New Version, Same Parts.

When we say ‘new version’, what comes first into your mind? Do you hear the words, such as ‘What’s new?’ or anything equivalent? How about we update, as well as replacing the old stuffs in which they were not fit for us to use anymore? Sometimes, we do update and replace stuffs, just in order for our things to go on smooth and easy. Yeah, and that is something that we do after we celebrate the New Year!

Right now, since it is the start of the new year 2021, let us go to the new Episode, which is going to happen! Yes, it is now back to its regular publishing today! Welcome to the 26th Episode edition of School Idol Festival Journal Log on IDS!

Enough for the intros now! Let’s head on to the highlights and headlines right away!


In the past week, since SIF Journal Log wasn’t able to publish its latest Episode (as announced in the last Episode due to public holiday), there are lots of headlines to be tackled today! Be prepared, since they were just ready to drain your wallets out at anytime soon!

Aqours Countdown LoveLive! -WHITE ISLAND-

Last December 30 and 31, I previously watched their year-end countdown live performance! I have a special blog post which tackles about this one!

Please go to this link for more details: Aqours Countdown LoveLive! Mission Report!

This is somehow considered to be an explosive ending, since this was performed on a New Year’s Eve! And yep, it is also considered to be the endgame live of year 2020! What a great way to end the year 2020 with a boom-boom desuwa in our hearts!

And also, please do note that their official live goods are still up for orders! So better try to grab one from them via your local licensor or distributor!

Aqours New PV Single (Not a 5th Single?)

As part of their ongoing Aqours 5th Anniversary Project, Aqours shall release a new animation PV single. The title of their song is smile smile ship Start! Its release date has been confirmed, and it is scheduled for March 31 release. Also, this animation PV has been already previewed on YouTube!

Birthday Message to Dia Kurosawa of Aqours

I know it’s late, but better than never! I shall be posting right away the birthday message for Dia Kurosawa in this Episode! Here it goes!

Dear Dia Kurosawa,

I know that your birthday won’t be complete without celebrating it with your little sister, Ruby. And your birthday was on a New Year’s Day, so it’s a double celebration! You had also celebrated it with the other Aqours members during your recent Countdown Live performance.

I wish for your birthday that you should keep going on, and in fact you had become a School Idol for more than five years. I know that you had a dream to pursue, and if you keep it on, you might find the one that you are looking for.

Happy Birthday, dear Dia Kurosawa! Have a fruitful year! Cheers~

Upcoming Aqours Lives!

Not just all! Because we do still have the upcoming cancelled AZALEA’s first sub-unit live soon, and the upcoming Aqours’ major live on May 1 and 2 (as announced at the end of WHITE ISLAND live)! Be sure to mark up your calendars with these dates, as they might be a part of the School Idol Universe timeline (as always they are now a part)! Yep, treat it something like of Marvel Cinematic Universe, lol

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Re-Air

As for the NijiGaku Anime concluded its run on December 26 last year, this TV Anime can be watched again from the Episode 1! This television Anime series shall be re-aired again on TOKYO MX TV starting on January 2! For people in Japan who missed watching it, it’s your time to watch it again! If not, you can watch it on the legal streaming sites, such as Funimation (US and Canada only)!

It seems that they were beginning to promote their home Blu-Ray volumes as this TV Anime series is on the re-air! Also, it is considered to be a countdown to the Nijigasaki’s Shuffle Fes Live on March 20 and 21! Please read the next headline for details!

Nijigasaki Shuffle Fes Live

Finally, we got info about their upcoming Shuffle Fes! I know this was already tackled on the couple of previous Episodes — on the previous Episode 23!

To mention it again, it shall happen on March 20 and 21 this year, and it shall be at Pia Arena MM, in Yokohama, Japan! And did I mention it already about the synopsis of this one previously at Episode 23?

And that’s it for the long headlines and highlights for today! Right now, we are about to step through into the next part of this Episode! While we were busy during the New Year’s Eve, and at the same time, I am off in one week because of the New Year holiday, what were the highlights encountered during that time in the LoveLive! School Idol Festival rhythm game in both of the JP and Global Sides? Please read this Episode until the very end!


For this time around, we are going to highlight everything that has happened during the past week, at the time when this Episode was not published last week! Alright, let’s move on!

1,300 Days Login!

This is another milestone achievement for me! I had reached my 1,300-day login streak in the JP Side! And yes, I can still continue to play on that side with no signs of declination. In fact, my JP Side account of mine is a lot more powerful now than in my Global Side, and it is more than 100 Player Ranks ahead!

Round 26 Challenge Festival: Citizens Touching Sports Day (Results)

For the final highlights and results, this could be a bit long.

As I continue to grind with this Event, I still try to hang on, and I play continuously on Ultimate difficulty just to get more Event Points, and to raise my ranking efficiently. Some of the songs there, especially on the easier MASTER songs require me to land a Full Combo finish, so that I could get more Event Points than normal, as well as some support buffs that I can get (before every Round begins).

But then, I got some weird performances, at some parts where I could mindlessly missing one beat note, yet I already tapped it. When that happens, especially on Round 1 Ultimate difficulty, I intentionally end and quit the live show. But then, since quitting early could never give me anything nor Event Points in this process, and at the same time, I had wasted my recharged LP. But then, I am able to grind with this Event, and no Love Gems nor LP recovery items were wasted this time around. It is because of the large amount of SIF Blades, in which I had gathered when a previous campaign that time is still going. But then, that campaign event has already ended, and I am no longer receiving these SIF Blade items. Each SIF Blade item can recharge you some 1 LP. I got more than 50 thousands of them, so that considered to be as an ‘unlimited LP’ recharge.

I had used that unlimited LP recharge (SIF Blade items usage) in order to gain advantage in grinding with this Challenge Festival Event. Remember in the Christmas Episode (EP25), where I revealed that I got successfully an Event UR by Scouting (Chika), and I am able to use her to gain more Yell Boost (Event Points boost) advantage?

But then, everytime I rest for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour, my Event Points Ranking is drastically decreasing. For example, I got a Rank of 345 something after grinding for at least 1.5 hours. When I rested for at least 2 hours, I checked that my Rank has been drastically decreased, and it has dropped to at least to Rank 403 and below! That time only happened during the last days of the Event, to be exact, on December 30th.

At the last day of the Event, I tried to keep fighting on to defend my Tier 1 Event Point Rank. I just need to alternately play and rest for at least one hour. After one hour of rest, I shall play again for another 1 hour. Something like that. I just kept on playing until I fully rested my thumbs at 15 minutes before the Event termination (2:59 pm JST/UTC+9).

And finally, I had successfully completed my last mission of 2020! In fact, this can be considered to be my 5th consecutive Tier 1-1 victory in the Aqours Side Event!

HINT: If you had seen my Facebook Post (Inori-D Station FB Page) about this achievement of mine, then you had just found out why is it considered to be my fifth consecutive Tier 1-1 victory!

Round 3 Live Show Arena: Moo Rush! Taurus Dash

To know more about the Live Show Arena Event, and how to play it, just simply go to the Episode 19 of SIF Journal Log! Then go to the JP Side Highlights, and find the Live Show Arena Intro there!

But then, something has added with its feature! They added a new feature in the Live Show Arena, in which you can receive additional rewards, such as titles and more Scouting items! Please read more below for more details about this new feature!

  • Ranking Match Points
Beat your rivals by doing Live Sessions to gain Ranking Match Points, in order to increase and promote your current Rank Category!

This is a new feature in the Live Show Arena! You must do Live Sessions and beat your rivals in order to gain more Ranking Match Points! These Ranking Match Points are used in order to increase your Rank Category (different from another category, like Expert, Royal Expert, etc.). You can receive more and better rewards if your Rank Category is very high! Reaching a Star or Legend Category can allow you to receive more and better rewards, like the exclusive titles!

By gaining more Ranking Match Points, and by maintaining your Ranking bracket, you can win Scouting items, as well as the exclusive title based on your current Ranking Match Rank category! Higher Rank category means better prizes! All of these can be won at the end of this LSA, in January 25 JST/UTC+9!

Try this new feature, and show off your true strength and power against your friends… and rivals!

Other Activities Done!

At the year-end of 2020, I had scouted two amazing limited URs! Most of them are coming from the ongoing 50 Million Players Worldwide Campaign! On the embedded Tweet above, I got limited UR Chika, as well as the new SIFACHM Nine Wave Dolphin UR Riko. Yep, that’s a great way to end the year 2020 with a boom-boom desuwa in my heart.

Icon Collection: Hot Pot Party

For this Token (Icon) Collection Event, it shall be on the µ’s Side! Event UR is Honoka, and URs Rin and Nozomi can be acquired by Scouting. Use these URs in order to get more Event Points! Basically, placing higher in the Event Points Ranking can give you better rewards!

The featured Event Song to be used is not a new song! Instead, they shall be using the old songs this time, but with new features! Again, the featured Event Song is Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE!

So what’s up with this old song being used in this Icon Collection Event? As of the Event Start since January 5th, they had introduced a new song mode! It is called as the Song Melody! A song melody is something that you should follow the beat by striking its accompanying musical beat, and also you shall follow the accompanying vocals of the song! For example, you hear the vocals, ‘To-do-ke-te-Se-tsu-na-sa-ni-wa’ in Snow Halation song. So then, with Song Melody mode, you shall follow the beat notes accompanying the lyrics phrase mentioned!

So far, it shall only be applied to the featured Icon Collection song today, Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE, and it is only available on Hard difficulty and above!

As usual, my final highlights and results of my progress in this Icon Collection Event shall be on next week! Look forward into it!


Okay, basically, it is just the same as in the JP Side. But then, this is going to be more action-packed, since an ongoing Event is also commencing at the same time as in the JP Side, which shall be tackled later! This is going to be a one versus two Event Points grind!

Round 41 Score Match: Rin’s Search for Cute (Results)

And finally, my final results of the last Event that I had played has been posted and highlighted in this Episode! I had finished with a Tier 2-1 finish. Not bad, since that time I was struggling to defend my Event Points Ranking in the JP Side! And in the Global Side, meanwhile, I am trying to play hard as I can in order to reach the Tier 2 Event Points position!

Miraculously, I was able to reach that position either, since that time I am already dropped at Tier 3 position or lower! But thanks finally to my effortful grinding, and I was able to grab the cutoff on time!

Round 20 Challenge Festival: The Guilty Kiss Way!

Notes: Previously dubbed as ‘Guilty Kiss Style!’ in the JP Side.

This Event shall be more action-packed than before!

The Event UR to be obtained from this Event is Mari, and the URs to be obtained by scouting are Riko and Yohane. Use them to gain more Event Points in the Challenge Festival! Good luck and be victorious!

Remember to take a rest in between, if you feel that you can’t play much longer due to your finger fatigue. Sometimes, resting is important, after all.

More highlights, as well as its final results, shall be on the next week’s Episode! Look forward into it!


At the end of each Episode, this time, I shall be featuring a new part! This is called the LLSIF Tip of the Week! It shall only give you some tips about LLSIF — their tips, as well as some hints and tricks on how could you well improve and play well in this game!

This is just only an introduction! But then, we shall start this one starting next Episode! Look forward into it!

New Year, New Challenge, New Future!

Since it is a new year, it is also a new challenge for us to face. Also, we are about to encounter the unknown future — something that shall surprise us at the end! But no matter what, we should be prepared, and at the same time, we overcome the odds.

So then, we are now stepping the path to the unknown future. What could be that unknown future be like? Unless we progress, we shall never know it nor we hear it!

And now, another Episode has ended! I hope you had enjoyed this one! Tune-in next time so that you can read another Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! See you next week and cheers! Happy weekend.

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