and it is really up to you on how shall you be playing it according to your style!

Thank you for reading this another guides and tips post for LoveLive! School Idol Festival! I hope that you have learned something. See you in the next topic and cheers! 🙂

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