EPISODE 08: The Group Name is…

In this world, there are group of girls who inspire people to chase for their dreams. They have splendid and beautiful performances that can touch everyone’s hearts. They are just girls who started as students having their own dreams from scratch. These young and cute ladies were called as “School Idols”.

Today, when you have successfully formed a group or band, there is only one thing that you must need to remember in order to make the people know on who you are. Basically, you should be needing of what we call your “Group Name”. The people can’t really find out on who really you are if you don’t have a group name, especially if you have a group in which you all have one common dreams!


Now that Chiharu and the others finally have their own room to use for their meetup and other operations, such as fulfilling Lierre’s mission.

And then, Lierre finally thanked the two for helping her.

“Thank you, and I am finally encouraged to do this mission with you guys.”

“You’re welcome! It is all thanks to Takayoshi’s mom for making this possible!”

“Generally, it is not because my mom, and we are all standing right here in this same place.”

“It is all because of me, and that’s why you were all here.”

“No. It is only because of me, and that’s why we are all here! I brought Lierre into the mess like this, and we are all here because of it!”

“Whatever. Anyway, where we should begin?”

“First of all, this wide storage room is dirty and dusty. Do you guys mind in cleaning this up first before we begin?”

“Sure, why not? Takayoshi! You must take out these big boxes, and put them aside in the corner!”

“Okay… (Since when did you become our leader? Well, whatever. I will do it!)”

And so, the three had begun cleaning the room, while putting the big boxes aside in the corner, and stacking them whenever they can.

Later, in just few hours, they had put everything in position. Now, their room is finally completed and clean.

But then, Chiharu noticed something missing. So then, she said to her crewmates, “I need to go back to my home! I will get more stuffs for our room to use and display!”

As only Lierre and Takayoshi are remaining, Takayoshi then said, “I shall also get something upstairs. Maybe those items could enhance the quality of our room!”

And Lierre is only left behind. Finally, she had done her thing. And that is to sweep the dusty floor!

Back at Chiharu’s home, her little sister, Chinatsu, has noticed her big sister carrying something and asked, “Where are you going bringing those stuff?”

“Um, we need this for our presentation activity!”

“Presentation activity? You looked too weird.”

“Don’t worry, Nacchan! I will be back around evening! Don’t wait for me for the dinner tonight! See you!”

And then, Chiharu has left.


It seems we got still more live event performances incoming, even if the month of February is almost closing its gates! This week shall be exciting, since the Nijigasaki 4th Live is just tomorrow! Just continue to read to find out the details!

Aside from the Nijigasaki 4th Live, what were the things spotted this time?

TOMORROW: Nijigasaki 4th Live!

Tomorrow is the day! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s 4th Live performance shall be held on at least two days, at Kyocera Dome Osaka! And don’t forget that you can also pay for the livestream, if you lived outside of Japan.

Otherwise, enjoy watching these twelve girls singing and dancing on one stage, given if you had purchased some tickets for the paid stream!

And there’s more! Right during at the end of their live performance, the trailer announcement video for the anticipated LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club TV Anime Season Two shall be revealed! And take note that it shall be broadcasted on TOKYO MX TV and its related Japan TV networks on April 2022! And as usual, stay tuned with the simulcast information, in which it shall be given to you by your respective local Anime licensors per country, soon!

The Nijigasaki Girls are ready, are you?

Ayumu Uehara’s Birthday

On March 1 every year, Ayumu Uehara’s birthday is celebrated!

Ayumu is a School Idol who is as gentle as a rabbit. Sometimes, I nicknamed her as “Ayu-byunbyun” or even “Mumu-chan”. Let’s see if she can make it to the top rankings in the next School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin (not today), to be issued next Episode!

As usual, my birthday message for her shall be included next Episode! And don’t forget to check out her ongoing Birthday Campaigns, such as her Birthday Limited UR Box Scouting in LLSIF!

Aqours 6th LoveLive! (Part 2) – SUNNY STAGE

The party is not yet over for Aqours, since they shall be returning on their 6th Live performance next weekend! This time, they shall be back on their second part of their live tour. The sub-title is SUNNY STAGE.

After we had witnessed and heard their songs in the OCEAN STAGE setlist previously, what could be some lineup of songs in their current song library that they are gonna pull this time around to blast us with?

The Aqours 6th LoveLive! – SUNNY STAGE shall be commencing on weekends of March 5-6, 2022, at Saitama Belluna Dome! As stated and noted by the LoveLive! Team, Saitama Metlife Dome shall be renamed to Saitama Belluna Dome, beginning and effective from March 1, 2022.

Overseas paid streaming for fans outside Japan is already available! Ticket price shall be costing for at least 6,000 JPY per day.

TIP: If you really decided that you can watch the paid stream, or even going to the on-site venue itself (If you live in Japan), I suggest that you take on the DAY 2 performance. Most likely, they may give out some sudden announcements there without us knowing! But basically, if you wanna watch all of their songs live, you have to attend both of the two-day performances! Otherwise, just attend the Day Two.

And finally, to give you some heads up again, this is already due next week! It shall come in a week, right after the Nijigasaki 4th Live!

Hanamaru Kunikida’s Birthday

So then, not only we get Ayumu Uehara as a birthday celebrant next Episode! Also, we got Hanamaru Kunikida to be the next in line after everyone else! And did you know, by coincidence, that her birthday shall be celebrated on the day when the ninth Episode of this segment shall be published? In other words, her birthday shall be celebrated on March 4th!

And then, since her birthday shall be on the EXACT day to when the next Episode shall be published, I am going to give my birthday message for her on the spot! Look forward into it!

Be sure to check out her latest song in her upcoming Second Solo Concert Album Series! The title is Yaa! Kouunryuusui!?, and it was already up for preview along with the other tracks on YouTube!

And be sure to check out her Birthday Limited UR Box Scouting banner in LLSIF, if it is already available! Scout for her, if you are well dedicated on her birthday! Otherwise, you could even scout for her just to get her Skills which are relevant to your current meta team builds!

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It seems that my performance in grinding harder in Events is getting poor and sloppy. And then, as I write in this Episode, I can finally notice that I am slowly moving away my hands off from my smartphone. Is it really a sign that I should start to retire from playing in this rhythm game, after playing it for at least five (5) years? Maybe, and I am not looking very good in my eyes anymore. It is really a sign that I am getting older now, and that’s true. But then, there are lots of things that I should really have to achieve and to accomplish, before I really started to retire in playing this game of School Idols. Basically, LLSIF is where I could follow their stories, even if they are off-air in their respective TV Anime series. I can also follow their stories — By just playing with this game!

And finally, what were the things that were spotted during the past weekend, and in this week on LLSIF? Check it out!

SETLIST: SIF Winter Live Show 2022 – Day 2/Part 2

Generally, to continue what the previous Episode has talked about, I am going to give out to you some idea on what are those songs that appeared on the limited Setlist Event!

To give you details, there are at least two parts of this Setlist Event! The first part has already expired since hours ago! And referring from the embedded Tweet above, this Part 2, or the Day 2 song set is now available already, and it shall last until the 4th of March 2022!

Be sure to check out and play this last round of this limited Setlist Event! And that is, in order for you to win some prizes, such as Support and other Exchange items! This is really your chance to beef up your current teams, especially your meta teams that need some greater Skill Experience Points!

Round 16 Live Arena (Final)

I may have lost my motivation in grinding the Live Arena, after all. Maybe because I am just too lazy to finish it, perhaps?

While I had failed in reaching at least 30 Special Sessions to get UR Kanata as a prize, finishing only with at least 11 Special Sessions in total in my Global Side, my other side, the JP Side, has reached a total of 66 Special Sessions as a consequence. And also, my JP Side has finally reached Royal Expert category class, thus acquiring at least two UR Kanatas as prizes!

Next Episode shall be an another detailing of the another upcoming Live Arena Event. It seems that we are getting some adjustments again soon due to the app version update! If that’s the case, if there are changes again, I might include them here, as well as updating my guides and tips in this Live Arena Event! Just stay tuned at their feeds for more info!

Icon Collection: Odd Logic!? Mari’s Detective Agency

A long time since before this Episode was published, this Event has already started! And did you know that this second-half monthly Event (Aqours Event) shall only last up to 8 days, which is shorter when it is landed on a month that has 28 days? Anyway, let us proceed with the details!

The Event UR to be obtained is Mari Ohara, while You Watanabe and Ruby Kurosawa URs can be acquired from Scouting! Yoshiko “Yohane” Tsushima shall be the Secret SSR here! You already know the rules about the usage of Cheer/Yell Units in every Events, right? If that’s so, then grind harder, and be victorious!

Future flight shall be the Event song here, and it is of Pure Attribute! Basically, they had stressed us out with DREAMY COLOR in the past Icon Collection Event (Featuring UR Chika), which is also a Pure Attribute song! But then, I really expected from the start that it should be a Cool Attribute song. And in the end, it seems I got the wrong calculations. It seems that Future flight can be much harder than DREAMY COLOR, in terms of tricky fast notes on its MASTER difficulty counterpart. I had almost landed an FC finish to it by using only my Chika Pure Attribute Team. But in the end, I won’t able to manage to land any FC finishes to this song anymore, after many attempts (Maybe only 2 notes away from Full Combo Finish, ftw)!

So then, I hope that I could make revenge on this song by landing a Full Combo Finish, just before this Icon Collection Event ends! And then, final results shall be on the next Episode! Look forward into it! Let’s see what I can do.

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So far, I am doing my usual strategies in order to grind more Event Points, and to maintain my Event Points Rank. I can do that in my Global Side, but not on my JP Side. The question still remained unanswerable and mysterious, due to the fact that my Global Side account is getting more good things than in my JP Side, when it comes to UR draws.

And the good thing is… I should not really focus in getting more URs, since upgrading Bond Boards of my respective School Idols are a key in winning against harder songs, in which you must achieve Voltage Rank S to assure total victory!

But then, the struggle in achieving higher ranks in Events still continues, especially if it ties along with my LLSIF Event grinding. But other than that, what were the things encountered recently during the past weekend, and in this week on ALL STARS?

STORY: A World of Relaxation!

So then, this Event is still ongoing, and shall last until the end of this month! Last week, we had talked about the details of this Event! And today, I am going to give to you some highlights!

As of today, I had reached over 70,000 Event Points, which is fairly far from the minimum Event Points needed in order to secure the Event UR. Right now, I am using my “Auto Play” strategy in order to grind in this Event, just in case that if I ain’t able to get my hands into my device playing.

So then, I got three more days left in order to get into the higher rank! Will I able to get a Silver Tier Rank, or I shall be dropped into the Bronze Tier Rank, just like last time?

Everything shall be depending on my effortful grinding strategies. Basically, I must not just grind in LLSIF alone. But ALL STARS shall be needing my attention, too.

Let’s see if I could be able to withstand the odds! Final highlights and results shall be on the next Episode! Look forward into it! Let’s see what I can do.

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin

Welcome to the another weekly bulletin about School Idol Channels!

Definitely, Lanzhu has won this time around, as per my calculations and expectations!

But other than that, who were the School Idols that made into the top ten? Did your best girl make it to the top? Find out per side!

JP Side – #47 (Feb 14 – 21)
Global Side – #34 (Feb 14 – 21)

It looks like the Global Side is nearly dominating against the JP Side, in terms of Average Cheer Points! Kotori and Setsuna are still prevailing and dominating in the top ten ranks, ever since the first weekly bulletin issue!

So then, Ayumu might be the next one here, for sure. And right after Ayumu, it shall be Hanamaru Kunikida’s turn! Who knows that Umi Sonoda shall be coming right after Hanamaru has gained her top one rank victory?

If that’s so, then tune-in to the next School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin in the next Episode! Have a fun weekend!

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Oh yeah, the highlights above are too long, sorry about that! At least, we are almost nearing to the Epilogue of the Story Episode! So far, what could be the correct answer to the SIF Quiz given last Episode?

Let’s get into it, and let’s answer and learn it!

Question #10: What was Lanzhu Zhong’s “initial idea” in helping the girls in Nijigasaki?

The answer is…

C. To rebuild the School Idol Club dorm

Lanzhu loves recreating things with her imagination, from cheap to luxurious. Alright, let’s explain it!

From Lanzhu Zhong’s Bond Story Episode 1, “Lanzhu’s New Life”

Lanzhu Zhong has decided to move on to the Nijigasaki dorm, right after she has finally joined the girls in the School Idol Club as a new member of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. She did it on purpose in order to help and assist the girls in their future School Idol activities.

Upon her goal to help and assist the other Nijigasaki Girls, Lanzhu’s “initial idea” was to rebuild the girls’ dorm by putting some luxurious things around!

But then, there would be always limitations with her plans, and all of them were just only her imaginations!

Last SIF Quiz!?

This is going to be the last SIF Quiz to be given in this Episode. Take note! This is going to be the LAST ONE!

For the final SIF Quiz, it shall be answered next Episode! After that, there shall be no more! So then, please read the following final question!

Question: What is the title of Aqours’ featured song from the Aqours CHRONICLE (2018~2020) album, that appeared also in the “Aqours 6th LoveLive!” live performance?

Look forward into the correct answer! See you next time!

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It was already afternoon, and Chiharu is carrying a lot of things at her backpack. Along the way where she was walking, she saw a big jumbotron screen. That big jumbotron screen shows the happenings right now — the LoveLive! Finals! And then, she saw her classmates from Shinonome Academy watching the finals.

Her classmates finally saw her standing nearby.

“Chiharu! It’s already the day of the LoveLive! Finals!”

“Haruka Konoe and her group is there!”

“I wondered what could be their kind of performance that they are gonna pulling out this time around?”

And then, Chiharu and her classmates saw a glimpse of live show performance of Haruka’s group. They also had seen the top School Idol Groups who had made it to the LoveLive! Finals, as well as showing their glimpse of their live show performances.

Chiharu was amazed of the girls’ live performances, especially on Haruka’s group. And finally, a call from her phone has finally distracted her. It was a call from Lierre.

“Chiharu, you need to go back to our home base! We need you to be there immediately! We are going to have our first meeting!”

And then, as she is moving away from the jumbotron screen, she finally finishes watching some parts of live performances coming from Haruka’s group. And so, she returned back to the maid cafe going to the home base, where Takayoshi and Lierre are waiting.

“I am sorry for the delay! That time today was their LoveLive! Finals performance, and my eyes can’t take out from it!” said Chiharu to Lierre and Takayoshi as she was able to go back to the home base.

“I see. And don’t worry, we can able to watch that footage via my digital tablet book later.”

“For now, to start our mission, we need to think of a group name. Definitely, a group name where some people can call us with!”

“Whew, thinking about it right now can be difficult for me because I was in the middle of watching that live performance in the LoveLive! Finals!”

“Hmm… I think there is only one solution so that you could think properly.”

“Perhaps, maybe we should watch that live performance footage so that we could think of some ideas?”

When they had accepted Chiharu’s idea, Lierre casts the screen contents of her digital tablet book to an open space of a room, and Takayoshi finally turns off the lights of the room. And then, they began watching the LoveLive! Finals broadcast.

They all watched the live performances until the very end. Until, they had finally found out the winner of this year’s LoveLive! Finals.

“I see… Haruka’s group have lost. They just landed on the 2nd place in the Finals,” said Chiharu as Lierre and Takayoshi are also thinking the same.

“Quite predictable that they have lost. It seems that all of their fans’ support and love are almost at them.”

“To tell, they all have splendid, and eye-catchy performances. Winning is just like drawing an Ultra-Rare from a Gacha.”

As they had found out the disappointing result, Chiharu hears the last words from the catchphrase, just before the broadcast ends.

“Make our dreams alive! To chase for your dreams, and to make them follow you, follow where your feelings go to! LoveLive!”

The broadcast has been ended.

It seems that Chiharu was saddened because of the result, and Haruka’s group was ended in second place.

“I can’t believe that they have lost, despite that they had given out their best. It’s all my fault because I didn’t give out my love and support to them. At the same time, I broke her promise!”

Takayoshi and Lierre finally followed the conversation with Chiharu.

“Generally, what was your fault today is also our fault.”

“It is already fate, and we can’t reverse the result and time after all.”

“I understand now. This is what School Idols, after all.”

“To speak about that quote from the game, you can’t give up on something if you couldn’t even get it for the very first time.”

“He’s right. Basically, failing once does not mean it is the end of your life.”

“With those moments that I had seen today, as well as that catchphrase that I have heard, I had finally thought up of our group name!”

“Eh?? Despite that you had witnessed the loss of your favorite School Idol Group, what something entered your mind? And what could be that group name that we could finally use?”

“I am just curious. Can you tell us the name of our group, from now on?”

“From now on, we are called as… the Idol Chasers! Heard that? We are called now as Idol Chasers!”

“Idol Chasers… Looks like a courageous and a powerful group name!”

“Interesting, Chiharu. It seems that we are looking forward to our new and future activities, from now on!”

“Idol Chasers… We are the people who were the supporters and fans of these lovely School Idols! Not only we just follow them in order for them to keep continuing to chase for their dreams, but we are also chasing for our dreams in order to see them closer face-to-face! We are definitely chasing them in order for us to realize our own true dreams, and to follow our own hearts leading to our unforeseen future!”

It seems that Takayoshi and Lierre had finally understood what Chiharu is saying.

“That’s why we are Idol Chasers! And our goal is to see these actual School Idols by ourselves! Definitely, we shall give them some love and support! And of what that sentence told me from my dark dreams before: I am a School Idol and… a Supporter!”

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You can be a cute and sexy girl with a beautiful frilly costume. There are also factors that someone can be attracted or be infatuated at you. What could be a missing catalyst in order to make them follow and support you in your School Idol activities?

“Appeal… Is this what I am lacking after all?”

Next time on School Idol Festival Journal Log SEASON TWO, “Appeal is a Factor!”.

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