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Shameless Anger

Screenshot Info
AnimeJuden Chan (Fight Ippatsu! Juden Chan!!)
EpisodeEpisode 7: Maid in Arrester!
Characters Present2
Plug Cryostat, Arrester Blanket

Did your friend do something wrong about you, such as leaking your own private life? How about somebody who put your embarrassing moment into public? Of course, that’s shameless, and you are going to be angry, do you?

Sometimes, excessive bullying could eventually make us angry, thus ending up in a physical brawl. But then, it is important that we should be aware that not all of the times that the person whom we made fun with is not always happy.

So then, don’t let our stupidity or idiocy ruin the fun of others. You do really know what would happen next if you keep on to bully or to make fun of their own imagery. Just be careful on messing with the wrong people, in other words.

Inori Donz

Inori Donz is a blogger, video gamer, Anime enthusiast, bicycle rider, and Anime figure photographer. His favorite area of concentration is 'LoveLive! Series', where he plays its featured smartphone video games, as well as watching its Anime series counterparts. "I like Anime, toys and figures, and mostly, I like playing free-to-play video games. Definitely not your usual commoner you see everyday in the streets." He started his blogging journey since December 2013, with a free WordPress blog, named 'IemDonz Blog'. That free blog contains most of his Anime figure photography works, as well as some of his opinions and experiences in the Anime world.