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Danger is Uncontrollable

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Overview (Story)
“There’s no way to escape if you are attacked!”

Hiro has found a tiny Digimon named Ryudamon, who appeared first in appearance as Gyukimon. Angoramon has warned Hiro about Gyukimon, but Hiro still tried to believe that Gyukimon is still Ryudamon from inside, and there is still a way to save it. He was about to seek advice from Bakumon as an idea, but he has totally forgot it when he has been reminded that he has to attend a summer vacation training class on a remote island.

Upon arriving and staying on a remote island, they have lost the Gyukimon-infected Ryudamon. What they don’t know is that Ryudamon is slowly losing its own sanity, and it has begun attacking and turning people into a Digimon specie on its own! When Ryudamon has grown up, and has lost totally its sanity, this is where Gyukimon has finally shown its true form, and begins to attack Hiro and others!

Angoramon’s Quotes:

“Failure and reflection are the beginnings of success.”

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Episode Review and Impression coming up! Alright, let’s have some overview with some characters here.

Nothing too much to highlight here, for my case, the Human characters. So far, when Humans mutate into monsters or other related creatures, this has reminded me of a horror-suspense movie, where some random alien or creatures have totally taken over a Human body, and it infests it. Then, that infested Human shall be finally turned into a terrible monster! In some movies, when a body is infested with some flesh, then the chances in making it back to normal is quite very thin to zero, because the tissues can literally “merge” with the tissue of the Human. So, if you separate those tissues, then that infested Human along with that alien will die. And then, in the Anime, it is really possible to turn infected or infested Humans back to normal, since everything that was made by a Digimon can be turned back to normal… by a Digimon, too. And I like Angoramon here for being extra vigilant, despite that his warning was just ignored by Hiro. Sometimes, Hiro can be reckless when making some decisions, and that’s why he can really make mistakes in the end. What I had noticed that Hiro can really sometimes forgetful, despite that his schedules are really organized in a timely manner.

Story. Basically, this is just the “Part 2” or “Version 2” from Episode 37 (The Herd of the Dead), wherein they have fought zombies, as well as some people and animals turning into zombies by another zombies who got infected by that out-of-control Digimon. In this Episode, this is just mutual from the Episode 37, except this one would involve “infestation”. I have really known the difference between infection and infestation. Infection is somehow related to viruses or other sickness, wherein they can be passed by liquids or by airborne transmission. And infestation is basically just passing the virus to the Human body, but then, upon passing the virus, the appearance of the Human body is changing its form (call it mutation). And going back, like I had mentioned in the previous paragraph, the infected people can have chances to turn back to normal, unlike from the infested and mutated people, there is a little or no chance at all that they could return back to their original selves. And to not forget an Episode in Digimon Xros Wars (Digimon Fusion), there is still a chance that a Digimon’s sanity can be returned by just connecting your feelings to them (Like that Digimon has connected to that Digimon’s spiritual feelings in order to find that lost and trapped Digimon there). And I do really like the visualization of Gammamon traveling inside the “spiritual” zone of Gyukimon, in order to find and save the trapped Ryudamon. Overall, the story is somehow done properly, and I have learned something in this Episode.

I have learned that we should really take warnings or advices from other people seriously, rather than just ignoring them. It is because not just for our safety, but it is because they are worried and they care for us — of what is really going to happen to us next when we faced that such danger in the nick of time.

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Series Info
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Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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