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Week of the Pink!

As always, the turnout of the Events are totally unpredictable, meaning that there are things to expect, but in reality, we do not deserve it in the end. And as much of the truckload of events that happened during the weekend, it has become more intense as ever! But then, there are so much to talk about, especially in the highlights of the LoveLive! School Idol Festival game. Right now, we are approaching into the another chapter of the game and the series itself. So then, let us not make this introductory part longer! We are now entering into the eleventh Episode of my segment here in IDS, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!


There are lot of things that happened, most likely some truckload of announcements coming from both sides. Namely, they are coming from both Aqours and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club sides. Since Nijigasaki High School Idol Club falls under the other game division, the LoveLive! ALL STARS, I shall not include them here in this segment right away. But then, I can include them here as highlights in this pre-Episode! Their highlights, such as their recent 2nd Live Paid Streaming, shall be included right here. Only then, as I had said, I can’t include their other game division mentioned.

Alright, let’s go to the pre-Episode Highlights!

First Solo Concert Album Series: Riko and Ruby

Well, I had already mentioned about these previously on Episode 9! Better check that one out first before asking. You can find them at the Episode 9, and by going to the pre-Episode Highlights of that Episode!

Their bonus tracks of their respective album were already named, and they were previewed on YouTube in the past days! The song title of their bonus songs are as follows. Riko’s bonus song shall be named as ‘PURE PHRASE’, while for Ruby, it shall be titled as, ‘Cotton Candy Ei-Ei-O!’

As for their albums to be released at the date of their respective birth dates, let me greet these girls an advance Happy Birthday greetings!

Riko Sakurauchi’s Birthday

Along with Chika Takami, I had been always admiring you with your charming looks, and the determination to put your feelings on the songs you wrote for Aqours. If someday I could ever write a song and sing it, can you play and accompany it with your piano-playing skills and sing along with me? I don’t know what could be the song is about, but I know that the lyrics of my song is about the reason to fight and move on, and to have courage. Happy birthday, dear Riko Sakurauchi from Aqours and a Guilty Kiss sub-unit member.

Her birthday campaign is now ongoing on both JP and Global branches of LLSIF until her birthday. Better check them out before they expire!

Ruby Kurosawa’s Birthday

Finally, the little sister of Dia Kurosawa is here!

Ruby, what kind of sweets or candy foods do you like? I know that your voice is a sweet as candy, just like Kotori Minami from µ’s. If ever I could eat a strawberry ice cream, would you want it? I could buy my share if you like! You are such a cute and sweet girl, and you are a role model of young girls who were about to step on to their road to stardom. Be always obedient to your big sister, Dia, always! Happy birthday, dear Ruby Kurosawa from Aqours, and from the sub-unit, CYaRon!!

Her birthday campaign is also now ongoing on both JP and Global branches of LLSIF until her birthday. Better check them out before they expire!

TV ANIME: LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Animation
LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Animation Promo Poster.

As seen at their previous Nijigasaki 2nd Live performance last weekend, they had announced the TV Anime version of the series itself.

LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club shall begin its first episode airing starting on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at TOKYO MX TV and other related TV networks in Japan! It shall be also available on other official streaming sites, and on their LoveLive! Series Official Channel on YouTube. Mark your calendars, and get ready for another history of the LoveLive! Universe! Look forward into it!

The pre-Episode Highlights are now over! Let us go over to the LoveLive! SIF highlights, on the JP and Global Sides!


Token Collection Event: What I Want to Do for Everyone

I had mentioned on the last week’s Episode about giving this some highlights. Alright, let’s get some highlights!

The featured Token Event Song is a no pushover. In fact, it requires me to use at least three Perfect Lock skills (or having a high Perfect Lock Skill Level) in order to negate some GOOD notes when I hit them, which is the cause why I can’t get a higher combo count or even landing an FC finish. I shall be needing a higher combo rank in order to get more Event Points accumulation upon completing the song. The Yell Units are of an advantage in giving you a lot of Event Point acquisition bonuses especially if you are taking on a MASTER difficulty. But then, I am not able to reach my maximum sustained score, due to the fact that this Event is really not for my current members and teams that I have in stable. The result is that I got a lower score in my Event Score Ranking part. But then, I am able to get a Full Combo finish on my last run, only I had used a Perfect Lock team to finish it.

To tell, I had slacked too much in this Token Collection Event. At the time before maintenance, I got about 8 hours left, and I am still at about 200,000+ Event Point mark. I was about to give up and to get a Tier 3 Event Point rank standing. But then, I had burnt my midnight oil and I started grinding for more Tokens to play the Event Song a lot of times to get more Event Points. I was able to catch up and I managed to collect all of the Event Point rewards at 300k point mark, but I still continue to play further in order to land a place in the Tier 2 Event Point standing.

The Event has been concluded, and I finished it with a Tier 2-2 standing this time.

Riko Sakurauchi and Ruby Kurosawa Birthday 2020 Campaigns

Screenshot taken last week, in the Episode 10 of this segment!

There is no need for me to post or to embed some further screenshots of their birthday URs (the exciting part is to see them by yourself in the game). To give you a heads-up, it contains mostly a limited box scouting, containing their new Birthday 2020 URs, and another limited box scouting that contain the same URs, but then it included their previous Birthday URs (in which you can get them randomly when you scout)! I hope that your scouting luck shall bless you in getting these URs!

And hey, look at this embedded Tweet above! I just scouted in Riko’s Birthday 2020 UR box! But then, I know that it happened last year. I also scouted on her birthday box on the same date at the same time last year. The truth is Riko is my second best girl in the Aqours side, so I decided to scout on her birthday box. So then, today, I got her new Birthday 2020 UR, along with Chika which I also have her new Birthday 2020 UR! I don’t know on where I can use my spare Love Gems, so I used it for something else, like the scouting result above! It just took me only 50 Love Gems to win her, and no Green Scouting Tickets of mine were harmed.

NEXT EVENT: Focusing on CYaRon! members?

As seen from my embedded Tweet above, I had made a prediction on what could be the Event URs to appear in the next Event. Since the next Event is on the 20th of September, and the second half of the month, it shall be on the Aqours side this time.

Previously, we had AZALEA at the last second half of July, and Guilty Kiss at the second half of August. Most probably, I don’t know, the next Event shall be focusing on CYaRon! members, Chika, You, and Ruby. The thing is, who could be the featured Event UR, and who were the featured members in the Event Scouting?

Be sure to tune-in to your JP Side of the game! We do not know what kind of Event shall it be. You can find it out by logging in to your game at September 19, at 3pm JST (UTC+9)! Look forward into it!


Round 13 Companion Match – Teru-Teru Bozu Series

As seen in the KLab Games Station Episode 178 livestream, the next Event shall be a Companion Match! We are already in the dark chapter of LLSIF. So then, starting from the last Event (the I’ll save you! Token Event), all future Events shall now have MASTER difficulty included! And yes, it is time to show off your true strength, and time to school some other people in playing School Idol Festival!

Mentioning the things from my embedded Tweet above, the MASTER difficulty mode is a bit bugged. It is true that you can gain more Event Points when playing on a MASTER difficulty setting. However, no additional rewards can be obtained by clearing it. This is due to the fact that the incoming Version 7 update isn’t rolling out yet. So then, I can tell that the Version 7 update shall come sooner. It may come when this current Companion Match has ended until next week after this Episode was published.

As of today, the mission system for the MASTER mode has been fixed. That means, you can receive rewards normally as it should, just as same as playing Expert or other lower difficulties! Now this is a grind — for some green-colored Scouting Tickets!

Further highlights of this ‘new’ Companion Match Event shall be tackled next week! Be sure to tune-in of what has happened!

Riko Sakurauchi and Ruby Kurosawa Birthday 2020 Campaigns

Last week, I had given you a highlight about Kotori Minami’s Birthday Campaign Event. Basically, it shall be the same as with these two. There is no need for me to post the screenshots for you to see (The best part is to see them by yourself in the game). So then, I hope that your luck in Scouting shall bless you and to win these two URs of these girls!

Observations in Rhythmic Carnival

I do not want to make this part any longer. One thing that I had observed when playing on Rhythmic Carnival pre-Event is that sometimes my Scores are very low, and are sometimes very high. This is due to the fact that not only I am using some of the ‘legendary’ SRs (including the recently acquired legendary SR Kotori from her Birthday Event Campaign), but the amount of players who were playing in the same public room has a great significance in my Scoring performance.

So then, to make it short, the more players are in the room, the more Score requirement it is. And when a stronger player enters the room with a few players, then the expected total score percentage shall be higher, also.

So much to talk about! How about in the next Episode?

And that’s it! That is for the Episode 11 this week! There are so much to expect, especially when the Global Side of the game is expecting to have its major update to roll out soon, when the Event is over. So when that ‘major’ update has been fulfilled, expect things to get harder as well. This could be the time for us to step into the whole new level of School Idol Festival, and it shall never be the same again.

Thank you for reading! The next Episode shall be a surprising one, since I and we don’t know the things that will happen next. But then, we should be standing by and to look up for relevant updates! See you next week for another Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Cheers and happy weekend!

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