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Karate Trauma

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Overview (Story)
“To become a person you wanted to be, you have to fight and win.”

Lise Kohinata is a high schooler who is good at karate, or otherwise having a kick which is as powerful as a horse’s kick. Saki wants to recruit her as a new fifth member of the Team RISE. However, it is revealed that Lise got a traumatic past, where she has let her karate opponent injured during their last karate match in the past. How could everyone be able to convince Lise to join as a Team RISE member, and as well as to prepare for their upcoming soccer match? And then, there’s Saki who is going to challenge Lise into a soccer football penalty kick play!

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Heading on to the review and impression proper, this time, they had maximized the story arc properly and sound, unlike the previous one.

Lise is somewhat like a girl who can be as klutzy as Hiyori, but she is well hard-hosed and determined as a difference. Since she is a dojo girl, this time in karate, she is stronger when it comes to physical sporting activities. Her kick is well done and powerful, and she can overthrow some weaker opponent in a soccer (football) game! And I am always reminded by that Chinese movie (mentioning Shaolin Soccer here), where the hero throws a powerful football kick, and a goalie guards and blocks it. But in the end, his clothes got ripped off, or even having him adrift over on a big tornado, lol. But in Extreme Hearts, no other fan service scenes were detected here, since it’s a girls-only show… For boys and older men. And so, Lise can be a dojo girl in karate who could literally kick someone’s butt, if it happens that they bully someone along the way! Would you be like Lise, who could use her karate in order to protect her friends? And so, her characterization is still incomplete here, since I haven’t seen her singing and dancing along with Hiyori and others, when they do some voice and singing practice in a karaoke. And to continue, I do really like Lise overcoming her own odds and trauma, and it is because of her friends who keep helping her and to believe in her. It is a matter of fact that they should need to be empowered with courage from friends and family.

For the story, I like the execution of the scenes there. Such as that the Team RISE was able to figure out Lise’s full profile and biographical history, in which Saki was able to figure out Lise’s own past earlier. So then, what I can observe is that some girls can unbelievably outstand some powerful attacks, especially in soccer, wherein they can be easily hurt, in real life. But then, this is really a work of fiction, and viewers should not always associate what’s in the scenes in the TV Anime to the real-life scenes! And going back, the story arc is well done for Lise this time around in this Episode, and they were able to maximize the 20-minute period, elaborating Lise’s character profile.

I have learned that on our own past (especially childhood) can sometimes come into our way. And then, there’s trauma in which it can stop us in further achieving our own dreams in life. Whatever trauma it is, we should really understand on how to overcome it. It is because everyone around (including our friends and family) never stops believing in us. So as long as you have moral support from them, surely, the trauma that you have can go away from you. If you are experiencing trauma and you wanted to give up, just try to remember our own past selves, while remembering the words of somebody who told us to keep going despite that you had did something wrong. That trauma will eventually go away, if you keep yourself believing that everyone around you are cheering, supporting, and believing in you!

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Series Info
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Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

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