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The Altered Timeline.

With the unexpected phenomenons happening around today, so does the altering and changing the elements of the present timeline. We are expecting for a better future. But instead, it was gradually changing due to the effects of the destructive natural forces around. But no matter what, we strive to work harder to achieve the future that we are expecting! Today, between you and the School Idols, you shall continue to walk and run towards to the door leading to the bright future! What lies at the other side of the light is… Only you shall have the answer!

The endless road of dreams shall continue as we go to the eighth Episode of the LoveLive! SIF public gaming diary of mine, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!

Pre-Episode Highlights


The new LoveLive! Series which will be the successor to Aqours and Nijigasaki is finally surfacing online! The title of this new series is LoveLive! Superstar!! And this new School Idol group will consist of initial five members, rather than the usual nine members. This is in line with the LoveLive! Series’ 10th Anniversary Project, which was celebrated last June 30th (with the debut of the first School Idol Group through their first animation PV).

Also, the voting campaign is also ongoing, and will last until the end of August 2020. That voting campaign is the name of that School Idol group to be used in LoveLive! Superstar!! in their future live performances and their Anime series. If we have µ’s, Aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, what is the name of that fourth School Idol group? Only you can decide. Actually, the 16 group names (top group names that were picked by the official staff and committee) were given at their voting website and fans will vote which one shall be the one!


Also, congratulations to Saint Snow for their successful release of their newest single, Dazzling White Town! Some of its exciting event campaigns shall be highlighted later in the JP-Side highlights of LoveLive! SIF! So please continue reading until the very end!

So then, let us go to the highlights this week on the JP and Global Sides of LoveLive! SIF!

JP-Side Highlights


When you access the Event banner, you have to choose between two choices based on the given question. After that, you can access the rewards page! Use the Event Exchange Tickets that you have acquired from the cleared limited-time missions and get 1 Love Gem for every item exchanged!

Also, the Summer Vacation 2020 Event Campaign is still ongoing! Make sure to do live shows and clear limited-time event goals to earn some Exchange Tickets, items to be used to exchange for some cool items in the event banner! You can get a Love Gem per item exchange! It is already the third and last round of the event, so don’t miss your opportunity to get these exciting items to aid you in your live shows, as well as to scout some powerful URs!

The ‘Summer Vacation Jumbo Lottery Ticket’ is really something to expect at the end of August 2020! Be sure to check out the upcoming details about it on the official LLSIF Japanese website and Twitter!

But wait, there is something for LLSIF JP-Side players to expect at the end of August 2020! It’s a Jumbo Lottery Ticket! Do you still remember on getting that item in their Part 2 Login Bonus, at the Day 1?


Screenshot of the title screen commemorating Saint Snow’s First Single release. This was taken after the maintenance on August 15, 2020.
Dazzling White Town, as well as the other previous Saint Snow songs, shall be available on the B-Sides until September 15, 2020, before maintenance.

Last August 19, 2020, Saint Snow’s first single was finally released! To celebrate and commemorate the release of their first single, their song, the Dazzling White Town, was made available on the B-Sides since August 15, 2020, just after the previous Score Match Event and maintenance. Other songs of Saint Snow are also available on the B-Sides on the same date! These will last until September 15, 2020, before maintenance time!

Saint Snow items, members, and wallpapers are available for a limited time at the Seal Shop, so don’t miss it!

Also, within the Saint Snow first single release event, Saint Snow members of all rarities (SRs and SSRs), wallpapers, and Stamps, are available on the Seal Shop for a limited time! Its duration is from August 15, 2020 and will last until September 15, 2020, before the maintenance time!


The next Event is the Round 24 Challenge Festival! It is still on the Aqours side, and the second consecutive Challenge Festival Event that was commenced on the Aqours side! It shall feature UR Mari Ohara as the Event reward, while Riko Sakurauchi and Yoshiko Tsushima can be acquired by Scouting! Scout Riko and Yohane to get more Event Points in the Event, especially if playing on harder difficulties! Earn more Event Points and be victorious! Don’t forget to place higher in the Song Score Rankings, though.

This shall last until the end of August 2020. So then, don’t forget the things that you have learned in the previous Challenge Festival Events!

Global Side Highlights


The Round 12 Companion Match is still ongoing, and will last until August 24, 2020, before maintenance time. It features two Event SRs, You and Mari, and they were introduced previously in the Round 7 Companion Match, at that time, a 4 SRs Event. It has no Event Story included, since that time, it has no Event Story included in its past Event in the JP-side since 2018. But then, no matter what, we accept the reality that the ongoing pandemic is gradually changing everything around.

ALL PERFECT… With Perfect Locker Skills!

There are nothing to highlight in the Global Side that much, except… In the previous Episode of this segment, I had mentioned that there are limited scoutings of AZALEA (finished), CYaRon! (ongoing), and Guilty Kiss (coming soon) in their sub-unit live costumes! Be sure to scout for them if you have to, since you might get interested in their Skills which are relevant to your current team’s build! Good luck!

In my current Companion Match plays and grinds, I am usually placed with players with high mic levels than mine. In some occasions, I can almost beat them in Score Missions. For the Perfects Mission, I try to go with a team filled with Perfect Lock Skills. And when going on some songs with high combo count, I am using my Score Team to get higher score. But consequently, I am placed at the last position in this process. I also used the Perfect Lock team in order to maximize a certain member’s Bond Points to unlock her Side Story.

Also, during the Event, I was able to play with some of my friends, mostly the ones that I am meeting in some local Anime conventions and other Events. At that time when I was able to play with them, I am able to maximize my current Score to be placed in the Song Score Rankings of the Event, thanks to the friends of mine that has higher mic levels.

Basically, what’s going to happen next is very unpredictable. As the current Companion Match is ending next week after this Episode was published, we are about to encounter something different which is somehow different from the JP-Side. What are those to expect? Only the heavens and time can tell.

BREAK TIME: No New Episode Next Week!

And this wraps the 8th Episode of this segment! So then, as the header says, there shall be NO new Episode of School Idol Festival Journal Log next week. I won’t be able to highlight the things happened on the JP and Global sides next week! I shall be using that time for some of my other agendas and have them updated as well! Don’t worry! I shall still continue to give you some updates on the JP and Global Sides of LLSIF through with my Twitter account. Just remember, some great heroes and idols need rest!

Next Episode shall be published on September 4, 2020! See you in 2 weeks!

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