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You got things to be strong in scoring!

In this Guides and Tips post for LLSIF (LoveLive! School Idol Festival), I am going to guide you in this new kind of Event, which is called as the Setlist Event.

What is Setlist Event? It is a kind of Event where you shall be playing with some songs in particular order (They were given in random order), and to gain Emotion Points depending on how high and harder you score on a song on any difficulty. This was somehow introduced last year (Year 2021), in which it commemorates the Aqours 6th debut anniversary in the LoveLive! Series.

Songs Line Up and Difficulty

In order to access the Setlist Event, make sure it is currently commencing or ongoing, before it ends on its duration. To access it, tap the “Events” at the lower part of your screen, then find and choose “Setlist Events” (It is found along with Live Arena, Rhythmic Carnival, etc.).

When you reach the Event page screen, you can see the banner on the left, and some list of songs at the right of your screen. Then at the bottom, you can see the button that takes you to the Box Draw screen, which shall be tackled later.

In order to start the Setlist Event play, you just need to tap the “SELECT” button for difficulty selection.

HINT: In some previous Setlist Events, you can see some little left and right chevron arrows on the banner, which also included your current Emotion Points. Swiping either left or right on the banner, or tapping the left or right chevron arrows can eventually switch between School Idol Groups, or the set of songs.

When you have tapped the SELECT button, you can choose between five (5) different difficulties. Namely, EASY, NORMAL, HARD, EXPERT, and MASTER (also called as SPECIAL), the difficulties of each song shall be changed accordingly. And some songs don’t even have MASTER difficulty yet, so their default difficulty shall be set into EXPERT, irregardless if it is set to MASTER or SPECIAL difficulty. When you are ready, tap OK to confirm.

NOTE: If you are currently finishing a Setlist play, and you decided to change your current difficulty, your current Setlist play progress will reset. And then, your current Emotion Points gained during your current Setlist Play shall be counted in the Highest Total Emotion Points gained.

When your current play is now starting, just tap “Live Start” to begin playing. You shall be playing songs given in order.

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Emotion Points

Emotion Points are a scoring system in which it determines your team’s meta score made after a live show play.

Emotion Points can be used to determine your Emotion Points Rank, in which it can be discussed further in this sub-topic.

Encore (Bonus Songs)

As you can see on the songs list, some of the songs at the later part are grayed out. You just only need to get a suitable amount of Total Emotion Points in your current Setlist play in order to unlock it.

Total Emotion Points Rank

You can see the Rank letter next to the stats. That can only be changed when you either complete your current Setlist play, or even resetting it by changing your current difficulty (Or even choosing your default difficulty again).

Your Total Emotion Points can only be recorded when either you completed it or not, as mentioned in the last paragraph. And also, your total number of clears is also indicated, in which it is relative to the total amount of Setlist plays that you have cleared without even resetting.

When you can determine your Total Emotion Points Rank, it is well determined with the letter ranks. Rank E shall be the lowest, while Rank AA is the highest of the ranking brackets in the Setlist Event. And then, depending on your ranking bracket, you can win some respective rewards! And those ranking rewards can be won when the Setlist Event duration is over, and they were sent into your Present Box.

Try to score higher with your current meta team in order to gain the best rewards possible!

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Box Draw

Included and featured in every Setlist Events is the Box Draw, as pointed in Topic #1. You just need to gain some Live Show Stamps in order to draw!

What are those Live Show Stamps? Live Show Stamps are items that are used in order to draw in the Box Draw. They are somehow like Tokens (Something like Friend Pts.) in which they are used to scout or draw. And how to gain these? You can eventually gain them by playing in the Setlist Event, and they were gained along with Emotion Points, given if you have cleared a live show play. And also, the amount of them that you can receive can be determined on how higher you score — just similar to gaining Emotion Points!

You can gain these Live Show Stamps, along with some Emotion Points when you completed a live show within the Setlist Event!
When you have gained enough Live Show Stamps, you can choose to draw solo, or even multiple! And that shall cost you some Live Show Stamps in order to do it! Multiple draws can even cost more of them, and you can draw a maximum of 10 per multiple draws.
In every Box Draws, there are at least 5 box sets (or more depending on some occasions), while containing 100 items each. And for every Box Draw Set, there is a featured reward. Drawing that featured reward can allow you to reset the box, and move on to the next Box Draw Set.

CAUTION: If you had drawn the featured reward in that current box set, the game prompts you if you wanted to reset the box. If you confirm to reset the box, the draw count will reset, and it shall move you to the next box set. However, if you reset the box early, while not getting all of the items there, you cannot get them anymore on that previous box set. So you have to be careful, especially if there are still more items remaining, which included some items like UR Exchange Tickets, and some other Skill Up SR Members. So you have to deplete everything from that box set first before resetting and moving on to the next box set.

When you have reached in the later part, or in the final box set, you can always draw there. And when you have depleted it, it shall only be reset. And then, you can always loop and repeat on drawing on that final box set.

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Alright, you can read this just for reference. Or otherwise, you may read this for some tips of mine! Actually, if you are a pro and you already know what to do, you can still read this for reference!

  1. Use your strongest meta team.

    Do you know the new meta in LLSIF, in terms of scoring? And did you already know the new “G2 Tier” Score Up URs (preferably Limited URs) that are appearing occasionally left and right? Those are your clues.

    Due to the fact that the trendy “Encore” meta teams should be a must here in order to gain the highest possible Total Emotion Points Rank, then it should be used in all songs in the Setlist Event, whenever you can. Just simply using your half-baked team won’t do much strategy.
  2. Achieve a consistent score output.

    Basically, just doing around 2.5 million score and above is just right in either EXPERT or MASTER difficulties. Just always maintain your scoring output in all of the songs in order to gain also some consistent Emotion Points amount.

    Full Combo finish doesn’t matter here. And if you think that your scoring output is deemed lower than normal, you just have to quit your current live show, and try again.
  3. Deplete everything in the Box Draw before resetting!

    When you can have more Live Show Stamps, it means that you can draw more items in the Box Draw. And as noted in the Caution part of topic #3, you cannot go back to that Box Draw Set (i.e. Box 1, Box 2, etc.) once you reset the box, when the game prompted you so.

    It is really best to deplete them all in order to get those items. You will regret soon enough if you reset the box by accident, while not getting all of those items within that Box Draw Set! (That happened to me before when I keep resetting the current Box Draw Set, thus failing me to get all of the WINDY STAGE URs in the lower Box Draw Sets!)
  4. Hunt for more Skill Up Members!

    Basically, the last and final Box Draw Set can allow you to get at least one SR and above Skill Up Member Scouting Ticket as featured reward. The fact that the last Box Draw Set can be reset a lot of times, over and over, then it’s your chance to get as many Skill Up Member cards as you can!

PRO-TIP: What I had observed and heard that the Setlist Event is the only Event where you could gather up as many Support Members (Skill Up Cards) as you can. So, if you got many URs to have their Skill Levels to be increased drastically, and if you need more Support Member Cards to do it, then use this Event in order to strengthen them up! Especially, if you got a current meta team that you can use to score higher in some Events, then it’s your chance to get more of these cards, and use them to increase your current UR’s Skill Level!

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Ending Notes

And that’s it for the Guides and Tips post about Setlist Events, in the LLSIF rhythm game! You can check out my related posts below for some more guides and tips posts in this game!

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