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The game has encountered an unexpected error.

Video game glitches are part of the development. These usually occur at the extent of the developers’ knowledge when they try to squish every single bug or error in the game that they were developing. These can be avoided, however, several manual tricks must be done to avoid these.

During the time when I was playing in the console gaming world, I encountered these annoying game glitches. There are some, in which at to the point when I wanted to rage quit because the game is repeatedly crashing randomly without warning. There are common game glitches that I had encountered, lately.

First, the most common game glitch to encounter is the freezing, hanging, or even force-closing the application or game. I usually encounter this when the game or application is running, and some certain sequence or combination of keys, touches, or controls were inputted to the game. Some of these will cause the game to force-close or crash, or even freeze or hang-up. There are times that the game will crash or force-close (or even hang-up/freeze) if the player tries to hack in to the game, such as accessing illegally into the game’s inner function (Can be done by using cheat tools or other hacking applications or software).

Secondly, a game can have a glitch by just looking at the graphics. Sometimes, the details, such as the UI (user interface), were incomplete or sometimes corrupted. Usually, the rendering of the graphics will sometimes depend on the hardware or software specs of the device that the player is using. Sometimes, the game or application is dependent to the platform’s system requirements or specifications. If the device or hardware/software didn’t meet the requirements, the game will not run properly, and can have many glitches than before.

Third. A video game can have a sign of glitches or bugs by observing its gameplay. The game that you are playing can have several bugs and glitches, or in-short, game programming error. Whatever the game developer use for programming (C++, Java, or Python), if he or she can’t analyze or program carefully, the game can suffer many glitches, or what I call this, ‘logical programming error’. It means, the game is running without errors in codes or compile error, but the game is ‘logically’ having an error. Logically means the programming is executed, but the value passing to one variable to another is incorrect or misplaced. Do you get it? To summarize, the game program codes were executed improperly, in a ‘logical’ manner. Sometimes, it will follow a game hang-up/freezing or crashing in the end, since the game has encountered a debug error, and it needs to force-close for safety.

Fourth. Text errors were also a part of the game glitches. Actually, this is a continuation of the second part, the UI glitch, but this will focus more on text and captions. Video games that are imported from other countries, like Japan, can usually have English and spelling errors. This will occur if the game developer is not paying attention to his/her typing job. That is why, video game texts are important in a video game. If the English texts there got a misspelling, then the blame goes to the programmer of the game. Or even, it will be published as an Internet meme or shameless posting online.

The following above are the examples of the video game glitches that I had encountered when I am playing one of my favorite video and smartphone games. There are still more examples — there are more since one is a combination to the other one.

Some people can take advantage of these glitches whenever they want. According to adish Co., Ltd., some video game glitches are helpful, amusing or harmless, annoying, weird or scary, or even breaking the game balance.

Video Game Patches

For people who were playing in the online world, then there will be a no-more to zero game glitch. Video game patches are now a useful feature, especially if you were playing the game online. Video game patches can fix a video game glitch, or even more glitches through a single or multiple download and updating of game files and assets. And yes, they now play an important role, since in the past, when the online gaming and Internet is not yet existing in the video gaming world.

Video game patches can now balance every asset in the game, including the fix of bugs and other unwanted game crashes or logical programming errors. They have to do this so that the players or customers will not be annoyed, since having a lot of bugs and glitches will make a player be bored, and he or she will quit playing the game.

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