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This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.


The Dynazenon crew were beaten up, and Gridknight rescues them and made a counterstrike attack to the Kaiju. However, the Kaiju had withdrawn from the battle, escaping from Gridknight.

The Dyna Diver, which makes the Dynazenon’s legs, had the part of the leg damaged.

Now that this group called the Gridknight Alliance has appeared, would they become allies with the Dynazenon crew, given that they are also protecting the world from Kaijus?


In this Episode, we can finally meet the guys that initially appeared from the SSSS.GRIDMAN Anime. Do you still remember the little white-haired guy who used to be a Kaiju punk that always grudges against Gridman? Those were the days when he was still a punk kid, named Anti. Later on, at the end of the SSSS.GRIDMAN Anime, he was picked up by a mysterious girl, who believed to be a descendant of a known Kaiju in the Computer World. She then took care of him, and later on, he was renamed as Knight. I don’t know why he was renamed from Anti to Knight. Most probably, he was revived from re-programming, perhaps, in my opinion?

Going back to the Episode proper. The Dynazenon crew were beaten up and can’t fight properly due to a damaged Dyna Diver’s leg part. It is because the crew, other than Gauma, are thinking of their personal problems and weaknesses due to their past experiences.

It makes sense that in order to win a fierce battle which involves groups, then you must need to fight together as a team. If you are in a team, but you are leaving your team leader behind fighting, then your team will more likely to lose the fight. It is important that your team needs some coordination and strategy! In other words, unite your hearts as one!

Sometimes, rivals and friends do always fight before they could eventually team up to beat down their true enemy.

For the fight scene part, especially the mecha fight scenes, I can well understand that this show is a TV Anime version. But then, unlike its Tokusatsu counterpart, which involve real-time action movements, the TV Anime version is just way too fast. The action movements are indeed too fast for a giant robot like Dynazenon, especially if it tries to throw punches at the Kaiju enemy! Yeah, this is something like a ‘Super Saiyan’ action movement in this show.


For a bonus part in this Episode! Last time, we had shown on where did Gridknight came from. This time, what is the name of the girl whom Knight was with?

At the end of this Episode, they had introduced themselves. Gridknight was named Knight (formerly Anti in SSSS.GRIDMAN), and the girl was named The Second. But wait, what was truly her name?

Her name is actually Anosillus II (Anosillus The Second).

A Kaiju in her human form, as seen in the Episode six of SSSS.GRIDMAN.

Anosillus II is a mysterious Kaiju girl that appeared first in SSSS.GRIDMAN Anime. She was actually a Kaiju in a human form, and she was believed to be a descendant of a certain Kaiju that dwells within the Computer World.

Anosillus II somehow anthropomorphs Anosillus, a Kaiju that dwells within the Computer World, from the original 1993 TV Series, GRIDMAN The Hyper Agent.


SSSS.DYNAZENON is the second installment of the SSSS Project, known as the Gridman Universe Series by Tsuburaya Productions, and some other collaborative companies like TRIGGER, an animation studio. It is loosely based from Tsuburaya Production’s GRIDMAN The Hyper Agent since year 1993, and the second series after SSSS.GRIDMAN.

The first Episode was aired in Japan TV networks and some on-demand streaming sites since April 2, 2021.

Images: ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会

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