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Gauma is the Traitor!?

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.


While the Kaiju Eugenicists confronted the Dynazenon crew, they had told them that Gauma had betrayed them. As for both Gauma and the Kaiju Eugenicists died 5,000 years ago, they were revived by someone whom they don’t know. Gauma explained to them on why did he betrayed those four people. He said that those four were the controllers of Kaiju, in which they are born through with human’s emotions. And for the Dynazenon crew had realized their true mission, Yomogi and his friends had joined Gauma to battle the Kaiju for real!


My previous Episode review (Episode 2) has shown on how the new members of the Dynazenon crew can control further Dynazenon’s powers, as well as exploring more of its feature attacks and combinations. In this Episode, it has shown and finally introduced the main antagonists of the show.

Onija is initiating the Instance Domination skill!

The four Kaiju Eugenicists, named Juuga, Sizumu, Onija, and Mujina, are the ones that control any lone Kaiju that is roaming around the fields of the city, whether in the cargo sites, or even under the bridges. They do it by doing the ‘Instance Domination’ skill, and they control the mind and soul of the Kaiju.

As for this series progressing a little further, the storyline is somehow divided into two parallel timelines. The first storyline plot is for Gauma, Kaiju Eugenicists, and Dynazenon, in which they had brought up their battle in the human world, with Kaiju being around somewhere. The second parallel storyline is for Yomogi, and the other three people, namely Yume, Chise, and Koyomi. That second parallel storyline focuses more on those people having their own personal problems, as well as for Yume who is questioning herself on what has killed her sister a long time ago.

Also, in this Episode, it has revealed the Dynazenon crew’s own past times, wherein they are in some situations where they had remembered in which they are stuck into their heads forever. But then, these were just an introduction where these can be expanded in the further Episodes.

Majority of these parts are of ‘drama’ mode, wherein they talk calmly about their own personal thoughts. The first and the last parts of the Episode are all mecha and Kaiju action.

Below are some screenshots found in this Episode. Slide either left or right to view them!

Yep, there are still more to expect, and it shall be revealed in the further Episodes!


SSSS.DYNAZENON is the second installment of the SSSS Project, known as the Gridman Universe Series by Tsuburaya Productions, and some other collaborative companies like TRIGGER, an animation studio. It is loosely based from Tsuburaya Production’s GRIDMAN The Hyper Agent since year 1993, and the second series after SSSS.GRIDMAN.

The first Episode was aired in Japan TV networks and some on-demand streaming sites since April 2, 2021.

Images: ©円谷プロ ©2021 TRIGGER・雨宮哲/「DYNAZENON」製作委員会

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