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How sensitive are you?

In every TV Anime series that we are following and watching, there are always spoilers that come out first before even that TV Anime episode was aired or to be shown in the public. Spoilers can even ruin an Anime fan’s enjoyment in watching and following his or her favorite Anime series. Do you ever think how sensitive these things are? Somehow, this can not only ruin some fans’ fun, but also it can lead to even more brutal disasters, such as hatred and flaming.

In a recent forum talk or discussion made in the Anime website, MyAnimeList or MAL, one user posted there about his or her thoughts regarding spoilers in TV Anime series that they are watching and following. Later on, it has become an open talk discussion, and some of the users there had expressed their thoughts and opinions regarding with these spoilers.

I believe I’m pretty sensitive to spoilers, but it really depends on which show is being spoiled and what the spoiler is. I hate being told about character deaths, it’s the worst. It always happened when I decide to watch an anime opening of an anime I’m currently watching and I decide to scroll down and look at the comments. I’ve learned my lesson now.

Posted by: Xickonaut, on MyAnimeList Forums, since October 24, 2020

If some book/manga that I wanted to read but haven’t made the time to do it, is getting an anime/live action adaptation I wait until I see that adaptation, then read the source material and enjoy those little details that they left out of the adaptation. Like some character thoughts on something that is happening or the description of a room that the character makes when he enters it.

Posted by: sami_sonic, on MyAnimeList Forums, since October 24, 2020

I don’t care about spoilers. If the product is good, spoilers will not ruin it.

And if you don’t believe me, think about the shows you rewatch and tell me if knowing what happens ruins them.

Posted by: AniMarter, on MyAnimeList Forums, since October 24, 2020

There are still more thoughts and opinions out there. You can go to the link below so that in order to see more comments!

Topic: How sensitive are you regarding spoilers? Via MyAnimeList Forums

Spoilers: Source Materials

The number one cause of why there are spoilers in some TV Anime series that we are watching and following is because of its original source material counterparts (manga, light novels, video game side stories, magazine scans, etc.). These source materials can hold the original stories and characters created by the artists or creators themselves. And since they are original in form, the TV Anime adaptations are more likely basing from the source materials itself.

To shorten my statement, original source materials are considered ‘spoilers’ to the TV Anime series that you are following and watching.

Spoilers: Social Media and Associating Hashtags

Another thing is that when a TV Anime episode (or chapter) has been finished airing in Japan, as well as its streaming platforms (and some countries like US that has already finished streaming), this is where some spoilers shall enter. For people who never watched that TV Anime series, he or she might get spoiled by people who already watched that episode. This shall occur if people tried to explore their News Feeds on Facebook, Twitter, or other SNS platforms. For people who already watched that episode of the week, he or she must refrain from sharing any thing from that episode that he or she has watched. Sometimes, other people cannot avoid in posting these spoilers to the SNS platforms that they are using. Or otherwise, other people who were friends with that person who watched that episode might get be annoyed, and they shall get angry. The result is that people may block or unfollow that person who tries to post anything about that Anime episode that he or she has watched already in the first place.

Also, if you try to explore your feed by clicking or tapping with the TV Anime’s official hashtags, you were likely to encounter some spoilers out there. Twitter is more likely the only SNS wherein you can get more spoilers when you explore with those key hashtags associated with the TV Anime series itself.

Usually, spoilers under this category might last up to three days, from when that episode was aired. Also, sometimes, it may depend, and it can somehow last up to at least six days, just days before another episode shall be aired (Almost all TV Anime shows are airing every week, sometimes on weekends).

Avoiding Spoilers and How to be Spoiler-Free?

If you don’t want to be sensitive to these such spoilers, and how to be spoiler-free? You just need to read these tips below.

1. Avoid opening or exploring your News Feed on any of your SNS platforms during airing.

And that is, in order to avoid some spoilers that you can see, just before that episode of the week has been finished airing. And also, avoid clicking or tapping its associated hashtags in order to prevent yourself to be spoiled out of your enjoyment.

2. Avoid source materials!

Unless if you want to be spoiler-free, you should be refraining to explore the source materials, such as magazine scans, manga, light novels, video game side stories, etc. The source materials are more likely full of spoilers if you are not really into those.

Some of the TV Anime series airing today are basing from their source materials, and their stories are almost the same. There are some other TV Anime series in which they are basing from their original source materials, but their stories and characters are parallel from their original source material counterparts. Just remember that not all contents from the source materials are matching with the TV Anime adaptation. Sometimes, they just ‘add and leave’ contents and characters, and that’s it! And somehow, this can be the technique in order to not spoil the fans out of their enjoyment, if you know what that means!

3. Develop Spoiler Immunity: Be Spoiler-Free.

So then, do you want to be spoiler-free? There is only one thing that you can do. If you really want to know what’s happening with the TV Anime series that you are following, then you must be following with the source materials instead. If you want to follow that story, then read and view its source materials first. So when that TV Anime adaptation is getting a release, then you should have no problems in encountering those spoilers. In other words, you are indeed spoiler-free! But then, if you are just watching TV Anime, then you should be avoiding these source materials if you don’t want to be spoiled out of your enjoyment!

Spoiler Immunity

Sometimes, you develop your immunity against spoilers because you have seen enough. And people who haven’t watched or even followed that Anime series are more likely susceptible to spoilers. Whenever we can, don’t spoil other people out of their enjoyment, not only because we have seen it enough, but also in order to avoid some unnecessary arguments and other brutal activities, like beat-ups.

It’s the End!

And this ends this post topic! I hope that you had read very well and understand of what topic is all about! See you next time and cheers!

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