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Fun Games to Repeat When Finished

I ever like to repeat a game when I already finished playing it. It is because there is something that I missed or somehow not satisfied in completing the game in 100 percent. So then, I tried repeating that game so that I could maximize its features. Or even, I tried restricting my gameplay, such as not using health items or even finishing the game without continues.

Here are the 7 Classic PlayStation games in which I get to repeat them playing, though I had finished playing them.

1. Gran Turismo 2

Yeah, my typical classic racing simulation game… The reason that made me repeat playing this game is that there are a lot of possible combinations when you choose a car to race. You can win championships, as well as winning a prize car when you hit first position. But more than that, I would like to repeat the game just to get all of the remaining trophies in which you can collect to get 100% completion of the game.

2. Twisted Metal 4

If you play single player, there are ranks displayed when you completed a level or stage. Of what I had researched, the higher the rank, the harder the enemies will be. So be careful!

So far, here are some ranks below:

  • Scout
  • Barbarian
  • Gladiator
  • Dominator
  • Impaler
  • Obliterator
  • Ruler
  • Nobleman
  • … and many more
3. Wild Arms 2

“Save before using Duplicators.”

There is a certain Wild Arms 2 magazine ad in which it shows all of the hints in which you can see to reveal almost all of the game’s secrets!

Another thing that made me repeat playing this game is that my goal to accomplish is to defeat all of the hard bosses (can be summoned by using the mic item)!

4. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

What else I can do to make me repeat this game? How about clearing all of the 16 missions and then clearing the game as fast as I can?

5. Digimon World 2

Lots of possibilities in this game — the reason that made me repeat playing this game. You can choose which Guard Tamer Team are you up to. Primarily, I choose Gold Hawk since the selections of Vaccine type Digimon are easy and strong. Choosing a different Guard Tamer Team will give you a different difficulty, such as Digimon types, weaknesses, and attribute bonus advantages.

To give you a spoiler in this game, depending on what Guard Tamer Team that you are in, you will get a different boss character in which you will get to fight when you are in the later part of the game, in the Kernel Zone stage.

Another thing is the Tera Domain, in which you will get to go deeper in 99 floors! Meanwhile, the set of enemies that appear will eventually repeat and loop when you reach a certain floor level. Basically, playing on an emulator, which will allow you to roll back on a certain game state, will help you to reach floor 99 without worrying about carrying a lot of obstacle-destroying items.

6. Legend of Legaia

My only goal left in this game is to reach level 99 with all of the three characters, in order to get the Evil Talisman, which allows the player to summon Sim-Seru Juggernaut.

There is actually a cheat in which you can get the Evil Talisman without even reaching Level 99. You can look up some in YouTube videos on how to do this!

7. Gungage

This game is repetitive, but challenging! I can actually finish this game without using continues! But then, I can even try finishing this game with another character without using continues, also!

How about finishing the game on a higher difficulty without using continues? Definitely a challenging one, since I can get a higher score by doing this! And yes, I did this once.

Ending Words

There are more video games which were made — actually a fun game. If it is a fun game, how about trying to make a restriction, such as beating the game in less than two hours, no continues, or even defeating the boss without getting a hit or damage?

Those games are really easy, on in short, there are ‘fun’ games. But then, the other challenge here is to complete the game in 100%. How to do that? You will have to sneak in every town or place for hidden items, as well as unlocking some locked stuff in the game by doing certain conditions. And that is, you will get to get yourself challenged, aside from completing the game for its storyline.

That’s it for today, and see you next time! Cheers!

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