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The Race of Death

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read them only if you had seen this Episode.


One day, Jellymon has helped a Digimon, named Sistermon Ciel, to find a vehicle which is fast enough to win a race. Only, it reveals the true reason why Sistermon Ciel is looking for a fast vehicle to win. Indeed, she needs to outrun other Digimons who were involved in this nightly procession! And that nightly procession is revealed to be a race of death, where MetalPhantomon kills and absorbs any Digimon that is being overtaken by him! This race of death shall last longer until morning, and anybody who gets out from the race shall be also killed and absorbed by him! While Hiro and others get involved in this death race until morning, will their gas fuels of their vehicles can last and survive?


Right now, in this Episode, it doesn’t involve too much Digimon action, which involves Digivolution and stuff! But then, it shows to us some thrills and suspense instead! Though, in fact, it is really a part of their horror theme genre, this one has never made me predict on what’s going to happen next!

In my observation, Jellymon can sometimes have a villainous mischief, in which she likes to prank somebody, especially with a sly Digimon like Sistermon Ciel. Or she could even do jokes on Kiyoshiro, in which she can put him or her into danger.

I can call this nightly procession of Digimon in the highways as the “race of death”. Why do I call it in such title of mine? Of what I had understood, when you make a contract with a devil, you can abide with its rules and you should never break it. The price of breaking with that such devil’s contract is death, and you know it, right? And then, I know that Sistermon Ciel has made a contract with a devil, named MetalPhantomon, to be always ahead from every Digimons within a nightly procession until sunrise.

So far, nothing observed new in their character development, where all I can see and hear from them is their screams! Especially, if these Digimons were being outrun by this grim reaper and kills them with his deadly scythe!

So basically, when everything is out of control, and you have absolutely no idea on what to do, are you going to take your last step and surrender? This is basically what in this Episode is being shown. It shows that everybody should continue to fight until the very end, until at their last life.


MetalPhantomon! A grim reaper Digimon that carries the souls of the Digimons that he vanquished!

Name:  MetalPhantomon (メタルファントモン/MetalFantomon)
Type: Cyborg
Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Data
Special Attack(s): Soul Predator, Grave Scream


Lately, we are getting to have more Ultimate Level baddies to appear in the future Episodes! But then, it seems we can get to have a Digimon which is having a low Level this time around in the next Episode!

Going back to the intro corner, MetalPhantomon is a cyborg, grim reaper that carries a scythe — much like a typical devil that covers himself in a black, shroud clothes. It is believed to be a carrier of the known X-Antibody, and it operates by using the energy supply from the Digital World’s another dimension.

His special attack that can attack using its deadly reaper scythe, the Soul Predator!

When you meet with a devil, can you able to make a contract with him in order to fulfill your wishes? Or can you just ignore him, and go back to where you are and lose yourself? You can always accept a devil’s contact, but remember that there are consequences where you could face your own fate, such as death. Well, this is something like you see in some famous Hollywood movies!


Digimon Ghost Game (2021) is an Anime Series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series (dubbed as Digital Monsters). It has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas with its first Episode since October 3, 2021.

The story takes place with Hiro Amanokawa, with his partner Digimon named Gammamon, in a world where Hologram Ghosts (transparent, floating digital images) do exist. There is a phenomenon where certain Hologram Ghosts are becoming mysteries, and they are slowly beginning to play and take lives of people.

While many people can’t able to see these ‘phenomenal’ Hologram Ghosts, certain people who has an item, called the Digivice, can able to see them.

These phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that exist in both Digital World and the Human World were called as ‘Digimon’.

With Hiro’s father entrusting him with a Digivice, as well as a Digimon partner, their mystery-solving adventure begins. They step along in a mysterious world where only Digimons live within.


The Digimon Series is a franchise or series created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo in 1997, and was co-created with Toei Animation (one of the grandfathers of the known animation studios in Japan). It was actually based from the Digital Monster, a virtual pet digital game by Bandai, which was knowingly based from the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet digital game created by the same company, also.

Digimon is a shortened name for Digital Monsters (Japanese dubbed: デジタルモンスター). They are creatures in a digital form in which it can be raised by feeding items and foods, as well as battling with other Digimons (other people) in order to become strong and versatile.

This series has been developed and conceptualized since year 1997, and video games, as well as its Anime counterparts, has been spawned since year 1999, starting with the popular Digimon Adventure Anime series.


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