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It’s more than just watching fireworks display.

Are you a type of person who looks for something else to celebrate? Do you want to do something aside from celebrating your Christmas along with your family and friends, and watching display fireworks during the New Year’s Eve? Basically, if you are tired of the common things that you do when you celebrate Christmas and New Year, then this one can be an interesting topic or news for you to read!

Recently, the LoveLive! Sunshine!! team, as well as the other divisions of LoveLive! Series (NijiGaku and Liella! later), have announced their upcoming live concerts, which shall be held in Japan (also on paid streaming platforms soon) soon. Their dates, as well as their on-site venues, have been revealed ever since at their official website page. Mostly, their live performances shall be held on the days, before the year 2021 ends. Here are the two LoveLive! Events which shall be expected to come soon at the end of December 2021.

Aqours EXTRA LoveLive! ~DREAMY CONCERT 2021~ (Link)

This live performance by Aqours shall be held on December 29-30, 2021, and it shall be held at least two days, one performance each day. It shall be held also on Pia Arena MM, in Japan. Paid streaming platform to be used for overseas streaming is yet to be announced by the staff.

Also, the appearance of Kanako Takatsuki, the one who is voicing Hanamaru Kunikida, may be cancelled, should her health conditions won’t stabilize.

Songs are yet to be predicted. Most probably, they might perform songs that appeared before in their previously-released albums (mostly sub-unit albums). And also, expect them to perform the song, DREAMY COLOR, in this upcoming live performance. And it is quite uncertain if the last song featured in the Aqours Chronicle 2018-2020 album might also appear in their DREAMY CONCERT 2021 live performance. Just stay tuned to their latest announcements via their Twitter account! And this post may be edited and updated once if there are changes!

COUNTDOWN LoveLive! 2021 → 2022 ~LIVE with a smile!~ (Link)

This live performance is considered to be the ‘endgame’ of year 2021. It features not just Aqours. But it also features the girls from Nijigasaki High School Idol Club and Liella! this time around. If you think the Aqours DREAMY CONCERT 2021 is still not enough for you, then this one shall be your ideal event, in which you can celebrate your New Year’s Day with an explosive ending!

For the details of this event, it shall be held on Pia Arena MM, in Japan. The time on when it is going to commence on the last day of December is yet to be announced in the future (Most probably at their future upcoming livestreams).

Also, they had announced a theme song, in which it was tied along with this event. The title is LIVE with a smile!. That song album shall be released on November 3, 2021. It includes a lottery ticket in which people in Japan can use for the entry in this countdown event. The lottery period shall run on November 3 until 14, JST.

And finally, the paid streaming event is yet to be announced. Stay tuned at their feed for more details.

Get ready for the Year-End Live!

So then, this is something for people can do when they are bored celebrating the usual Christmas and New Year celebration. Indeed, this is something for LoveLive! fans to check out!

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