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Cheat Enabled

Cheating can be a fun purpose, and today it is a common use, especially on old video games. But what are the reasons of people who do cheating in video games, whether it is on a single player or multiplayer video game?

1. Game System or Mechanic is Too Hard

Well, for first timers, gaming systems in some video games are difficult, or likewise difficult to play. Mechanics, such as complex button controls and sequences, and ‘troublesome’ condition systems, are the factors why do people resort to cheat the game. They want easy controls, such as one-button function and such. And even enabling the ‘god mode’ wherein the player will never take any damage at all (except on falling in the bottomless pits).

2. Hard Progression

Basically, they want to advance into hard levels without completing them. They do cheat because completing some levels are very hard for them. Some codes or sequences are entered on a certain screen to activate it, causing the player to advance quickly into higher levels, or even at the final level of the game.

3. Item Acquisitions

There are items in the game which are difficult to acquire, or likewise to find. Players shall be needing them in order to beat that certain boss in the game by using or equipping that item. To make things easy for them, they do cheat in acquiring items by entering code sequence, or even exploiting the game’s binary code (another way of cheating by means of using a third-party software).

4. Character Unlock Grinding

Basically, you will have to start playing a game with only one character. And in order to unlock other characters, you need to finish the game with that character, for that character to be unlocked. In some chances, that character will be unlocked without even finishing the game by doing some conditions in the game.

But for cheaters, they do enter a code sequence which will unlock all of the characters in the game without even grinding. Commonly, it is for one-shot beat-em-up single or multiplayer video games.

5. To Discover Other Game’s Features

Basically, people do cheat in order to maximize the video game’s additional features. Additional features, such as unlocking the scrapbook function, or even using the secret code in which it was given on your screen when you finished playing the game.

This cheat access code can be found when you successfully finished the game, Mega Man X6.
Cheating Today is Illegal… In Online Gaming World

In general, today, cheating can be legal, only if you are playing on a single player mode only (i.e. console video gaming). In multiplayer gaming, especially online, cheating is illegal, to consider. And people who play with these cheaters are in disadvantage saying that it’s unfair and no balance.

A lot of online games have removed the cheating feature in order to give enjoyment to players who really loved playing them. So basically, cheating others is just like you are a cheater in real life.

So if you are going to cheat-play with the game, just don’t play because it’s just a waste of time.

The Anti-Cheat System

So then, a lot of games now have an anti-cheat system which prevents players from completing the game if they had used cheats. For example, a certain game, like Medal of Honor for PlayStation, prevents players from advancing to the further levels in the game if they had used cheats. Actually, the cheats in the game can be used in the previously-played levels only. But then, in order to advance to the next level, the player should not use cheats.

Banning and Segregation in Matchmaking

For people who cheat in the online games, especially MMOs and MOBAs, the gaming companies have implemented some measures to either ban a player’s account if it detects a hacking program, or even placing them in a matchmaking process where their opponents are also cheaters (May the best cheater win lol).


Why do people cheat in the games that they are playing?

First is that the gaming mechanics of that game is too hard to memorize, or to control. Second is their progression in the game, such as having difficulties in passing the hard levels. Third is that they can acquire items easily since grinding for items for a single item such as equipment or skill can be a waste of time and makes them easily tired. Fourth is that they were able to unlock characters easily (through access codes or button sequences) and test them. And finally, they do cheat because they want to maximize the game’s other features, assuming that they had already finished playing the game and wanted to repeat them more.

To remember the points, cheating and the use of cheat codes are designed by the developers of the game. And the intention really was to test the game for possible bugs and glitches (but there are still more bugs, though the game was free of bugs and glitches, but really not).

Today, the cheating tactics are considered illegal in the online gaming world, especially on MOBAs and MMOs. Why illegal? It is because it breaks the game’s balance and the players will call them as unfair. So then, an anti-cheating tools were made by the developers of that game so that it can detect if that player is cheating. Finally, the players will not progress in a level in the single player game if they used cheats. Given that the cheats can be only used in the previously-played levels, players will be forced to complete the game without using cheats at all.

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