EPISODE 07: A Home to Return to

In this world, there are group of high school girls that formed a band or group together, and they were singing and dancing together in one stage. Their music videos and their songs had totally touched every people’s hearts, and making them be inspired to follow their footsteps. These girls are dreaming about their future in terms of their popularity and stardom. These pretty girls are called as “School Idols”.

What could be the theme of this Episode around? Basically, if you don’t have any idea on where to go, you are just looking for a miracle. So then, you are indeed looking for something where you could stay with it forever.

You are just like a stray cat looking for a place to stay. Once you are in, you can be a part of their family. Will you take this chance or opportunity, just in order to get your “second chance” to stand up once more, after you had taken your long-time defeat?


Chiharu goes down from the stairs and her little sister, Chinatsu, has asked her.

“Big sis, where are you going?”

“I am just going out to look out for her!”

“Did you mean, Riye… Liante… Uh… I can’t pronounce her name!”

“It’s Lierre, Nacchan! Don’t worry, I am going to be back soon! Just tell Mama that I am just buying vegetables outside! See ya!”

And then, Chiharu has left the house, and she began her search.

Meanwhile, on a certain maid cafe in Akihabara, Takayoshi is just playing his favorite rhythm game while sitting down on a chair with table.

“Finally, a Full Combo Finish on a Level 12 MASTER song… I never thought that it was easy, though!”

And then, he finally goes out from the maid cafe for a little strolling. When he is about to make his first steps, a voice from nowhere was heard.

“I see. You are Takayoshi Kitagawa, and you are considered to be an ace player of that smartphone rhythm game that you are playing.”

“I totally respect your acknowledgement with regards to my profile. But for my question, who are you and how did you know my name?”

“I am the School Idol Oracle, Lierre. And you are the one of my people of interests that I have been looking for.”

“People of your interests? For what purpose did you want us to be in your so-called people of interests?”

“The fact that I have been looking for you is that I must need to succeed in my current mission.”

“This is really obvious. You just really wanted to recruit me because you have a task that needs to be done?”

Just a few moments, and Chiharu has arrived in the scene. She finally found Lierre talking to somebody.

“Lierre! Thank goodness you were here! I am so worried and I have been looking for you!”


“Just don’t go out by yourself ever again! It will just worry me more if I can’t even find you!”

“I am so sorry. I acted on my own, again.”

And then, Takayoshi joins the conversation and asked, “May I know what’s going on here?”

Finally, the manager of the maid cafe has also come out to join with the conversation of the three people, Takayoshi, Chiharu and Lierre.

“Wow, it seems we got some customers early in the morning! How about you guys enter inside our maid cafe and have something good to eat or drink?”

“Girls, this is my mother. She is the manager of this maid cafe! And I am her son!”

“Really? Then, let’s have a drink there! Lierre, let’s go inside!”

“Sure. I won’t hesistate.”


As we move on into a lot of things, we are learning and growing. At the same time, we are realizing on what are our mistakes!

What were the things which were encountered during the past weekend, and in this week, on the School Idol Universe?

Happy Birthday, Lanzhu Zhong!

Today, let us read the birthday message for Lanzhu Zhong, from Nijigasaki High School Idol Club! Basically, her birthday and Valentine’s Day were too close at each other!

Ni Hao! Happy birthday!

You had proven that you are a worthy rival of your fellow School Idols in Nijigasaki!

Basically, your dominance at anything won’t even lead you into your “true desire”, or “dreams”. Sometimes, tasting your own sadness and defeats are your only ways to achieve them. And then, had you realized on what could be your true reason in achieving your goal, in which it could eventually lead you into the “path” of your own radiance, as a School Idol? Only yourself can have that answer!

On the other hand, your elegance and charming winks had made me to like you, a lot more.

Happy Birthday, dear Lanzhu Zhong from the Nijigasaki Group of School Idols! We fans love you.

And as a resolution to the LLSIF Highlight last Episode, I had successfully acquired her new UR — notably from her Birthday Limited UR Box Scouting banner! So then, it is really up to me on how to master this UR of hers! So then, I celebrated her birthday with a smile and wink on her face!

Game: Nijigasaki TOKIMEKI RunRuns

Since February 10, 2022, as part of their Road to Next TOKIMEKI Stories Project, Nijigasaki Team has released a casual 2D-scrolling game! It was published by Bushiroad, and it was available for free on iOS and Android systems. The name of the game is called, “TOKIMEKI RunRuns”.

TOKIMEKI RunRuns’ objective is to let your Nijigasaki School Idol to run freely as she can, while keeping her to run in the air by means of drawing “line” paths above the ground! Pop out the balloons you see, and the followers shall appear alongside you! You must lead your followers by drawing line paths, and you must prevent them from falling into the ground until the finish line!

Clear more stages to unlock more of the stages, and get as many stars when you clear them! Clearing with more stars can allow you to unlock their pictures in the Gallery!

App Information
App DownloadFree
Compatible DevicesiOS & Android
(Not compatible/optimized with tablet devices)
More Info (Japanese): https://www.lovelive-anime.jp/nijigasaki/news.php?id=8986
Liella! 2nd LoveLive! ~What a Wonderful Dream!!~

On the other hand, Liella! team has finally revealed their key visual for their upcoming 2nd Live Tour, this coming March and April 2022! The title is Liella! 2nd LoveLive! ~What a Wonderful Dream!!~.

Their second live tour shall take place in at least two (2) venues across Japan on weekends. The first part shall be on March 12-13, 2022 (Yokohama, Pia Arena MM), while the second part shall be on April 2-3, 2022 (Nagoya, Nippon Gaishi Hall).

Ticket price for the on-site venue event shall cost for at least 5,000 JPY per day.

Stay tuned at their feed for more updates about this! Overseas paid streaming shall be likely to be announced at a later date from their side!

Sunny Passion shall be joining with them this time around. And more likely, this could be the road to the long-awaited “Season Two” of LoveLive! Superstar!! Anime series!

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LLSIF Highlights

At least, we are done with the first half of the month of February. But then, the agonizing struggle to get more Love Gems for the upcoming 9th Anniversary Celebration Campaign of LLSIF is still there! But then, that doesn’t really mean that I am going to give up grinding after all. And other than that, there are some exciting Event Campaigns that are appearing both left and right!

So far, what are those things encountered in the past weekend, and in this week? Find out.

Round 51 Score Match (Final)

So then, at least, this struggling Event is over. In fact, I am struggling to be at the top, especially if I am possessing already the power of the G2-Tier URs that I had scouted recently in the past few weeks.

And also, even playing on lower difficulties alone won’t even save me from defending my Score Match Points Rank (SMP) from dropping if I lose! In fact, I had lost around 500 of them at the last minutes of the Event! It was due because I am always picking the same rotation of songs around the attributes other than Smile Attribute (My main meta). Yep, they were always choosing either Pure or Cool Attribute songs only, where my Pure Attribute team is always the victim here (Noted for its poor scoring capability, especially on higher Combo Count songs, like Junai Lens). And that lasted for at least 20+ songs (That’s around 1 hour playing straight) until I had finally picked up a Smile Attribute song.

I had tried playing on MASTER difficulty for once, but still, I got no match. Somehow, I can only do that when it is already a Companion Match Event.

At the last minutes of the Event, my Event Points Rank is around 600. But then, it was drastically dropped until 800 when I rested for at least 1 hour! And then, even though that you had maintained your ranks, be sure to play on the last minutes so that you could even successfully defend it!

The Event has been ended since February 15, after the patch update (4:00 pm JST), thus placing me on a Gold 1 Tier Finish on Event Points. For the Score Match Points (SMP) Rank, I had only finished a horrible Bronze 3 Tier Finish, and can’t do anything about it. Well, since grinding for higher Score Ranks can be more difficult, especially when the G2-Tier URs and the trendy Encore Score Team has come into existence.

I am just really hoping that this Encore Meta Team should be lessened up, since you cannot find any team other than this trendy meta team build in the top rankings in Score. So, I am just really hoping that in the next future Events, some “specific” and “certain” School Idol members of all rarities should be only used within that Event. And those chosen members shall be only used within the Event to gain Event Points (i.e. Some Aqours Event should only mandate players to use a team consisting of Aqours 1st Years, or even using a team consisting of Ruby Kurosawa only, and so on). What if that so-called “team pick restriction” should be implemented by the game devs in the future, on the next future Events? Well, I am just wishing for that mechanic or function to happen in the future. It is because I am sick of losing to some players who were using those same trendy meta teams to rack-up higher ranks in Score.

Nijigasaki Hit Sides Songs

It seems we had almost completed having the TV Anime songs of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club in the Hits Sides of songs. So then, what’s next? Will the songs from the ALL STARS be coming right up after this? Who knows that the Liella! Songs in the Hits Side are also be likely to be updated soon when the time comes?

Setlist Event: SIF Winter Live Show 2022 (Day 1/Part 1)

Do you still remember this type of mini-Event? Basically, this was well explained in the previous First Episode of this Season!

This was in-line with the ongoing Aqours Numazu GAMERS Event, in which the LLSIF Team has announced since February 16th JST. You can refer to my embedded Tweet above for more info, or you can refer to your game app’s in-game notifications!

To access the Setlist Event, you must choose Events, then choose the Setlist Event. See that to find out what are the songs that you should take on in order to win exciting prizes when you completed it!

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ALL STaRS Highlights

Time is also a factor, and that’s why I can’t always complete my objectives on time. And also, add up my perseverance and diligence here!

During the past weekend, and in this week, some things were encountered. Such as my Global Side has finally picked up a new Fes UR of Mia Taylor in the past week! Why is my JP Side not getting anything good, just like my Global Side does? Anyway, let us proceed with the highlights and progress encountered!

School Idol Channel Weekly Bulletin

Yay! Kanan is the winner this week! At least, my predictions are going well perfectly.

So far, who could be the other School Idols that made it into the top ten per side? Did your best girl make it to the top ten? Find out by reading!

JP Side – #46 (Feb 7 – 14)
Global Side – #33 (Feb 7 – 14)

So then, you already know who’s next now, huh? Definitely, Lanzhu is really expected to win in the next ranking bulletin!

And based from my own calculations, Ayumu Uehara from Nijigasaki shall be the next one here, right after Lanzhu Zhong claimed her very first SIC Rank Victory! Is it your best girl’s time to shine and to be victorious?

EXCHANGE: Flowers for Valentine’s (Final)

So then, as the previous Episode suggests, I am going to give to you my final results of this Event!

As seen from my embedded Tweet above, I had only finished either Bronze 3 or Silver 2 Tier Ranks on both of my account sides. JP Side is really sloppy this time around, since I wasn’t able to place in the rankings in Voltage Song Rank category, and it was labelled as DNP or “Did not Participate”. I did not have enough time to play in the Voltage Song Rankings due to the fact that I am busy in some other aspects, such as grinding in LLSIF, and as well as writing in this Episode, and writing some Episode Reviews of my ongoing Anime Series that I am currently watching as of now.

And this ends my highlights and progress with this Event! Tune in next time for the next Event!

The Dream Live Parade (DLP)

This is the only feature in ALL STARS that I haven’t managed to include yet in my highlights of this segment. Very mediocre, but relevant!

The objective here is to climb up the tower-like stages in the Dream Live Parade! Somehow, this might work similarly as in the LLSIF’s Live Arena, in which the stages are progressively becoming more harder. But as you progress, you shall be expending your character’s Parade Points (PP), in which it can go down to zero (0) once you use them! Once their PP is 0, you cannot use them in your party or team. And you shall be needing some items that can restore your PP once they are out from play!

If you fail to reach the required Voltage in that stage, you can still continue it by landing the remaining Voltage Score! However, you shall be expending your Parade Points in consequence, so be careful! In other words, if you can’t be able to one-shot that song in a required Voltage Score, you just have to quit your current Live Show play. In this process, you can fail it when you quit it, and you can’t expend any PP of your characters. Also, the DLP’s LP usage is free, so you can’t expend any LP when you play in this feature.

The Dream Live Parade is only limited, and can occur only once or occassionally per month (Usually after every first Events of the month).

Play in this DLP in order to get DLP Tokens, in which you can use in order to exchange items from the shop! You can exchange items, like Scouting Tickets, Accessories, and more!

STORY: A World of Relaxation!

It looks like we got an incoming Event, which shall take place next week! And the featured Event UR Reward this time is Nozomi!

This Event shall be starting to commence soon, also on the same day as in LLSIF’s next Event (Aqours Event). When we talk about Story Event, you know already the rules, right? It is about the rules of using your own Skip Tickets to rack up higher Event Points, just in order to place yourself higher in the Rankings! Good luck in your grinding, my fellow.

Let’s see if I could grind harder this time around. My JP Side is also needing a better grinding strategy this time around, though, for me. Next Episode shall be my highlights, while for the other Episode is for my final results! Tune-in and look forward into it!

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Extra Corner

It’s time to head on into the penultimate part! Let’s find out the answer to the question last week! Here it goes!

Question #9: Here are the following three (3) songs in EXPERT difficulty!

Genki Zenkai DAY!DAY!DAY!
Thrilling One Way
WAO-WAO Powerful Day!

Which among the three choices below is WRONG?

  1. They have the same amount of Combo Count (592 Total Combo).
  2. All of them are Sub-Unit Songs.
  3. WAO-WAO Powerful Day! is a Smile Attribute song.

What could be the answer? Please read this in sequence!

Letter A is CORRECT, but wrong answer! All of these songs, when they are in EXPERT difficulty, have the same amount of Total Combo Counts (592 Combo) when played! It is really true that their song titles rhyme at each other, you know?

Letter C is also CORRECT, but wrong answer again! WAO-WAO Powerful Day! is a song by Printemps, a sub-unit of µ’s, consisting of Honoka Kosaka, Kotori Minami, and Hanayo Koizumi. Also, WAO-WAO Powerful Day! is categorized as a Smile Attribute song, in the LLSIF rhythm game.

And finally, among the three choices, Letter B is the correct answer, yet it has the WRONG description about the three songs mentioned above! Thrilling One Way is a song which is sung by Aqours, as a group, themselves, and NOT as sub-units! Meanwhile, Genki Zenkai DAY!DAY!DAY! is a song by CYaRon!, a sub-unit of Aqours, which was consisted of Chika Takami, You Watanabe, and Ruby Kurosawa.

Quite complex for a complicated correct answer explanation, isn’t it?

Next SIF Quiz!

Alright! Let’s find out the next question to be answered next Episode! Here it goes!

Question #10: What was Lanzhu Zhong’s “initial idea” in helping the girls in Nijigasaki?

  1. To teach them dance moves
  2. To invite more girls to be part of their club
  3. To rebuild the School Idol Club dorm

Look forward into the next Episode for the correct answer, as well as explaining it!

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Story Episode (Epilogue)

As the three are talking and drinking their drinks, notably hot coffee, the manager came close to Lierre and she talks to her.

“It seems that you are a newcomer here. What is your name?”

“My name is Lierre. I am a School Idol Oracle.”

“School Idol Oracle? Don’t tell me… Are you predicting that something big is going to happen in the future?”

“Not necessarily. My only work is to revisit the records and the histories of these School Idols, who made the hearts of every people be moved with the heartfulness of their songs.”

“If you really know School Idols, then did you know this Legendary School Idol Group who made the people’s hearts be moved, until the time that they had totally disbanded?”

“Yes, and I am really loving this Legendary School Idol Group very much! In fact, their disbandment a few decades ago is just like the Godessses who had finally ascended from Earth to the heavens surrounded with a vast, million stars.”

“After their disbandment, I heard that they are nowhere to be found. I wondered what has happened to them? Even their records and achievements as School Idols, according to the school headmistress of Otonokizaka High, are nowhere to be found. And I had been there because I am looking for someone who is my favorite member of that Legendary School Idol Group.”

“It seems that I really need to achieve this mission. Honoka…”

And then, Chiharu and Takayoshi later joins the conversation with Lierre.

“What’s wrong, Lierre?”

“The fact that you are doing it yourself is because you wanted to achieve something! Am I right?”

“Definitely, you are right. But for her sake, I must need to achieve this by myself!”

“Huh? And why are you still having a hard time in succeeding your own mission or task? Basically, it is just you need some friends in order to help you in succeeding your mission!”

“You said before that you are needing people of your own interests in order to achieve this mission, right?”

“I see. So did you really remember my words, right?”

“Absolutely, Lierre! I am sure that you can’t do them by yourself without anyone at your side!”

“Just consider us as your very first friends. We are just here to help you.”

“Anyway, I really appreciated your help. And thanks!”

“Alright, question… I mean, problem solved!”

“Now that we have solved her problem, what could be our next one to do?”

“Finally, this is where I could start my mission, as a School Idol Oracle. The first one that we should do is…”

Then, the maid cafe manager told them something and said, “Want me to help you to get started? How about giving you a room, so that you could plan out? Come and follow me.”

And so, Chiharu, Lierre, and Takayoshi followed the maid cafe manager. And then, they all ended up in a secret storage room, which is hidden from the maid cafe.

And then, the maid cafe manager, or Takayoshi’s mother said, “This storage room is available at anytime for you to use. This room is somehow wide, and you can move freely around it!”

So, they have now their own room where they could plan and talk about their tasks in which they are about to do soon in the future. What could be their first steps in helping Lierre to succeed on her mission?

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You had decided to form your own group or band. And you all joined together because you have one common dream in your minds and hearts. And then, you were all grouped together, but there is something indeed missing! What do people call on your group name?

Next time on School Idol Festival Journal Log SEASON TWO, “The Group Name is…”

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