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Summer Vacation Activity

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Overview (Story)
“The four groups, including the BanShee trio, will play lots of sports!”

The MK Productions is offering an invitation to the Team RISE to appear on a special program footage of Smash May-Bee. And then, since it is a summer vacation, all of the qualifying finalists in Extreme Hearts are invited to join.

It seems all of the invited qualifying groups are in, except for BanShee who has been eliminated from the national qualifiers. What else they can do in order to cherish their summer vacation, whilst the next Extreme Hearts sports tournament is coming closer?

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Let’s head on to the review and impression proper post!

Last Episode 7 of this series, Lise Kohinata has joined the Team RISE as the fifth member. It seems that the story line beyond when the Episode 8 begins is quite “fast-forwarded”, for me. I don’t have any idea, and they somehow skipped that sports scene in order to give way to an another story arc. Well, it has totally broken my excitement, after all, and anyway it’s kind of boring having those such scenes got skipped and fast-forwarded.

Going to the Episode proper, this is going to be just a “filler” Episode, wherein you can skip this at anytime, if you want to. And then, it features almost all of the sporty idol groups who could get together for a bonding session.

Team BanShee is absolutely the “punching bag” here. Since they were the bullies before (especially when they belittle Team RISE in their last baseball game), they were the ones who were bullied or made fun with the other sporty idol groups, especially with Team May-Bee who is giving out descriptive details about them. And I am really glad that they had the chance to give out their true characters, especially when they are already blended with the other groups. And again, almost all of them are making fun of Team BanShee, lol

Like I had said, this Episode is a filler wherein you can skip watching this at anytime if you wanted to. Since it only contains some scenes where the groups are going to have “bonding” session before their next Extreme Hearts sports tournament, then this could be your checkpoint on what’s going to happen next. But wait, the good news is that the remaining 40% of this Episode (after the eyecatch) is actually an intro to a new story arc, where Team RISE is about to face their next opponent here, who is the Team Snow Wolf. Well, that could be only an intro, and it seems I got an idea now on what’s going to happen next when they face that powerful duo-group.

I have learned that getting together in a sort of vacation of some kind can really give us a time to know about ourselves, and to know each other. It is basically making new friends, and as well as to befriend other rivals who are actually making fun of us. Just like Team BanShee who is really the hated group, what has happened to them afterward? It is because of everyone, they are somehow changing their ways (I hope!). They just need to empower them some moral encouragement and support in order for them to be well-respected again by their fans.

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Series Info
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Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

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