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Featured for this week is… Brad Evans!

Character Info
NameBrad Evans
SeriesVideo Game
Wild Arms 2
Hair ColorBlack
Full Info

Brad Evans is one of the main heroes from the video game, Wild Arms 2.

Brad Evans is a former soldier from the fallen Slayheim Liberation Army. He is then labelled as a “rebel”, when the new government of Slayheim has imposed a new rule that they are no longer needing warriors like him that had given their freedom. At the beginning of the game, he was given a catchphrase as, “A former hero, now a war criminal”.

[Story Spoiler] At the later part, Brad Evans is also known as the Prisoner No. 666, and he was under the Illsveil Prison’s custody. Until at a later time, Ashley and Lilka infiltrated the prison to meet and rescue him (Irving did this strategy by allowing Ashley to become a prisoner in order to sneak inside with Lilka).

Brad Evans uses a weapon system, called as the “Heavy Arms”, which is larger than his big hands and gloves. His primary weapon is the Revolver Cannon (Bazooka was the Skill Name in English version of the game), which allows him to attack enemies by shooting missiles at a far range.

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