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Get well soon, Nako-chan!

Nako Misaki, the voice actress who voices behind Chisato Arashi (Liella!) from the LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime Series, is tested positive for COVID-19.

Initially, she was showing symptoms of fever last January 29, 2022, prior to the Liella! Radio Event Show also on the same day with the other four girls of Liella! Meanwhile, the other four girls from Liella! are tested negative with the virus, via antigen tests, while Nako is tested via PCR test.

In January 30, 2022, Nako Misaki is declared positive for COVID-19, as stated by her staff from her talent agency, Holy Peak.

This is not the very first occurrence of her positivity for coronavirus. Her last infection of COVID-19 has been occurred last June 20, 2021.

Liella!リエラ is an all-girl idol group (School Idols) for the LoveLive! Series, namely for LoveLive! Superstar!! TV Anime series. They had debuted in the series, since the release of their first song and PV, entitled Hajimari wa Kimi no Sora, since April 7, 2021.

The group name, Liella!, was a combination of French and Spanish words, namely lier and brillante, respectively. Lier means to bind or connect, and brillante means brilliant or to shine. This group name has been decided and picked up through an online poll by Dengeki G’s Magazine, which was done between August 17 until 31, 2020.

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