Super Combination!

This was announced a long time ago, since March 3, 2021. SSSS.DYNAZENON shall be airing starting on April 2, 2021, on Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS), and other of its related TV Networks in Japan. Anime licensors outside Japan (i.e. Funimation), meanwhile, are ready to license this Anime soon to stream overseas.


(UPDATE: March 28, 2021) The story of SSSS.DYNAZENON will set on a high school student, named Yomogi Asanaka, on his way home from school. He met a mysterious man who is called as the ‘Monster Tamer’. This is where the Kaiju and the mysterious robot, Dynazenon, shall appear. Yomogi’s friends are also passing by, and together they are caught up to battle with the Kaiju.

The theme song of this Anime series shall be sung by Masayoshi Oishi, and the title is “Imperfect”, and shall be released on April 21.

The Anime shall be produced by almost the same production team who worked previously on SSSS.GRIDMAN.


About SSSS.DYNAZENON and GRIDMAN Universe Series

SSSS.DYNAZENON is the second installment of the SSSS Project, known as the Gridman Universe Series by Tsuburaya Productions, and some other collaborative companies like TRIGGER, an animation studio. It is loosely based from Tsuburaya Production’s GRIDMAN The Hyper Agent since year 1993, and the second series after SSSS.GRIDMAN.

The trailer video above is always shown at the end of each Episode of GRIDMAN The Hyper Agent, which was broadcasting right now on YouTube every Fridays of the week.