EPISODE 41 (Season Finale): Save Honoka (Part 2)

Honoka got captured once again by the hands of their own rivals in the darkness. And now, the Idol Chasers must go to the Live Arena Tower, and to win it in order to save her!

But then, despite of the difficulty of their Session Opponents on each floor, Chiharu and others were able to overcome them, thanks to the Charm items that the School Idols have given to them. As of now, only Chiharu and Aika were the active people who are singing and dancing on the stage, while the rest are just giving their cheers for them.

But the question lies within. Will they able to win against Inverse Lierre this time around, unlike from the last time that their Live Arena match has ended in a draw? Don’t fail to read the last Story Episode of this blog post series! The SEASON TWO is about to end.


The Idol Chasers, composed of Chiharu Umiboshi, Takayoshi Kitagawa, Aika Tenkuji, Sho Ukiya, Lierre, Komari Ohara, Gen Sakurauchi, and Saki Kitagawa, are heading to the Live Arena Tower. This is where their ultimate showdown challenge has begun, as they were now starting to climb up the Session Floors in order to face their opponent, who is Inverse Lierre.

As of their current party, only Chiharu and Aika were the active people who were singing and dancing on the stage. When they have successfully defeated their 50th Session Opponent, they have continued climbing up in the Live Arena Tower.

But then, before they proceed, everyone talks first. This has started with Chiharu and Takayoshi.

“I am a School Idol now. Now, I am going to make my own dreams come true!”

“You should really know and realize on why are you like that now.”

“It is because of the friends around me! And that includes you, Takayoshi!”

“That’s right. You can’t be like that if there is nobody around who could support and nurture you.”

“Thank you!”

“If you are going to form your own School Idol Group, then I am going to be your first fan!”

“Really? I am so happy! Now, I am filled with courage!”

“Just keep at it, Chiharu. As a School Idol and an Idol Chaser, let’s save Honoka together!”

And then, the talk was focused on Sho and Komari.

“For the Datenshi Yohane, we will do everything to save her!”

“Honoka has taught me a lot of things, too. Even my mother has taught me about it, too.”

“Did your mother teach you to dress like a normal girl?”

“Yeah, and that was on the past. But she told me to continue on who I am, so as long as I couldn’t squish others’ feelings!”

“For me, I am just a nobody. But I still believe that I got a purpose on why I am still existing here!”

“That’s right, and you got yourself a dream, right?”

“And that is… I wanna meet with Yohane once more!”

“Okay, just continue with that dream, and don’t stop believing.”

“Right now, let’s save Honoka together!”


Next, the focus was on Aika now, who closes her eyes while imagining. In her imagination zone, she was talking with Kotori.

“Kotori, I am now a School Idol, just like Chiharu!”

“Wow! That’s good!”

“And… I become one because I want to help Chiharu and others in achieving their own dreams in life!”

“Aika, don’t forget about yourself, too! In fact, you become a School Idol because you have your reason!”

“And that is… To make people smile around, and to help them to make their dreams come true!”

“Let’s go, and let’s sing and dance together!”


Finally, Aika has opened her eyes in reality. She is now ready to take the next live show.

Gen and Saki have their focuses on, and they talk.

“It is all thanks to you. I had been changed forever.”

“Ever since you have been revived by Lierre, your ways have been changed.”

“And not only that. My own shadow has taught me some things.”

“Reminds me of Riko in you. Yeah, and she is embarrassed because she knows that she got an imaginary big brother, and that’s you.”

“Again? At least I have moved on.”

“For now, you have to work along with us!”

“That’s right, and we have to put our hopes to Chiharu and Aika, and we must save Honoka!”

“Let’s go now! I am really sure that the other self of Lierre is totally waiting for us!”

And so, Lierre has said, “We got still a long way to go! Let’s go, everyone!”

And so, the Idol Chasers continued climbing up in the Live Arena Tower.

Though that they have encountered various powerful rivals, they were able to overcome it. And so, they had defeated the 99th Session Rival, and they proceeded to the last floor. That last floor is a rooftop, just like last time. Finally, Inverse Lierre has made appearance, along with the captured and frail Honoka.

“Oh…” said Inverse Lierre. “It seems you have gotten stronger than before, my other self!”

“You said it, my other self,” said Lierre to her. “This is our final showdown.”

“Have you forgotten? No matter what you do, you cannot win against me!”

“You said that our Emotion Points are just proportional to your Emotion Score, right? That ain’t going to happen.”

“Oh, you speak of my power? Then, you are really going down!”

Chiharu looks at the frail Honoka. Now, her courage is building up every time she looks at her. Finally, her Charm item is resonating, and it is creeping within Chiharu’s thoughts.

When Chiharu has finally understood what those feelings are telling her, she talks with the Idol Chasers.

“Everyone! Raise up your Charm items! With it, we can save her!”

Everyone agreed, except with the ones that doesn’t have. Takayoshi, Aika, Sho, Komari, and Gen had wielded their Charm items. Also, Chiharu wielded and she raises up her Charm item, too. Those powers were finally given to Honoka, who is currently captured.

Inverse Lierre doesn’t have any idea on what’s happening, either.

Finally, Honoka’s eyes have opened, and she finally breaks free from the wrapped cords around her. She was able to regenerate her broken costume, too. And finally, she stands and joins at the side of the Idol Chasers.

“You will definitely pay for this!” said Inverse Lierre to them.

And then, she summoned two School Idols as puppets. They were named as Leah and Sarah from Saint Snow.

“What? That School Idol duo-group has appeared!?” asked Chiharu.

“Yikes!” said Aika. “They were my favorite duo group! What are they doing here?”

“People!” said Lierre. “They aren’t the Saint Snow themselves. They are just hologram copies made by my other self! Be careful! In this rate, we need to defeat her!”

And so, Inverse Lierre sings and dances along with Saint Snow. Their performance is fantastic. When their live show session ends, they have an Emotion Points score of 9,900, which is the highest, so far.

“9,900?! That can’t be beaten and that’s impossible!” said Chiharu.

“What are we gonna do now?!” asked Sho as he was in a panic.

Saki was looking at Chiharu from behind. She knows that Chiharu might be planning something. And then, Saki said, “Chiharu, we believe in your dreams!”

“What are you doing, Chiharu?” asked and said Takayoshi. “You said it before right? You have a dream because you wanted to sing and dance together with some School Idols that you love!”

When Chiharu realized that, she said, “Thank you, everyone! I will do what I have to do!”

Honoka then holds the right hand of Chiharu. She looks at Chiharu and said, “Chiharu, is this your dream, right? I wanna sing and dance along with you, too!”

“Yeah!” said Chiharu. “My dreams in singing and dancing along with the Legendary School Idol has came true, and that’s you, Honoka!”

“Chiharu, let’s go!”

“Yeah! Now, let’s make our dreams come true together!”

“Hear our song!”

“Dreamy Chaser!”

And so, both Chiharu and Honoka have performed in one stage.


Today, we are now in the Final Episode of SIFJL SEASON TWO! As we are heading to the Epilogue of this Episode, whether it ends in cliffhanger or not, let us check out the things that happened recently in the LoveLive! Series!

So far, what are those things encountered? This is the final Headlines of this season!

Aqours Updates

Aqours Livestream (November 20, 2022)

And so, next week, there would be an Aqours livestream which shall be hosted by some of the Aqours members!

The livestream shall be hosted by Nanaka Suwa (Kanan), Arisa Komiya (Dia), and Aina Suzuki (Mari) on November 20, 2022, at 8:00 pm JST! Tune-in to get latest info about their upcoming merchandise, CDs and media, and some other in-game content updates! And who knows that they are gonna be revealing Dia Kurosawa’s Third Solo Concert Album song here?

Otherwise, don’t miss this livestream next Sunday!

Nijigasaki Updates

Rina Tennoji’s Birthday!

Please drag the slideshow left or right to see the picture variations!

Tomorrow is the birthday of Rina Tennoji!

Which style do you prefer from Rina? Do you want the masked, or the unmasked where her empty emotions are there? Of course, you can choose to be both, right?

Besides her character being the depressed looking, she is smart when it comes to IT (information technology) stuff. Ask her about computer things, if your desktop PC got a virus!

She is voiced by Chiemi Tanaka, and Rina Tennoji’s birthday is celebrated on every 13th of November, every year.

Since birthday of hers is just tomorrow, let me greet her in advance! So, here is my birthday message for Rina!

Dear Rina,

You are so cute, even if your face got some depressing looks. But did you know that the depressed and sad-looking people are the most awesome people around? Of course, there is a reason why you looked so emotionless, and that is you are trying to be brave in conveying your own emotions and feelings to your fans.

You got still more things to become a potential idol, or artist rather. Because of your friends, your dreams that are difficult to achieve are possible enough for you to reach them! Just keep yourself on who you are now. It is because, nobody wants you to change your attitude — your own style on how you deliver your own emotions and feelings by means of your songs!

Happy birthday, Rina Tennoji from Team Nijigasaki! We fans love you so much!

And be sure to check out her new Brilliant Jewelry UR on LLSIF! Scout if you are well-dedicated for her birthday!

Liella! Updates

Liella! 3rd Live Series – WE WILL!!

The third live series of Liella! is closing near! This event shall be happening on at least seven (7) venues across Japan, and shall be happening consecutively almost every weekends!

The first leg in the series shall be on December 3-4, 2022 JST at Xebio Arena Sendai, at Miyagi, Japan. Are you excited to see the girls in action?

Of course, the VA of Wien Margarete (Yuina) is also present as a guest! Will the Liella! and her shall be having a showdown here with their live performances? Of course, Margarete shall be showcasing her own songs here!

Be sure to standby at their updates for more information! Maybe, their upcoming livestreams shall be talking about it!

Official Page:


Other Updates

TOMORROW: Bushiroad 15th Anniversary Live

Tomorrow is the all-star live performance of the artists and other Anime series within the “Bushiroad” label!

This major live performance shall be held on Saitama Belluna Dome on November 13th, 2022 JST!

The live performance (also paid live streaming) shall be consisting of various artists, idols, and bands coming from the Bushiroad franchise! This would include the bands within BanG Dream! Series, Revue Starlight, D4DJ, Milky Holmes, and as well as from the LoveLive! Series! Catch them up whenever you are living in Japan! Maybe it is possible to watch it live overseas!

Also, on-going in-game login bonus campaigns are present within LLSIF and ALL STARS games! Be sure to login within those days in order to receive some items!

See the full details of the live performance here below (Japanese)!


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Are you playing properly in the Event? Why not check out my G&T post so that you could have an idea on what to do next time?

Aside from Challenge Festival, there are some things to expect to encounter soon on LLSIF. What are those? And that is, when you continue reading this until the very end! Stage Start!!

Guess the Next Nijigasaki Song!

Guess what could be the next song to be released soon on the 15th day of the month (after the patch)! So far, we got some lots of songs released from the ALL STARS game. But then, what could be the next song to be released soon?

So then, expect for some newer songs to appear, especially from those that appeared before in the TV Anime SEASON TWO of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. But no matter what it is, make sure to check it out, as well as to challenge it!

Round 35 Challenge Festival (Final)
Guides and Tips here.

Seemingly, I am trying my best to hang on and to grind in higher ranks! But then, will my efforts be just right, or will it be just in vain?

So far, I got still 3 more days to survive the onslaught, and I will do everything to crush my rivals!

Remember to aim also for your score rank, and use your strongest meta team!

And this is my final update with this Event! My final results shall be on my Twitter post! Due to the fact that today is the Final Episode, I can’t give more highlights anymore. And that is for this Challenge Festival Event! See you again, somewhere.

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Okay, ALL STARS is giving out the same format of Events all the time. When it is gonna be changing?

So far, here is my own progress within the current Exchange Event. Will it be sloppier than before?

What are the things to spot here? S.I.F. !! Make sure to read this until the very end, since this one is the last in the Final Episode of this segment!

EXCHANGE: Kanata’s Treats and Autumn (Final)
See in-game notifications or Event Rules in the Event Home Page of the game for more information on how to play.

SAME Time Duration and Contents as in the original JP Server.

Seemingly, I can make a bit of progress here, and I only play whenever I got some free time! I just remember the fact that I am saving my Star Gems here for something important, especially when my LP-recovering items have run empty.

I am just going to try to do my autoplay strategy, while I am playing LLSIF on the other hand! Maybe that’s my only option in order to stand out!

For the status of my rank in this Event, it is just from normal to below average. I hope that I could try to maintain my ranking status until the Event ends.

Don’t forget to grind in this Event in order to get the featured Event UR and SRs, and to place higher in the Voltage Score Rankings! And don’t forget also to read the Story Episodes of this Event!

And this is my final update with this Event, since this one is already the last, due to the fact that it is the Final Episode already! My final results shall be posted to my Twitter account soon, once this Event ends! See you again, somewhere.

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin
TOP or FLOP? Did your best girl win?

Just one last weekly issue of the School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin! This time, who were the girls that made it to the top ten list? Of course, the ranks will be different this time than in the previous ranking issues ever!

Now, let’s find out who were the Top 10 girls that made it to the top then! Of course, the Kotori and Setsuna duo had always dominated on almost every Episodes in this season!

JP Side – #84
Global Side – #71

I guess I can’t say anything more. Setsuna got her top one victory in the JP Side counterpart, since due to the news that was reported in the past days! Meanwhile, Rin got her win on the Global Side, due to the fact that I had predicted that she can win two times in a row, even after her birthday!

I guess then, you just need to be in Rina Tennoji‘s channel next, since she is more likely to go top one in the rankings.

This is the very last of them! Thank you for tuning in for the School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin, and thanks for tuning for it throughout this season! We can see each other again, someday in the future.

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While singing and dancing, Chiharu and Honoka talk to each other in imagination.

“It is really an opportunity for me to sing and dance along with you!”

“So as do I. I do really love being with my girls who do really like to become School Idols in order to make their fans happy.”

“For this time on, I will become a School Idol because I have a dream!”

“Whatever dream it is, you should follow it on where it shall lead you!”


“Chiharu, let’s give all what we got! And let’s win!”

Then back at the reality, Chiharu and Honoka have sung the last line of the lyrics of their song. Finally, their live performance has been ended.

“That song…” said Lierre. “That’s so spectacular!”

And so, their Session Live Show has ended. The team of Chiharu and Honoka got an Emotion Point score of 9,999!

Which means, the team of Chiharu and the Idol Chasers win!

Inverse Lierre’s School Idol puppets have vanished, and then she is beginning to struggle herself in pain.

“I have lost the live session…” she said.

And then, the darkness around her is already fading. Finally, the Nega Cell attached to her back has finally detached from her.

“That’s…” said the surprised Lierre. “It’s the Nega Cell! I knew it!”

Komari pulled her gun, and she shoots and destroys the Nega Cell. And that exploded and was destroyed. And she said, “It looks like we are facing not just Black Lace Ribbons here.”

Lierre approaches the laid-down Inverse Lierre. And they talk.

“My other self. Hang on!”

“Don’t worry about it. In fact, you are a part of me, after all.”

“Remember the time that we have escaped because that enemy has invaded our world?”

“Yeah, and I got separated from you due to an enemy attack.”

“I remembered now. I saved someone back then, but I don’t remember on who she was…”

“My other self. Would you care if you could take my spirit back into you?”

“No problem, my other self.”

Lierre stands up, and she uses her Digitariel in order to absorb the fallen Inverse Lierre’s data and soul into her body. And so, the absorption of data has been completed.

“Just sleep well, my other self,” said Lierre. “I shall be calling you someday, when the time comes.”

Chiharu and Honoka are looking face to face. When Chiharu has started crying, she then approaches to Honoka and she hugs her.

“Hugging with someone doesn’t really make me old!” said Honoka.

“Thank you, Honoka!” said Chiharu. “My dreams have been fulfilled!”

“Oh, thank you because you have saved me again!”

And so, the Idol Chasers, along with Honoka, have gathered.

“Everyone!” said Honoka to them. “Thank you for saving me again!”

“Of course, it’s our job to protect those School Idols, after all,” said Chiharu.

Honoka then talks to Chiharu, and she asked something from her.

“Chiharu!” said and asked Honoka. “Please, join and win the LoveLive! You have become a School Idol, right?”

“LoveLive!?” replied Chiharu. “For your sake, I am going to form my own School Idol Group, and I will be joining the LoveLive!, this season!”

“Chiharu… I am counting on you!”

“No matter what it is, I am going to join you along!” said Aika.

“Well, that’s it,” said Lierre. “As a School Idol Oracle myself, I am going to join you girls, too.”

“Don’t forget me as well,” said Komari. “I may be boyish in appearance, but the truth is that I am also a girl, too.”

And then, the rest of the boys, namely Takayoshi, Sho, and Gen, have gathered together. And Takayoshi said, “Well, we can’t be just like you girls. Instead, we are just at your backs to give cheers and support to you!”

And finally, Saki has said, “Chiharu, this is your dream, after all. It seems I am going to give you some support as well! Well, get ready for some harder training lesson now, since I will be your coach, for this time on!”

“Thank you, everyone!” said Chiharu. “As an Idol Chaser, and a School Idol, let’s make our dreams come true together!”

It seems that the Parody Universe was beginning to collapse soon, and everyone is aware about it.

“Let’s get out of here, everyone!” said Lierre. “I shall activate my Teleportation System here!”

And so, they have teleported out. The Parody Universe, along with the Live Arena Tower, has been destroyed.

And back in the Idol Chasers HQ, Honoka and the Idol Chasers are inside.

“Thank you everyone!” said Honoka to them. “I have to go now and…”

“Wait, Honoka!” said Chiharu.

“What are you doing? I said I have to go.”

“Please… Stay along with us! I don’t want to lose you even more! I don’t want you to be caught by our enemies again!”

“Hehe… Since you are my fan… I will stay!”

“Alright! Thank you, Honoka! Or should I say… Mistress Honoka!”

And then, these two hugged again.

And then, Lierre has talked to everyone and said, “People, our struggling battle against the Black Lace Ribbons is not over yet.”

“Lierre is right,” said Saki. “In fact, our real battle against them is just beginning!”

“And also, we are just facing more than just Black Lace Ribbons here. In fact, our true enemy is just lying and creeping along with them!”

And so, everyone were surprised about it.

“Whatever it is, we are all in,” said Saki. “From this time on, let’s plan for our next move. And also, surely, the Black Lace Ribbons are planning for their next move as well.”

“Everyone,” said Lierre. “It looks like it is really the time.”

“Idol Chasers. We must suppress off the Black Lace Ribbons, as well as the evil who tries to control them! And that is… Our next mission! Stage Start!!”

And they replied, “S.I.F. !!”

And then, in an unknown dimension somewhere, Mikako is talking to somebody. That somebody is in a form of a spiritual dark cloud, with some evil red eyes along with the clouds.

“I see. Inverse Lierre has failed,” said Mikako.

“Now, we have to plan for our next move!” said that evil cloud.

Mikako has faced away, while showing her true anger. And finally, she said, “Saki, I am going to prove to you that School Idols are just nothing, but try-hard girls who never make their dreams come true!”

And so, the real battle between the Idol Chasers and the Black Lace Ribbons shall start right here.

SIF Journal Log SEASON TWO Story Episode. THE END.

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This time, I therefore announce that… The School Idol fandom still continues! So then…

School Idol Festival Journal Log 3rd Season is announced! Yay!

Release and publishing date to be announced. Stay tuned at my feeds for more updates! Will give you heads up when this shall be published on IDS!

Now, let us make our dreams come true together!

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