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An Online Live with Chika and her cohorts.

In this post today, I am going to give you some highlights in the online paid streaming in the past couple of weeks! The Aqours Online LoveLive! -LOST WORLD- has been made since October 10 and 11, 2020 as a form of online paid streaming event.

Aqours 6th LoveLive! Dome Tour: The Fall

The upcoming major live performance of Aqours, which shall be in 5 major live tours, has been cancelled due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which is happening worldwide. In order to protect the safety of the Aqours, the staff and the management, they had decided to cancel this major live performance event, as well as to cancel in making delayed viewing screenings of this event. Before this happened, other events, such as AZALEA’s first sub-unit live and the UNIT LIVE ADVENTURE 2020, were completely cancelled due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of postponing them, they had completely cancelled the said events until further notice.

In order to make up with the loss, the staff and management decided to plan up with the ‘new normal’ of their upcoming major lives. For the cancelled Aqours’ major lives, they had made up of a plan and they go for their first-ever online paid streaming event. And that is how the Aqours Online LoveLive! live performance has been planned.


For their song set, I had Tweeted and posted them, since I am able to watch them live with my friends in the house. While watching, I was able to take down the notes on what some songs that they had performed on that said Online Live Paid Streaming.

For the song set on the embedded Tweet above, there are total of 15 different songs which this group has performed on the combined two days. Two of them which were differ on both days, so that makes 13 songs performed on each day. So far, a total of five different live stage costumes were used in this online paid streaming event.

Aqours sub-unit group, AZALEA, is the only one that performed the most during the first part of their online live paid streaming on both days. They had performed Amazing Travel DNA, Kuchu Renairon, and Maze Sekai. The rest of the sub-units, CYaRon! and Guilty Kiss, only performed one song under their sub-unit each. And finally, they had performed CYaZALEA☆Kiss☆Dadandaan in their live performance, with their live stage costumes worn same as in their PV. That is just the first part of their online live paid streaming event, which is basically from the cancelled UNIT LIVE ADVENTURE 2020 event.

And then, the second part of their paid streaming starts with an orchestral music entrance, along with the Aqours character name cards on the screen. For the rest of their paid streaming event until it ends, they had worn the same costume, starting with Fantastic Departure! onwards. It was then followed by other songs which somehow would appear in the cancelled Aqours 6th LoveLive! Dome Tour 2020 live performance. Some of their hit songs, especially from the LLSIF and ALL STARS game, were there. After that, they had made several announcements regarding with their upcoming live shows and future projects (Aqours 5th Anniversary projects), which includes their future 5th Single release and PV! Finally, they had end their live performance by performing the opening theme songs from both two seasons of the LoveLive! Sunshine!! TV Anime series.

At the end of the Day 2 online live paid stream, the narrator then teases us with the ‘Next Episode’ title card. This was in line with their another online live paid streaming event (which was announced), which shall take place around this winter, probably in January 2021 or later.

First-Ever Paid Streaming: For the First Time

Since I was able to get to watch this paid streaming event with my friends for the first time, of course I am very excited to see Aqours in action again. The live stream is all-Japanese, but somehow I can bit understand of what they are saying in the live stage, especially on their MC parts. It is believed that they had performed their online LoveLive!, in a form of paid streaming, for the very first time. What I had understood also from them is that they are performing on a live stage without any audiences in front of them, just as same as the recent Nijigasaki 2nd Live performance. So then, the cheer for Aqours, even with no audience, still goes on.

And in my part, our part, I really felt sorry for the team AZALEA when they had performed their three songs for the first time, and I had already mentioned the reason above why. So then, I am wishing for them to get another second chance, and I wish that the worldwide deadly pandemic to begone forever. And that is, our one wish as LoveLive! fans.

End of the Beginning: The Next Online LoveLive!

By the time that mass-gatherings in cinemas are still not allowed, most probably delayed viewing screenings cannot happen. I wish that they would do more online live paid streamings in the future, so that no other people can go out and go to a farther place.

Though that our existence as live audiences are not present among Aqours, they can still feel us. We are cheering for them in distance, and they shall continue to perform with their songs that can reach us and pierce our lonely hearts!

Yeah, they are dear sisters to us — and they are family members to us!

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