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The Long-Running Children’s Anime is Here!

It was tweeted from the LLSIF JP’s Twitter account just hours ago when the April Fool’s Day starts.

Starting on this April Fool’s Day, for five days, LoveLive! School Idol Festival collaborates with Crayon Shin-Chan, another manga and Anime series. Read more for details!

What’s inside in this Collaboration Event?

In this Collaboration Event, you can get exclusive members, as well as some support members! You can get other limited items, such as wallpapers to be used as one of your permanent wallpaper collections! Please read more below for pictures and details!

You can get the special title at your first login during this collaboration duration!
Oh, it’s Shinnosuke (Shin-chan)!
How to get this wallpaper? Just clear the limited timed-goals! Also, clearing Ora wa Ninkimono 2019 MIX five times can let you have this wallpaper!
The limited song in your B-Sides is Ora wa Ninkimono 2019 MIX! It is available during the collaboration period! And yes, it is available in all difficulties!
There are stories in which it was tied along with this collaboration event!
You can get some special items upon clearing limited timed-goals! These items can let you scout for collaboration members, as well as some support members!
And also, don’t forget to check out the Seal/Sticker Shop for these members, and you can get some limited collaboration Stamps!

Well, that’s it. Collaboration Events are getting exciting and interesting. You might as well check this out, since staying at home during the April Fool’s Day is so boring!

Be sure to play and get these limited collaboration members in your stable! Yeah, you might never get them ever again in the near future!

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