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Parallel Memories

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Overview (Story)
“If only I could gain my happiness back, is it wrong to wish for that?”

With Shido and his group were outnumbered by the DEM, Kurumi has appeared out of nowhere to intervene them. Mio has appeared before them, and Shido confronts her for one more time.

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Kissing time! I mean, review time!

So then, I am now seeing the climatic plot here, wherein I don’t really see Mio as the enemy anymore. There’s a reason, and seeing the end part might be the reason.

I thought Kurumi got a powerup here, but she used some powers of the another Sephira that she gained from Isaac. Now, this makes sense that Kurumi is the best girl of this series, knowing that she can use up to two Sephiras at once! Man, and I thought that Tohka might be the one, but yeah, her main spotlight has been taken. And the other Spirits here are looking useless now.

Natsumi and the Yamai sisters are ready to battle again.

My thoughts for Kurumi? She’s the one who is kissing Shido even more here than any of the other Spirits around!

Shinji Takamiya is basically Shido Itsuka, who existed as a parallel. But wait. On what I had understood is that Mio absorbed Shin upon his death, and she finally gave birth to a child, who was actually Shido, after all. And how about Reine? I can’t really understand her existence after all. But yeah, they were finally unravelled (Educate me about this!).

My thoughts in this Episode? Basically, I am now witnessing the climax here, and things are getting exciting! And then, the very “main villain” here isn’t dead yet, and he wants some final showdown!

Overall, this Episode is good to me now, compared to the previous ones that are bit boring and disappointing.

My Rating: GOOD (4/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (4/5) – Yep, never boring, yet climatic.
Animation: (4/5) – There are some parts that are still bright. And yeah, that scene where Kurumi kissed Shido again to strip down some of her clothes is way arousing, just like previous season.
Insights: (4/5) – When someone dies, he or she can be replaced in terms of their qualities, traits, and other aspects. Yep, everything can be replaced, but a soul that is no longer there cannot be replaced.

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Series Info
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  • Crunchyroll (US/Worldwide, except Asia)
  • MUSE Asia YouTube Channel (South East Asia)

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