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The School Idol Universe

And so, the story of these lovely and cute girls still continues.

Many months have been passed. All things had been changed greatly ever since. A lot of Events had been made recently, ever since this new group has finally made their debut in this universe of School Idols.

Previously on School Idol Festival Journal Log…

In LLSIF Rhythm Game, they had introduced a new mode, called the Live Arena. This is where your true wits and strategies shall be put into the test. So far, we had a total of 13 rounds of Live Arena ever made in this game.

Right today, it is not just only LoveLive! and LLSIF, but there are things to expect to encounter in this second season, yet filled with surprises!

The All-New Live Arena Season 3!

Basically, after the Round 12 Live Arena, things shall never be the same ever again. In fact, we had entered a new chapter of Live Arena, in which it is indeed a new challenge to all players!

Something that you can encounter in the future Live Arena months! Especially, if you are almost in the peak, so does to the greater spikes in score objectives! And not even your LA SIS items can easily faze them! This was encountered previously during the Round 13 Live Arena (Pentas Festival), a time where a video game series, Persona, has collaborated with LLSIF.

With the increased difficulty in Special and Dream Sessions (also increasing the numbers of them), this is something for players should never underestimate and never be arrogant with.

And then, are you brave enough to win a School Idol’s heart, and be victorious by placing yourself in the Expert or Royal Expert category at the end of the 25th day of every month?

But then, there are new skills and items that you can use in order to overcome the odds! And it is on yourself on how to discover and find them!

Harder Event Score Rankings!

Ever since the last Companion Match Event, things are now new, and shall never be the same ever again. Basically, only the strongest ones at the top shall be the chosen!

It is not just only you fight because you are a fan and you love that School Idol. It is something that you can try to prove yourself on who you really are, and why are you keeping yourself to follow these School Idols!

Nijigasaki and Liella! School Idols!

The School Idol Universe is continuing to expand by means of adding more characters, URs, and new songs! They shall be aiding you in your further adventures deep down in the School Idol Universe! Arrive, School Idols of the Next Generation, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club and Liella! And they shall be joining with µ’s and Aqours in your members stable!

Basically, you can still follow their stories, as well as some deep mysteries, secrets, and revelations of these School Idols, by playing this game, LLSIF!

The G2-Tier Score Up URs!

These New Generation Score Up URs are something that you should have in order to stand up a chance against with your rivals, especially if you are going in some Companion or Score Match Events!

From now on, I shall be calling these new type of Score Up URs, as the Generation 2 Tier Score Up URs! Or in short, I call it as G2-Tier UR Scorers.

As you can see, these G2-Tier Score Up URs are having more score output than a usual Score Up UR. And also, you noticed that their Rhythm Icons count to activate this Score Skill is a lot more higher! You can see something like these having at least 42 or more Rhythm Icons count. But then, their Skill Activation Rates are quite very low than the previous Score Up URs. So then, they have a tremendous Score increase when activated successfully, especially if you are trying to play a song on a MASTER difficulty! Just remember to supply it with a UR that has a Skill Activation Chance Boost Skill, in order to increase the advantages of triggering this such powerful skill! What you can see and notice is that the Rhythm Icons count of these such URs are divisible by two. Which means, there is a secret behind with their ultimate power! And it is up to you on how shall you master them! Good luck in searching and scouting these G2-Tier Score Up URs!


In this second season, you shall be encountering the highlights, and some of my own progress and Event Reports in this other multiverse game, the LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS!

As of the present, JP and Global (EN) Sides are now synching at each other, having the same Events and Scouting banners occur and appear at the same time!

What could be my future highlights and progress in this game of School Idols? This is something to expect soon in this upcoming second season of School Idol Festival Journal Log! And you should be looking forward into it!


At last, we can finally meet each other once again.

And in this second season… Introducing…

The all-new STORY EPISODE!

The Story Episode is something new to expect, for the first time ever in SIFJL! This story is created exclusively for SIFJL on IDS!

"Why do you want to be a School Idol?"


School Idol Festival Journal Log SEASON TWO!

Publishing on January 7, 2022 (Friday)! Succeeding Episodes shall be published every Fridays of the week, at 8:00 am (UTC+8). Only on Inori-D Station!

So then, see you in School Idol Festival Journal Log SEASON TWO on Inori-D Station. Cheers!


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