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Inori-D Station’s First-Ever Visual Novel!

Since last Friday, September 9, 2022, the initial release of my own visual novel game has been released, and was uploaded to my website domain!

The title is “The Headquarters”, and that game was produced by me, myself!

About “The Headquarters” Visual Novel
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The Headquarters is a visual novel game created by Inori Donz, from Inori-D Station. It was released and uploaded to the website domain itself since September 9, 2022.

Story is just basically random, and it doesn’t have any specific story or plot. The game doesn’t require too much interaction from the player (viewer) when he or she gets access into the game (It doesn’t have any advanced interactions, like name input, and so on). Mostly, the interactions are just letting the player or viewer to decide on the given choices that appear on his or her web browser.

This visual novel game is designed for just letting my own avatar character, named as Inori D, to speak at the front of the player via words and sentences. And in general, this game is still under improvement and development, since I am thinking for more features to add in the future, such as adding more dialogues and stories.

Pixel arts and sprites were created and done by me, myself. Other such resources used can be found in the “Credits” screen of the game.

This visual novel game was created mostly using the Monogatari Visual Novel Engine. You can visit their website for more information.

You can now view my newly-uploaded visual novel game by going to this link below! Have fun! 

Inori Donz

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