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A Test of Strength and Intelligence

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read them only if you had seen this Episode.


The girls’ school semester is finally over. Now, they can continue for their ice hockey training!

With Coach Yoko now being more stricter for their training, the girls shall undergo a lot of practical skills and written exams. These shall be a part of their training experience in order not only to become professional ice hockey players, but to become officially new team members in Nikko Dream Monkeys!

Some girls can think that they can fail to pass, especially for Manaka who is lacking of ice hockey knowledge, and Ayaka who is lacking of stamina and endurance. Basically, they must be both physically and mentally fit to play this sport!

While for Manaka and Ayaka are still having problems with their mental and physical strengths, they are somehow looking for ways on how to improve them!


Basically, I have learned new again from this Episode! For any sport that you play (other than ice hockey), you should be physically and mentally fit! You can improve them somehow by means of regular exercising, stretches, and even running! Yep, and those are important!

While for Manaka being so sporty and reckless, Ayaka can be a type of girl who can be cool, but physically weak. She used to be doing some light ice skating in the past, and she ain’t used to play for longer periods of time. And she can be looked upon at her small height.

While for this Episode can give some little history and questions about ice hockey, maybe I can talk about them in the corner later after this Review part!

And to mention something not present from the overview, we had finally seen Yu Kiyose! And she is actually a former team member of Snow White, in which its Coach was actually Coach Yoko’s teammate from the past.

For Yu Kiyose, her character is a type where she always seeks perfection. She is a representation of some players in the team, who is considered as ‘superior’. The thing that Yu has is that she wants some perfect game, where things execute very well according to her strategies.

So then, what could be her role to the girls at Nikko Dream Monkeys, after she decided to exit from Snow White, her previous ice hockey team? Not only she did that because she wanted to go back to her relatives. There is really something that bothers her. Yep, and this is something to look out for next time!


So right now, let us tackle some history — What are some rules when you play this sport? Let’s find out!

For every professional ice hockey game, it is being played for longer durations! The game is consisted for at least three periods, while it is running for at least 20 minutes per period! The time runs when the puck is in play. In some instances, when both teams tied at their scores when the three periods are over, an ‘overtime’ period occurs! It may occur repeatedly until only one team wins when they score ahead from their opposing team!

Durations in periods may vary, in some instances, if the game is only for exhibition or practice match (Like the previous Episode, they only did about 10 minutes per period, instead of 20)!

Next part of this corner in my next Episode Review of this Series shall talk about the Penalties when you play this sport! Tune-in next time!


Pride of Orange (2021, dubbed: PURAORE! (プラオレ!) -Pride of Orange-) is Japanese Anime series about ice hockey sport. This Anime series was produced by CyberAgent/EXNOA, and character designs were done by Craft Egg (known for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party smartphone video game). Animation style was done by C2C. This Anime series has been aired and streamed since October 6, 2021, with its first Episode.

In Tochigi Prefecture in Japan, at Nikko City, an ice hockey sport season has opened for girls who wanted to aim for the ice hockey world championships.

A female junior high schooler, named Manaka Mizusawa, has become interested in playing the ice hockey sport. While she invited her girls who were her friends, they entered and tried for this sport game.

Their journey for aiming their first win, indeed, begins when they had experienced the world of ice hockey sport!

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